Tales From the Hood (1995)

1995 | R | Horror, Thriller

User Score: 38/100


A strange funeral director tells four strange tales of horror with an African American focus to three drug dealers he traps in his place of business.

Revenge/horror motif played out again and again and again, but this time with racial implications. Three drug-dealing thugs look for a stash in a funeral parlor and get the grand tour from Mr. Simms, the truly creepy mortician. As they pass the open caskets, Simms relates gruesome stories about the occupants’ deaths to the increasingly restless young men. Each one of them falls to the vengeance of the supernatural theme, and it gets truly old. Nothing original is introduced, except that most of the stories take place in an urban setting. Produced by Spike Lee in an attempt to prove that bad horror doesn’t discriminate, either. —Keith Simanton

About Tales From the Hood (1995)

Title: Tales From the Hood
Year: 1995
Starring: Duane Whitaker, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Tom Wright, Michael Massee, Rick Dean, Roger Guenveur Smith, Ricky Harris, Corbin Bernsen, Chris Edwards, Clarence Williams III, Art Evans, Brandon Hammond, Wings Hauser, David Alan Grier, Tuck John Porter, Troy Cartwright, Cameron, Brenden Jefferson, T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh, Erika Hansen, Tim Hutchinson, John A. Cundieff, Joe Torry, Joseph Anthony Farris, De'aundre Bonds, Dawn Gilliam, Samuel Monroe Jr., April Barnett, Anthony Griffith, Bobby McGee
Director: Rusty Cundieff
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 1.85/5 stars from 8 users. Votes: 8.
Genre: Horror, Thriller
MPAA Rating: R

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