The Skulls 2 (2002) Movie Review


The Skulls 2 (2002)

2002 | R | Thriller
99 minutes /

User Score: 75/100

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The Skulls 2 Review


After a college student is tapped to join the elite secret Skulls fraternity, he witnesses a girl's death and his life starts falling apart.

The Skulls II (2002) is an American thriller horror movie that should have never been made after the first movie failed miserably. Director Joe Chappelle (Fringe (2008), CSI: Miami (2002), The Wire (2002), Chicago Fire (2012)) did an awful job executing this movie. I was looking forward to seeing this movie from director Joe because I love almost every episode of TV series Fringe (2008) and have rewatched the series. I was disappointed and found out why this movie went straight to DVD instead of hitting the theaters. The movie did not differ much from the first movie that also involved a young college student having to deal with people trying to ruin his life after a few secret events are revealed. There was more sexual content in this movie, and I think that was the directors/writers way of trying to make the movie more watchable, but it failed. There was not much of a storyline to begin with and what was there had major plot holes that cannot be overlooked or repaired.

The Skulls II starts a few years after the first film The Skulls (2000) where Ryan Sommers (Robin Dunne - Sanctuary (2008), Cruel Intentions 2 (2000), Species III (2004)) is a student at college. Ryan is a lacrosse player in college and is tapped for the Skulls society and desperately wants to be tapped because he feels that it will give him a sense of control. Ryan soon starts his childish pranks where he faked himself being stabbed at an initiation ritual. Parker Neal (Nathan West - Bring It On (2000), Miracle (2004), Not Another Teen Movie (2001)) is one of the leaders of the Skulls and he did not find Ryan’s stunt entertaining. After a few events, Ryan told his brother Greg who is also a member of the Skulls that he thinks the Skull is covering up the death of Diana Rollin. Ryan does not believe anything that the Skulls members are telling him about the death of Diana and begin investigating. Ryan’s life soon becomes a chaotic mess and the leaders at the Skulls fired Greg from his high position as an attorney. Ryan’s girlfriend Ali accuses him of assaulting her and not too long after he found out his apartment is bugged. Will Ryan continue his investigation after his world/life is falling apart?

I gave this movie a one because everything about this movie was horrible including the actors performances. This is a movie that should not have been made because as I have said many times, it is a waste of good money that could have help sick and needy people. I will not elaborate on what is not good about the movie because if a movie is not good and receives a score of one then there is not much to say. Watch the movie at your own risk because it is time that you cannot get back.

About The Skulls 2 (2002)

Title: The Skulls 2
AKA: The Skulls II
Year: 2002
Runtime: 99 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Thriller
Score: 0.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.75/5 stars from 8 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 8
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Lindy Booth, R.D. Reid, Michael Sercerchi, Robin Dunne, Sandi Ross, Simon Reynolds, Scott Wickware, Edie Inksetter, Ardon Bess, Ashley Tesoro, James Gallanders, Aaron Ashmore, Margot Gagnon, Patric Masurkevitch, William Lazar, Nathan West, Christopher Ralph, Andrew Gillies, Stephen Young
Writers: John Pogue, Hans Rodionoff, Michele Colucci-Zieger
Director: Joe Chappelle

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