Chupacabra sightings have been reported for a while now with unsual accounts. Between February and July of 1975 farm and domestic animals began showing up dead in Puerto Rico from what resembled odd neck wounds that appeared to be made with a sharp instrument. Most killing usually took place around the early morning hours. Some owners claimed to have heard screeching sounds, flapping wings, or hums to be connected with the killings.

On March 31, 1991, a Palmarejo, Puerto Rico, couple heard what sounded like their two Dobermans, a male and female howling in fright as a weird sound - like a phonograph being played at the wrong speed - moving around their house. The husband went outside to investigate after everything went silent and that's where he encountered two beings that were some three to four feet tall, gray in color, big headed, with big black eyes, and almost imperceptible nose, and a mouth that resembled a little cut.


A few minutes later a man found the female dog unharmed, but the male dog was dead, "empty, with nothing inside. It was as if all had been sucked through the eyes. It had empty eye sockets, and all the internal organs had disappeared. It had only the bones inside the skin. It was hollow." He then disposed the remains by tossing it into a nearby ravine, where investigators could not retrieve them after taking up the case months later.

Near Orocovis in Puerto Rico's mountainous interior, a variety of animals were killed without cause. Two police officers investigated the scene when one spotted a three-to-four-foot humanoid figure with orange-yellow eyes watching them from the shadows. When the officer chased the beast, he was rendered by nausea.

About 6 a.m., on March 26,at the same location, UFO enthusiast Jaime Torres, who came to investigate, saw a similar creature, but with black eyes. The creature's face was dark gray, it had a chameleon-like appearance, its body color changing from purple to brown to yellow. The witness watched the creature shaking its head and hissing a sound that made the eyewitness feel faint. The creature then fled into the surrounding jungle.

More encounters were reported the next months, including a bizarre tale in which the creature, on May 11, a rat-eating "gargoyle looking creature" with claws menaced onlookers at a bus stop in the middle of the San Jaun metropolitan area. A police officer approached the creature with a billy club only to have it snatched from him as the entity rose into the air and escape.

In mid-May police looked into a report by an elderly sugarcane cutter who suffered heart attack after a gigantic "bird" attacked him. On April 23, Reynaldo Ortega of Naranjito, sighted a huge creature on his roof. This creature was three-to-four-feet tall with black feathers and a thick neck, it had a wolf-like nose instead of a beak.

The Emergence of the el Chupacabras

It was at this time that a specific kind of creature began to emerge. No one could remember the point of a "first" sighting, but by August sightings of the creatures would be called "el Chupacabra" (spanish for "goat sucker").

Daniel Perez of Canovans told investigator Jorge Martin of an encounter he had before seven o'clock one morning where he heard a moaning sound out his window. Perez walked to his window and saw something landing on a big rock only twenty feet from him. The entity stood five feet high on long and powerful-looking hind legs and a large head with big slanted eyes and six-inch fins or spikes running all the way down its back. It had tiny forearms with small hands. As the thing prepared to take flight, the fins pointed upward and vibrated making a buzzing sound.

That same month two other residents of Canovanas claimed to have seen the creature at even closer range. At 4 p.m.Madelyne Tolentino was helping her mother, when she glanced a car with a terrified driver inside looking at their house. She then realized that the creature was just working around the side of her house. She describes the creatures as Perez(her husband) but with very long arms and it appeared to have been burned. It had round things on its body and the region seemed ashen as if something had burned it right there. When her mother saw it, she ran outside to try and catch it, but it escaped into nearby woods by hopping like a kangaroo. A young man who worked for Agosto joined the chase. He caught it and held it briefly, long enough, he claimed to pry its mouth open and determine that it had large fangs and teeth. It escaped down a street and disappeared from view.

From reports by Canovanas residents and others, Martin compiled this composite description:

It appears to have strong coarse hair all over its body, and whilst most observers claimed that the hair is black, it has the remarkable ability to change colors at will, almost like a chameleon. In the dark, it will change to black or a deep brown color - in a sunlit area surrounded by vegetation, it changes to green, green-gray, light brown or beige. The creature has two small arms with a three-fingered clawed hand and two very strong hind legs, again with three claws. This appears to enable it to run quickly and leap... over 20 feet in a single bound. According to many observations, the creature's legs look almost reptilian or goat-like. It has quill-like appendages running down from its back, with what seem to be fleshy membranes that change color from blue to green, red to purple, etc.

In some reports, the Chupacabras was described as having wings or large ears, and at least one report had the facial features as "simian." The creature also allegedly left behind a slimy substance.

Rumors in Canavas circulated that on two successive days early in November, Puerto Rican and US federal authorities captured Chupacabras, "one of them," according to Martin's quite specific account, "in the town of San Lorenzo, in the center-east of Puerto Rico; the other in the National Caribbean Rain Forest in El Yunque, to the east. Both were alive allegedly taken to the United States by special personnel."

Another rumor is that the Chupacabras was a grotesque mutilation, the product of genetic engineering crafted by scientists in a secret US government laboratory. Allegedly a serviceman, claimed not only to have seen the little unexplained phenomena while serving in Vietnam, but also to have observed them in cages at a classified facility in the American Southwest. "These creatures looked at you pleadingly with their sad eyes, they appear to be lost on an unknown world."

In Toa Baja on June 27, Debra Hernandez steeped into her backyard to see a black creature "with pointed ears and enormous fangs." It was ripping up a chicken coob and had one chicken in its claws, but when it saw Hernandez, it quickly dropped the chicken and ran off. Five weeks earlier, the witness had told the press that she and her husband had lost a goose, two guineas, and six hens to an unseen something that she assumed to be Chupacabras "The chickens were left bloodless," she said, "but their wounds appear to indicate that their intestines were removed. I know this could not have been done by dogs because there were no feathers anywhere - only chicken's bodies."

Rumors of el Chupacabras

On January 26, 1996, New York Times took notice of the phenomena that was attracting international attention. The goat sucker became a popular craze mostly in Latin America where there were songs about them, pictures on t-shirts and television shows (including the X-Files television series).

Chupacabra sightings were no longer only sighted in Puerto Rico but also in Sweetwater, on March 10 crossing a woman's backyard. That same month, another Sweetwater woman lost twenty-seven chickens and two goats to an unknown attacker but her son and daughter-in-law saw a tall shadow like a tall man passing by their bedroom window.

Jose Espinoza of Tucson saw something with "red eyes, a pointy nose, pointy ears, and a wrinkle face" hopped into his house in the early morning hours of May 1. He said that it sat on his seven year old child's chest before hopping out the bedroom window and disappearing into the night while mumbling something.

In Arizona, Texas, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Spain, there was unexplainable animal killing that were linked even though there was no sightings during that time.

Animal slaying in Mexico caused investigation and controversy. Authorities blamed the deaths on conventional predators. Witnesses reported seeing large dogs killing livestock, but this failed to stem the growing hysteria. In the state of Nayarit, a spate of chicken killing led to the forming of posses. One posse member that encountered the creature. In the words of Silva Avila:
I saw it in profile at a distance of some 33 feet, and it stood motionless. I picked up a stone and threw it at the creature, but I missed. The animal moved toward me and moved away with hurried jumps, vaulting over a six-foot wall. It measures some 30 inches and has a small head, with short, pointed ears, like those of a bat. Its eyes were brilliant red.

Its legs folded at the knees, and it had two small arms extending from its torso. The witness said it was covered with black fur.