Shroud of Turin

After the Crucifixion (about AD 30), the shroud of turin was folded and disguised as a portrait, to hide its "unclean" nature as a burial cloth. It was taken to Edessa, but when Ma'nu VI reverted to paganism in AD 57 and persecuted the Christians it was hidden in a niche in the wall above Edessa's west gate. In AD 525 severe floods in Edessa cost 30,000 lives and destroyed many public buildings; the shroud was rediscovered when the walls were being rebuilt. It was transferred to Constantinople. It was discovered to be a burial shroud is about 1045, probably when someone unpinned the Mandylion (The folded shroud that only revealed Jesus's face and was encased in a frame) from its frame to remount it. In 1204, when the Crusaders took Constanople from the Greek Christians, the shroud vanished again. Where it went next is speculated to be in the hands of the Knights Templar's.

In 1306 the Treasury of the Templar's came to France, brought by Jacques Molay after the conviction of the Knights Templar. In 1506 the shroud was deposited in Chambery castle, where thirty years later it was almost destroyed in a fire, In 1578 the shroud was taken to Turin, where it still resides.

Paranormal Phenomena: Shroud of Turin