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The Descent (2005)

2005 | R | Horror, Thriller, Adventure
99 minutes / 1h 39min

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The Descent Plot Synopsis:

A woman goes on vacation with her friends after her husband and daughter encounter a tragic accident. One year later she goes hiking with her friends and they get trapped in the cave. With a lack of supply, they struggle to survive and they meet strange blood thirsty creatures.

The Descent (2005) Review

The Descent (2005) 1h 39-min British adventure thriller-horror film that was shot in Perth and Kinross, Scotland, UK; Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England, UK; Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK and Tring, Hertfordshire, England, UK. Director and writer Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers (2002), Centurion (2010), Doomsday (2008)) executed this grotesque movie marvelously. The film contains sexual content, nudity, gut-wrenching graphic scenes, extreme violence, gore, bad language, tension, and sitting on the edge of your seat moments.

The Decent revolves around six women who are trapped after entering an unmapped cave system and found themselves being hunted by flesh-eating humanoids. Juno, Beth, Sarah and her husband Paul (Oliver Milburn) along with their daughter Jessica (Molly Kayll) was involved in a car accident while on their way back from whitewater rafting. Paul and Jessica died, but Sarah survives. Skip forward one year later and we see Sarah with her friends Juno, Beth, Sam, Rebecca, and Holly are at a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina.

Juno later admits to the group of friends that she did not lead them into the fully explored cave system as they planned but into an unknown cave system instead after it collapsed and trapped them. Juno (Natalie Mendoza - Moulin Rouge! (2001), Code 46 (2003), The Descent: Part 2 (2009)) also informed her friends that rescue would not be coming because it is impossible since no one knows they are there. Holly (Nora-Jane Noone - The Magdalene Sisters (2002), Brooklyn (2015), Identicals (2015)) became excited when she saw sunlight and ran towards it only to fall into a hole leading to her leg breaking. Sarah (Shauna Macdonald - The Descent: Part 2 (2009), Filth (2013), Late Night Shopping (2001)) shortly after discovered an impaled humanoid creature. The humanoid creatures are called crawlers who later attacked the group after they saw a group of bones.

The movie escalates from that point where we see the friends battling the crawlers and each other to save their precious dear lives. Paranoia sets in, and we see the director getting a little inventive by using different lighting techniques. Sound department did an excellent job as we hear echoes when there are no visuals. The Decent is a thrilling adventure that will grab you and take you along the journey as the females try to exit the dangerous cave. Horror fans should give this film a try because I am pretty sure that you will most likely not be disappointed.

  • The Descent Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 7
  • Overall Score: 7.39
  • IMDB: 7.2
  • MetaCritic: 7.1
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 8.5

About The Descent 2005

Title: The Descent
Year: 2005
Runtime: 99 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Adventure
Score: 3.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.7/5 stars from 179,593 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 179,593
MPAA Rating: R
The Descent Cast Starring: MyAnna Buring, Leslie Simpson, Shauna Macdonald, Craig Conway, Tristan Matthiae, Nora-Jane Noone, Justin Hackney, Stuart Luis, Saskia Mulder, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid, Sophie Trott, Oliver Milburn, Molly Kayll, Mark Cronfield, Stephen Lamb, Catherine Dyson, Julie Ellis
The Descent Writers: NA
The Descent Director: Neil Marshall
Box Office: $26,005,908
Production: Lionsgate
Language: English
Country: UK