3 Extremes II (2002) Movie Review

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3 Extremes II (2002)

2002 | R | Horror, Mystery
140 minutes / 2h 20min

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3 Extremes II Plot Synopsis:

Three constitutes an omnibus package of three short horror films made by Asian directors. "Memories," made by Kim Ji-Woon, is about a woman (Kim Hye-Soo) who disappears from the home she shares with her husband (Jung Bo-Seog) and children, and ends up in a futuristic city filled with many disturbing hindrances to her finding her way back home. Nonzee Nimibutr's "The Wheel" contains a puppeteer who is unsuccessful in warning a dance troupe about using cursed puppets. Peter Ho-Sun Chan's "Coming Home" stars Eric Tsang as a policeman who becomes involved with his neighbors, a married couple who are involved in with some mysterious herbal medications.

3 Extremes II (2002) Review

3 Extremes II (2002) is a 2h 20-min Hong Kong / South Korea / Thailand mystery horror movie that consists of three omnibus segments directed by three Asian directors. The languages in this video are Cantonese, English, Korean, Thai and Mandarin. Three Extremes II was an okay Asian horror watch that is not something that I would recommend or watch again, well with the exception of the segment, Going Home. Below is a brief summary of each segment and a little information about how I feel about the segments.


South Korean director Kim Jee-Woon (I Saw the Devil (2010), A Tale of Two Sisters (2003), The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008))
Dialogue in Korean

Memories is about a gentleman trying to remember what happened on the day his wife disappeared from his life and decided to go to a psychiatrist for help. His wife wakes up on a deserted road and does not remember how she got there and tried her best to find her way home while her husband drives home. The husband and wife slowly began remembering what happened.

Memories run on a familiar territory with an archetypical female ghost wearing a white garment with flowing black long hair. She appeared scary at first but then we learn that she only wants to have the manner of her death remembered. I felt pain for the wife as we follow her journey while she seeks help about how to return home from everyone and they just ignore her.

The Wheel

Thailand director Nonzee Nimibutr (Timeline (2014), Distortion (2012))
Dialogue in Thai

The Wheel revolves around a puppet master dying in his bed while screaming with pain that rains terror as he is surrounded by ghosts who is waiting for him to die. The puppet master was dying because of a curse on him resulting from his ownership of ancient Thai puppets that belong to their proper master. It is said whoever claims/owns the puppets will suffer a horrible death and so that is what is happening to him. He stole the puppets, and he is now paying the ultimate price with a painful death.

Going Home

Hong Kong director Peter Chan (Dragon (2011), The Warlords (2007), Perhaps Love (2005))
Dialogue in Cantonese and Mandarin

Wai is an overweight and unhealthy police officer searching for his missing son and was suspiciously detained by his neighbor Yu, who is a Chinese physician. Yu is a strange guy that has been taking care of his wife’s dead body for over three years believing that she is still alive and will wake up soon. This segment is the best and strongest segment that is set with unwanted past on a housing estate in Hong Kong. Going Home was a beautiful piece of work with sound that flowed well.

The Wheel was the least successful of the segments that deals with traditional belief systems about ghosts and supernatural things. The theatrical performances of puppetry add a sense of cultural and interest to the supernatural proceedings. One of the biggest problems with this segment is that there is not any protagonist with a story or that we can identify. The segment switched from character to character which was distracting and appeared disjointed.

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  • Our Score: 5
  • Overall Score: 5.78
  • IMDB: 6.2

About 3 Extremes II 2002

Title: 3 Extremes II
Year: 2002
Runtime: 140 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Reviewer: Score: 2.5 / 5 stars Avg. Rating: 2.89/5 stars from 3,098 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 3,098 MPAA Rating: R
3 Extremes II Cast Starring: Eugenia Yuan, Hye-su Kim, Manop Meejamarat, Bo-seok Jeong, Jung-Hee Moon, Suwinit Panjamawat, Hee-soon Park, Leon Lai, Tinnapob Seeweesriruth, Eric Tsang, John Sham, Camy Ting, Ting-Fung Li, Tak-Ming Ting, Kanyavae Chatiawaipreacha, Vinn Vasinanon, Jeong-won Choi, Pongsanart Vinsiri, Pornchai Chuvanon, Heng Wong, Anusak Intasorn, Komgrich Yuttiyong, Jung-Won Jang, Pattama Jangjarut, Sung-Keun Jee, Savika Kanchanamas, Tsz-Wing Lau
3 Extremes II Writers: Teddy Chan, Matt Chow, Yuet-Jan Hui
3 Extremes II Director: Kim Jee-woon, Jee-Woon Kim, Peter Chan, Nonzee Nimibutr, Peter Ho-sun Chan
Production: Applause Pictures
Language: Korean, English, Mandarin, Thai, Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand