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Charlene Gallego
Gender: Female
Born: Wed October 10, 1956
Country: United States
AKA(s): The Love Slave Killers, The Gallego Sex Slaves Killers
Alias: Mary Martinez
Birth Name: Charlene Adelle Williams

Charlene Gallego was born on October 10, 1956, near Sacramento, California to her father, Charles, and mother, Mercedes who named her Charlene Adelle Williams at birth. Charles was respected vice president of a supermarket chain and traveled a lot with his wife because it was part of their business life. Charlene was suggested to be a shy and quiet student in school and had good attendance. Mercedes could not travel with her husband anymore because she met with a car accident and thus Charlene started to go/travel with her father instead. Charles clients were impressed with how Charlene took over her mother"s duties and would often travel with her father to meet his customers/clients who would praise the intelligent and well-spoken child.

Charlene started using drugs and drank heavily in high school while also boasting that she had a "black boyfriend." Charlene was extremely promiscuous, but her parents did not believe that their daughter was promiscuous. Charlene married a wealthy man that was addicted to heroin. She eventually did not care about the way she looked and would use massive amounts of cocaine. Her husband did not like that her parents would often intervene in their marriage and their marriage came to an end not too long after.

Charlene"s second husband was a soldier who she described as a "mommy"s boy" which resulted in their divorce because she got bored of him. She then had an affair with a married man which did not last long because he ended it when Charlene told him that they should have a threesome/intercourse with his wife. Charlene did not take it well when the married man called it quits with her, and she attempted suicide.

Charlene met Gerald Armond Gallego not too long after her suicide attempt, and they became two American serial killers in Sacramento, California with their killing spree from 1978 to 1980. Gerald was born on July 17, 1946, and had a terrible childhood where his mother and several of her boyfriends would often beat him. He was starving most of the time and did not have much love around him or feel loved. Gerald"s father was executed for murdering two police officers. He sexually abused/sodomized his fourteen-year-old daughter and her friend, but it is unsure if Charlene was there in the room or apartment.

Charlene and Gerald fell in love instantly upon meeting each other and began living together within a week by renting a house together. Charlene knew and accepted the fact that Gerald was only interested and cared for his own sexual satisfaction and not hers. He brought a sixteen-year-old dancer home one day for them to have a threesome but Charlene and the dancer were not allowed to touch each other. Gerald was angry to find Charlene and the dancer intimate in bed the next day when he came home. He tossed the dancer out their window, beat Charlene and withheld sex for one month from her.

Gerald could not become sexually excited anymore, and it was mentioned that Charlene or someone else suggested for them to kidnap females to become his sex slaves.


  • 1978, September 10: Rhonda Scheffler and Kippi Vaught

    Rhonda Scheffler was 17-years-old, and Kippi Vaught was 16-years-old when Charlene lured them into their van while the teenagers were shopping at Country Club Plaza in Sacramento County.

    • Gerald and Charlene sexually abused and raped Rhonda and Kippi throughout the night in Placer County. According to evidence, Charlene and Gerald each bit different breast on one of the victims. Gerald and Charlene drove Rhonda and Kippi back to Sacramento County the next day and made them walk to a ditch, hit Rhonda with a tire iron and shot them both with a 25-caliber pistol in their head. Gerald saw Kippi moved while he was walking back to the van and returned to the ditch to shoot her three more times in her head. Charlene bragged to one of her cellmates how she felt ecstatic while kidnapping, raping and killing Rhonda and Kippi.

  • 1979, June 24: Brenda Judd and Sandra Colley

    Brenda Judd was 14-year-old, and Sandra Colley was 13-years-old when they were lured into Charlene and Gerald"s van at a fair in Washoe County, Nevada. The couple told the kids that they could make some money by delivering leaflets and to go with them to their van to get the leaflets. Charlene drove on the I-80 heading out of Reno while watching Gerald in her rearview mirror raping the girls repeatedly.

    • Charlene parked their vehicle in Humboldt Sink which is an isolated area where Gerald pulled Sandra out of the can while holding a shovel. He took her to a dry creek bed and hit her from behind with his shovel causing a loud splat noise. Charlene recalls hearing the hit sounding like "a loud splat like a flat rock hitting mud, and the girl sank to her knees and slowly toppled over on her face." Gerald then beat Brenda to death, dug a huge hole, buried their naked bodies in it and put a rock over the grave/hole.

    • The teenagers were considered to be runaways for four years. Charlene"s confession during her 1982 trial for the teenagers and their murders clear the air that the teenagers did not run away. The teenager"s remains were found by a tractor driver in November 1999.

  • 1980, April 24: Stacey Redican and Karen Chipman Twiggs

    Charlene and Gerald kidnapped Stacey Redican and Karen Chipman Twiggs from the Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights, California and sexually abused them before ending their lives.

    • Charlene confessed that they buried Linda Aguilar and her unborn child alive during her testimony.

  • 1980, July 17: Charlene said that they kidnapped 34-year-old Virginia Mochel from a West Sacramento tavern (she worked at the tavern as a barmaid) parking lot. Virginia"s nylon fishing line bound skeletal remains were found on October 30 outside of Clarksburg, California. There were loops of cord around her neck which indicate that she was strangled to death.

  • 1980, November 2: Craig Miller and Mary Elizabeth Sowers

    Gerald approached 22-year-old Craig Miller, and his fiancee, 21-year-old Mary Elizabeth Sowers in the Arden Fair Mall parking lot in the early morning. He pointed his .25 caliber Beretta and demanded the couple to enter the car, but friends saw the ordeal and wrote down the license plate number. Gerald drove the couple to an isolated area where he ordered Craig to get out of the vehicle and then shot Craig in the back of the head at point-blank range with Mary witnessing everything. He fired two additional shots into Craig"s head while he laid lifeless on the ground.

    • Gerald ordered Charlene to drive them to their apartment where he raped Mary repeatedly for several hours. He then commanded Charlene to drive them along with Mary to a rural area where he shot Mary three times at point blank range.

Charlene testified against Gerald Gallego in 1984 while he was on trial for murders committed in California and Nevada. Charlene was not charged for the killings committed in California because of her testimony. She agreed with officials to plead guilty to murder which she did, and she was sentenced to sixteen years and eight months in Nevada prison. Gerald was convicted in Nevada and California and was sentenced to the death penalty in both states. Gerald"s won the right to a new sentence hearing in 1999 when his death sentence in Nevada was overturned, but the new jury ruled for him to receive the death penalty.

Charlene Gallego"s prison sentence ended, and she was released from jail in July 1997 in Nevada. Charlene moved to Fair Oaks, California and soon after changed her name to Mary Martinez. Mary and Gerald"s son died in the war which leads Charlene/Mary to begin operating questionable charity companies.

Gerald Gallego died at the Nevada prison medical center on July 18, 2002, of rectal cancer.

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