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  • 31 Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

    31 Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

    Halloween is one of our favorite holidays where we get to dress up as our favorite characters and watch terrifying movies that makes us scared out of our minds. October is Halloween horror month where you can make your house as scary as you want with zombies on your lawn to scare the pants off of your neighbors at night. I love Halloween! Below is our list of the Top 31 Horror Movies for Adults to Watch on Halloween and the Top 31 Honorable mentions. I included classic horror movies so the list is all rounded out. There is so many Halloween movies so please feel free to comment below and let us know if there is a movie you like that is not on our list. Happy Halloween!!!

  • Top 20 Halloween Movies for Preschoolers

    Top 20 Halloween Movies for Preschoolers

    Halloween is an awesome holiday that toddlers, kids, teens and adults enjoy. Halloween can be scary for young kids from age 2-5 known as preschoolers. We have compiled a list of 20 preschooler friendly Halloween DVDs and episodes from TV shows, to enjoy with your little ones. Some of the shows are available on DVD, Netflix, Amazon, Redbox, Youtube and other sources. Please feel to leave a comment below suggesting other movies we can add to this amazing list. Happy Halloween and enjoy with your little ones.

  • Origin of Halloween - History of Halloween

    Origin of Halloween - History of Halloween

    The Origin of Halloween or All Hallows Eve are many with the oldest documented origin being the Celtic festival Samhain. The history of Halloween (Halloween Origin) was far different from todays candy Trick or Treat focus. Modern Halloween was originated by the Celtic/Druid Samhain festival then mixed with Roman and Christian customs before being modernized into what we have today.

  • 31 Best Halloween Movies for Kids

    31 Best Halloween Movies for Kids

    Halloween has always been one of our favorite holiday and we decided to kick it up a notch this year. Below is our round up of 31 Best Halloween Movies for Kids from the early 1990’s - present listed in alphabetical order. There is a movie for every kid on our list ranging from funny scary to frightening scary. We feel Halloween is a nice way for families to bond with some nice friendly scary movies and popcorn. We decided to list 31 movies and 31 honorable mentions below to widen the variety for those who dare - can have 31 nights of Halloween movies. Most of these movies are on Netflix - for those of you who do not have Netflix then I suggest signing up for their 1 month free trial.

  • Leatherface: Man of Many Faces - Texas Chainsaw Massacre [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Leatherface: Man of Many Faces - Texas Chainsaw Massacre [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Our friends over at are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a HUGE infographic feature on The Many Faces of Leatherface. There site already has a huge leatherface collection of costumes to choose from so make sure you check out the inventory for this Halloween 2014. Tell us if you will be dressing up as Leatherface this year.

  • Scary Demon Possessions and Demon Exorcisms Caught on Tape

    Scary Demon Possessions and Demon Exorcisms Caught on Tape

    Demon possessions are common for some people/cultures and today we thought it would be interesting to show a few videos of real demon exorcism caught on tape. This is not for the faint of heart and easily scared. These are real people afflicted by demon possession and whether you believe in them or not, these videos are scary and tragic. Some videos are from National Geographic, Bob Larson (controversal) while a few are random videos that we found. With the upcoming horror movie Deliver Us From Evil (2014) having to do with the entire New York becoming possessed by demons, I thought this article fitting to see just how bad that would be if that were to happen.

  • The US Military's Zombie Survival Guide

    The US Military's Zombie Survival Guide

    The US government plans for everything and I love it. The US military has an unofficial Zombie Survival Guide that you have to read. This “plan” is only meant for training purposes and is an unclassified document developed for Counter-Zombie Dominance Operations. The zombie military guideline covers maintaining the defensive perimeter to ensure the protection of human life, operations to eradicate zombie threats and aiding local authorities in restoring law & order. This so reminds me of our CDC (Center for Disease Control) zombie preparation article published a little while back. At least we know that even if these guides are made unofficially, there still are guides out there… just in case. I bet Robert Kirkman (AMC’s The Walking Dead) can add a few things.

