976-Evil II (1991) Movie Review

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1991 | R | Horror
93 minutes /

User Score: 50/100

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976-Evil II Review


A seemingly harmless telephone service endows an evil teacher with powers from beyond the grave

976-Evil II (1991) is an American supernatural slasher horror that was filmed in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, USA and is also known as 976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor (1991). Director Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall (1986), Not of This Earth (1988), Deathstalker II (1987), Fire from Below (2009)) did an okay job executing this movie but should have passed after seeing the screenplay. This is a movie that should not have been made because it did not have enough new things to offer its audience or bring to the film. The ending was nicely done, and I was entertained by the mild twist and suspense. The ending scenes was a hit for me as I greatly enjoyed the action and chasing scenes. The camera angles were off and needed major help with camera angles, awful dialogue, bad jokes and the film appearing extremely cheap. The gore was nicely done and impressive because it was just the right amount.

976-Evil II revolves around Mr. Grubeck (Rene Assa - Deep Cover (1992), Postcards from the Edge (1990), Walker (1987)) calling the notorious hotline leading him to take a demonic turn. He started using his demonic powers to murder pretty college girls. Grubeck started to stalk Robin (Debbie James - Where the Day Takes You (1991), The Underground (1997), Mistress (1992)) while she was on a date. Spike (Patrick O’Bryan - 976-EVIL (1988), No Holds Barred (1989), Relentless (1989)) has one task, and that is to protect Dr. Jamison daughter from Grubeck. I was startled to see Grubeck‚Äôs house attacking Spike when he went to search the house for evidence - scary moment. There is not much to say about this movie except that a guy is committing a series of killing because a demon is telling him to do it and he is being pursued by the police, Robin, and Spike.

About 976-Evil II 1991

Title: 976-Evil II
Original Title: 976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor
Year: 1991
Runtime: 93 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.5/5 stars from 16 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 16
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: George 'Buck' Flower, Rod McCary, Ace Mask, Monique Gabrielle, Patrick O'Bryan, Brigitte Nielsen, Mindy Seeger, Yavone Evans, Eric Anjou, Deborah Dutch, Angela Gordon, Christopher Garr, Philip McKeon, David Rogge, Lou Bonacki, Chuck Montalbano, Paul Hertzberg, Debbie James, Ronald Green, René Assa, Leslie Ryan, Paul Coufos, Karen Mayo-Chandler, Sigal Diamant, Joy Ballard
Writers: Erik Anjou, Rick Glassman, Brian Helgeland, Rhet Topham
Director: Jim Wynorski