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Christine Malevre
Gender: Female
Born: Sat January 10, 1970
Born in: Mantes-la-Jolie, France
Country: France
AKA(s): The Black Widow

French serial killer Christine Malevre was born on January 10, 1970, and was a former nurse that was accused of killing about 30 patients. She was arrested in 1998 and confessed to some murders. She said that the terminally ill patients asked her to kill them at Francois Quesnay Hospital in Mantes-la-Jolie, Paris. Christine recanted her confessions after she realizes that France does not partake in people having the right to die or telling people to kill them. Many of her victim"s families were angry and said that their family member did not wish to die and did not mention anything about wanting to die.

The terminally ill patients that she murdered was females and males between the ages of 72 and 88.

Christine Malevre confessed to helping 30 terminally ill patients to die at Francois Quesnay Hospital while she was being questioned. She later recanted that statement and said that she admit to killing those 30 people because she was under duress.
She was initially charged manslaughter, but those charges were changed to murder after officials learned that Christine had a morbid fascination with disease and death.

Five of the dead victim"s families hired lawyer Olivier Morice who said the judge realized "we are dealing with a serial killer more than with a Madonna of euthanasia." She unsuccessfully attempted to kill herself on July 25, 1998, by overdosing on medications/drugs after she was released on bail.

Christine Malevre was on trial on January 20, 2003, in Versailles for killing seven terminally ill patients from 1997 to 1998 at Francois Quesnay Hospital.

Christine finally admitted to injecting four patients with high lethal doses of morphine, potassium and other drugs to end their lives. She said that she did not murder the three other patients. She stated that she showed compassion towards the patients by fulfilling their request of her to kill them.

Christine wrote a book titled, "My Confession" and mentioned "I helped people to end their suffering and depart in peace. I did not kill. I am not a criminal, " but officials did not agree with her. Her colleagues gave her the nickname, The Black Widow. Prosecutors believed that she ended the patients" lives because of her morbid fascination with death and illness; to satisfy her compulsions rather than her showing compassion towards them. The victim"s families agreed with the prosecutors that Christine killed their families for her satisfaction and not to fulfill any desire of their relatives.

Christine Malevre received a verdict of ten years in prison for assisting in killing six/seven patients, after a four-hour discussion and she was permanently outlawed from working/being a nurse again.

Christine Malevre case caused national debate over euthanasia in France, the right to request to die and a nurse fulfilling a patient"s wish to die. Belgium and the Netherlands who are neighboring France allows euthanasia. Roman Catholic in France is strongly against euthanasia and the liberals decriminalized against assisted suicide.

The public and several ministers showed Christine an outpour of compassion after she originally confessed to helping 30 ill patients kill themselves. She received over 5,000 letters thanking for her acts of compassion. The media was sympathetic and described Christine as a model nurse who helped patients out of their hurtful misery life. The public and media quickly changed their feelings toward Christine after details from the Judge and family about Christine leaked to the public"s ears. Everyone learned that the terminally ill patients did not want to die and did not mention anything about being miserable.

Christine was sentenced on January 30, 2003, to 10 years in prison and was sentenced 12 years in prison in an appeal on October 15, 2003, but was released in 2007.

Christine Malevre serial killer is a female serial killer.

The Black Widow is a female serial killer.

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