  • Top 15 Horror Movies Based on Real Life

    Top 15 Horror Movies Based on Real Life

    We thought it would be cool to make a list of some of the best horror movies based on real life events. We have put together this list from movies based on ghost/demon hauntings, animal attacks, serial killers and just plain psycho behavior. The list is not sorted in any particular order, but each and every movie here is based on real life horror events.

  • The Haunting of Mayflower Park Hotel Seattle, Washington

    The Haunting of Mayflower Park Hotel Seattle, Washington

    The Mayflower Park Hotel opened to the public in 1927, is located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Washington. Many guests and workers have reported on several occasions, encounters or paranormal activities involving an older aged man. On many occasions, the old man is seen and the hotel claims that the ghost is a friendly ghost who does not harm the guests.

  • Everything About Shadow People You Need to Know

    Everything About Shadow People You Need to Know

    What are Shadow People and why do they continue to scare us? Shadow people appear darker-than-night with the occasional reports of the figures having blazing red eyes. Some people see these shadow people once in a lifetime while others continue to see these evil entities night after night. The Shadow People phenomena have gotten huge over the last few decades, but the term “Shadow People” seems to categorize many different types of entities. These mysteries continue to confirm the views of the victims and add additional fear to those who have never even experienced these alarming occurrences. Most encounters have a varying duration from what seems like seconds to hours, even from the same victim.

  • Haunted Sorrento Hotel

    Haunted Sorrento Hotel

    The Sorrento Hotel is thought to be one of the scariest haunted hotels in Washington and also at the same time, an Italian oasis. It is located at 900 Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98104. Sorrento hotel was built in 1909 in what is now the historic First Hill neighborhood. It is one of the oldest hotels.

  • Top Haunted Hotels in the US

    Top Haunted Hotels in the US

    Building on our best haunted places in the US, we decided to create our best haunted hotels list. We picked our top five haunted hotels from California to New York and everything in between. We welcome you to discover these spooky haunted hotels in America.

  • Top Haunted Asylums in America

    Top Haunted Asylums in America

    Haunted Asylums are some of the top haunted places you can find. We have put together a great list of the best haunted asylums in America. Think about all the tragedies that the mental patients experienced and did to others. American Horror Story: Asylum only touched the subject but today, we share some real haunted asylums with you.

  • Ed and Lorraine Warren Occult Museum

    Ed and Lorraine Warren Occult Museum

    Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum houses some of the worlds most cursed artifacts in the world. These items include the famous haunted Annabelle doll, conjuring mirrors used in summoning spirits, a modern day vampires’ coffin and an organ that plays by itself. The Warren’s collected these artifacts over their 50 years of ghost hunting. The Warrens’ Occult Museum is said to be one of a kind and the oldest of its kind. The Warren’s Occult Museum has been open since 1952 and is a way of locking these evil objects away and keeping them away from the public.

  • Top Haunted Dolls in the World

    Top Haunted Dolls in the World

    Real Haunted Dolls are a very popular subject because there are so many victim reports that have bad experiences with haunted dolls from all over the world. Several stores sell haunted dolls, and some people have a vast collection of haunted dolls. Such dolls include Robert the Doll, Amanda, Pupa the Haunted Doll, Mandy the Doll and the famous Annabelle Doll currently showcased in the Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ Occult Museum.

  • The Poltergeist Curse

    The Poltergeist Curse

    The real life Poltergeist Curse is one of the scariest movies ever made and one of the most cursed films in history. The Poltergeist films curse started after a string of untimely deaths that plagued the stars of Poltergeist and the weird incidents. These events all together make a very distinct argument that the Poltergeist films curse exists.

  • Most Haunted Places in the World - Landmarks

    Most Haunted Places in the World - Landmarks

    The haunted landmarks listed here are some of the most haunted places in the world. The list is huge but we tried to include strictly landmarks in this list. This haunted places list is often featured on paranormal investigation TV shows like Syfy’s Destination Truth. Up to this very day, these haunted places still claim the lives of new victims and haunt untold others.

  • Valentine's Day Horror Movies

    Valentine's Day Horror Movies

    Below we have put together our Valentine’s Horror Movies suggestions list. These horror movies are the best movies to sit back and enjoy with your loved one(s).