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Pedro Alonso Lopez
Gender: Male
Born: Fri October 8, 1948
Born in: Santa Isabel, Tolima, Colombia
State(s): Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Country: South America
AKA(s): The Monster of the Andes
Birth Name: Pedro Alonso Lopez

Pedro Alonzo Lopez (The Monster of the Andes) was set free from in jail in 1998 although he killed over 350 children and he also vowed to kill again before he was released from prison. He is one of histories most abominable killer. Pedro was the seventh of thirteen children born to a Colombian prostitute in 1949 in Tilmia, Colombia. He was kicked out of his house forever after his mother caught him touching his sister"s breast. Pedro was offered a safe home and food to eat from a man after Pedro became a beggar on the streets of Colombia. Pedro was desperate, so he went with the man and instead found an abandoned building. The man who is a pedophile repeatedly sodomized Pedro which made him vow to do the same to little girls after he returns on the streets.

He returned to the streets but became paranoid of strangers, so he hid in the day and looked for food in the night A male teacher molested Pedro at the age of 12 after he was enrolled in an orphanage school by an American couple. The American couple took him in after feeling sorry for him begging on the streets with his skinny body frame in Bogota. He then stole money and went back to the street life. He survived the street life although he didn"t have education by stealing little things and begging. He was arrested at the age of 18 for car theft which he made a lot of money from because he would steal the cars and sell them to chop shops. He was gang-raped by four prisoners in jail after a few days of being there and anger took over him, so he vows never to be violated again in his life time.

Pedro killed three of the four men who raped him in jail and was sentenced an additional 2 years in prison. He had a reflection on his life which made him despise women even more because all he knows of women is his prostitute mother and all the women in the p*rnographic magazines he used to pleasure himself. Pedro was released from prison in 1978 and started to kidnapped and killed young Peruvian girls in Peru. He then got deported to Equador after being tortured by a group of Indians who also buried him in the sand up to his neck for killing the young girls in Peru.

There were many girls going missing in Equador after Pedro was deported there, but police officials thought the young girls were kidnapped by child peddlers. The police realized there was a serial killer at large after a flood in April 1980 exposed four murdered girls bodies. Pedro was caught by a child"s mother when he was trying to kidnap her daughter. The police arrested Pedro but could not get him to confess, so they dressed a priest as a prisoner and put him in the same cell with Pedro. Pedro joyously told the priest of all his crimes and that he murdered 110 children in Ecuador, over 100 in Colombia and 100 in Peru. Pedro confessed to the police also after he was confronted about the information he shared with his cellmate. Pedro said in his confessions that he would bring the young girls to prepare the graves which are sometimes filled with dead bodies of other girls he killed. He likes to rape and strangle the girls at sunrise because only then can he watch as their eyes fade away as they died. He felt murdering the girls at night was a waste because he couldn"t see their eyes. He also told of propping up the dead bodies in their graves to have tea parties and play games and to talk to them, but he would get bored when they don"t answer, and he then would find another girl to kidnap.

Pedro took the police to the graves of the children he killed because the police didn"t believe his confession. There were over 53 bodies which made the police believe him, and he was then renamed as "Monster of the Andes" and sentenced to life in prison. He never showed regret for his crimes and once said in an interview with Ron Laytner that he would gladly return to killing young children if he gets out from prison and looks forward to the next time to warp his hands around the neck of his next child. Pedro was taken to the Colombia border in the summer of 1998 and released after 20 years of solitary confinement in prison. Colombia and Peru did not have the money to bring Pedro Lopez to justice. Many belives that Pedro is either dead with many bounties offered for his death or that he has mended his ways and stop doing what he did before prison.

Pedro Alonso Lopez serial killer is a male serial killer.

The Monster of the Andes is a male serial killer.

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