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Vera Renczi
Gender: Female
Born: Thu January 1, 1903
Born in: Bucharest, Romania
Country: United Kingdom
AKA(s): Black Widow, Chatelaine of Berkerekul
Birth Name: Vera Renczi

Romanian/Hungarian killer Vera Renczi was also known as the Black Widow and Chatelaine of Berkerekul. She was a housewife who was sentenced to life in prison for poisoning her victims who were mostly her lovers or husbands in the 1920s. It is said that Vera has confessed murdering her two husbands, several lovers, her son and about twenty-something other people/individuals in the 1920s with arsenic/poison.

Vera was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1903 but it not certain if she was born in 1903 or the late 19th century when looking at the dates of her alleged crimes. There is no verifiable documentary to account what happen in her life and supporting evidence. Vera moved with her father to Bercicherecul Mare (known as Zrenjanin, Voivodina today (1946)) located in Northern Yugoslavia after her mother died when Vera was 13-years-old. Vera attended boarding school and started running away at the age of 15 from home on numerous occasions with several of her boyfriends. Many of her boyfriends were much older than her.

Vera married Karl Schick who was a wealthy Austrian banker and many years older than Vera who was close to the age of twenty. They had a son named Lorenzo. Vera began to suspect that Karl was cheating on her as she was left home every day while he goes to work. Vera poisoned Karl"s wine at dinner with arsenic and went on to tell everyone including families and friends that Karl abandoned her and their son Lorenzo. She started to say about a year after she poisoned Karl that she heard Karl was involved in a fatal car accident that took his life.

Vera did not take long to get remarried after spreading the news that Karl died in a car accident. She married someone closer to her age but felt as though her new husband was cheating on her and he disappeared just after a few months of being married to Vera. She told everyone the same story she told when Karl was nowhere to be seen; she told them her new husband abandoned them. Vera waited for a year to past before she started telling everyone that she heard from her husband and he had intentions of leaving her. Vera did not remarry but continued to have many lovers from different backgrounds including affairs with married men. All of the men had something in common and that they would all disappear within days, weeks or months of meeting Vera.

Vera was having an affair with a married man whose wife followed him to Vera"s home, and the woman notified police when her husband did not return home the next day. The investigation led officers to find 32 unburied zinc-lined coffins with male corpses decomposing at different stages in Vera"s wine cellar. Vera confessed to poisoning 32 men with arsenic because she suspected the men were unfaithful to her.

Vera also confessed to murdering her and her two husbands and son Lorenzo. She killed Lorenzo because he accidently discovered the coffins in her wine cellar and he threatened to blackmail her, so she poisoned him. Vera was sentenced to life in prison for murdering 35 people, and she died in prison.

Vera Renczi serial killer is a female serial killer.

Black Widow, Chatelaine of Berkerekul is a female serial killer.

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