Twin Synchronicity


Synchronicity is a term used for "meaningful coincidences." Similar to if your subconscious wants to happen badly then it happens. There have been studies which conclude that concepts such as "split brain physiology" which state that the brain is divided into two hemispheres, rather like a walnut. Brain physiology has established that the left cerebral hemisphere is concerned with our conscience objectives - language, logic, calculation - while the right hemisphere deals with intuition, pattern-recognition and insight.

A remarkable discovery was made by Roger Sperry. Sperry concluded that when the bridge of nerves - called the corpus callosum - which connects the two halves is servered to prevent epilepsy, the patient turns into two people. One split brain person tried to hit his wife with one hand while the other hand held it back. The person I call "me" lives in the left hemisphere; and the person who lives in here is the "intuitive self;" the stranger.

The "stranger" can at times "take over." When the English boxer Freddie Mills fought Gus Lesnevitch in 1946 he was knocked down in the second round and concussed. He remembers nothing between the second round after the knock down till when the referee announced the tenth round. In the intervening seven rounds he had boxed brilliantly against the much heavier Lesnevitch, and was ahead in points. As soon as he "recovered" conscience he began to lose. His "other self" had taken over and boxed beautifully for the seven rounds and was ahead in points. here is an example of the stranger self using its heightened intuition, pattern-recognition and insight to triumph.

Unexplained Mysteries: Synchronicity