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Carol M Bundy
Gender: Female
Born: Wed August 26, 1942
Country: United States
AKA(s): The Sunset Strip Killers, The Hollywood Slasher, The Sunset Strip Slayer

American serial killer Carol M. Bundy was born on August 26, 1942, and was convicted of murdering several young prostitutes or runaways in Los Angeles during the spring and summer months of 1980. Carol Bundy and her crime/murder partner Doug Clark was known as The Sunset Strip Killers, The Hollywood Slasher, and The Sunset Strip Slayer.

Carol"s parents were alcoholics and cruel resulting in Carol not having a pleasant childhood. Carol"s father started to sexually molest/assault her when she was 11-years-old which was not long after her mother died. Carol"s father remarried, and she was put in various foster homes by him. Carol had a terrible childhood and married a 56-year-old man when she was only 17-years-old, but that marriage did not last long. She married two times after that and had two sons from her abusive third husband.

Carol had an affair with her apartment manager, Jack Murray who was also a part-time country singer. Carol wanted Jack all to herself and tried to bribe Jack"s wife to leave him, but Jack"s wife told Jack to evict Carol. Carol was persistent and showed up to addresses where ever Jack was performing, and that is how she met Doug Clark in 1980. Carol was 37-years-old when she met Doug at a bar called Little Nashville while looking at Jack.

Doug quickly moved in with Carol, and the duo discovers that they have some dark sexual fantasies that are similar. Doug brought prostitutes to the apartment so that he can be sexually active with Carol and the prostitute. Doug started to like their 11-year-old neighbor, and Carol lured the 11-year-old girl to do sexual games and posing for sexual photographs. Doug was not satisfied with being a pedophilia and told Carol how much he would like to have killed a female while they are sexually active. Doug persuaded Carol to buy two automatic pistols for him. It is not certain but is said that Doug wanted to kill a female while being sexually active with her because he wants to feel her va**nal contractions during her death spasms.

Doug came home one night in June 1980 and told Carol about teenagers, Gina Narano and Cynthia Chandler who he picked up on the Sunset Strip during the day and killed. He mentioned that he made Gina and Cynthia perform fellatio on him, shot them in the head, took them to a garage, raped the girl"s dead bodies, and dumped the girls" bodies near the Ventura Freeway. Gina and Cynthia"s bodies were found the next day near the Ventura Freeway. Carol was not happy hearing this from Doug and notified the police about knowing information about the murders but did not say who killed the girls. Doug told Carol that he would take all of the blame if they were caught because he wanted Carol to go free.

Doug killed two prostitutes named, Karen Jones and Exxie Wilson twelve days after he murdered Gina Narano and Cynthia Chandler but Carol did not notify the police this time. Doug took almost the same steps as his previous crimes which were luring the girls into his car, shot them, and got rid of their bodies where anyone could see them. There were one huge difference this time, and that is he decided to take Exxie Wilson"s head home and put it in his refrigerator.

Carol was okay with Doug bringing home someone"s severed head, and she put makeup on the dead girl"s face before Doug used it again during necrophilia. Doug and Carol did not keep the head as they disposed of it two days later by putting the head in a box and throwing it away in an alleyway. Runaway Marnette Comer"s dead body was found three days later in the San Fernando Valley woods, but her body looked like she was killed about three weeks earlier which made her Doug"s first known victim.

Doug committed his next murder about a month later and soon after was arrested. Carol did not stop stalking Jack Murray as she was still very infatuated with him. Carol visited the locations where Jack often sung and usually had a few drinks with him, but her conversations sometimes revealed a little too much. Carol would tell Jack about the things that she and Doug were doing. Jack implied that he would notify the police, so Carol lured Jack into his van in August 1980 by making him think that she will be sexually active with him. Jack fell for the bait and entered his van with her, and that is when Carol shot Jack and decapitated him. Carol was not clean with her murder and left several clues pointing to her being with Jack that night as they were seen leaving the bar together and she left bullet/shell casings in Jack"s van.

Carol could not keep such a huge secret to herself and told her co-workers what she did. Her colleagues informed the police and Carol confessed everything to the police about the murders she and Doug committed.

Authorities arrested Doug and found the guns at his workplace. Doug Clark was charged with six murders. Carol Bundy was charged with killing Jack Murray and an unknown victim who she saw Doug Clark killed. Doug acted as his own defense counsel during/for his trial where he portrayed himself as an innocent person while blaming Carol Bundy for everything. Doug was sentenced to death in 1983 after the jury did not believe him. Doug is still on California"s death row, and Carol made a plea bargain where she testified against Doug and received a sentence of 52 years to life in prison. Carol Bundy died in prison at the age of 61 on December 9, 2003, from heart failure.


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Carol M. Bundy serial killer is a female serial killer.

The Sunset Strip Killers, The Hollywood Slasher, The Sunset Strip Slayer is a female serial killer.

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