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Gender: Female
Country: United Kingdom

British serial killers Annie Walters and Amelia Sach was known as "The Finchley Baby Farmers" because they killed newborn infants and unwed mothers. It is estimated that Annie and Amelia killed about a dozen people from 1900 to 1902. Annie and Amelia were sentenced to execution by hanging after being arrested on November 18, 1902.

Annie was recruited by Amelia Sach long after Amelia had started murdering. Amelia gave the newborn babies to Annie who would kill the babies with poison and dispose of them. Annie gave the babies a dose of chlorodyne which is a medicine containing morphine. Amelia ran a lying-house (females go there to have their babies and stay postpartum) where she would take the newborn babies and give them to Annie who would kill the babies and dispose of them.

Annie Walters" background is not known, and there is not much to be found on the internet about her. She was married at one point and later told her landlord that she was a widow. Annie might have had a drinking problem and sometimes advertise herself as a sick nurse, from what I read, she was not too well in the head. Annie was assumed to be feeble-minded upon her arrest.

Annie Walters and Amelia Sach were executed together on February 3, 1903, at the Holloway Prison. Annie"s landlord in Islington was a police officer who grew suspicious of Annie after she brought a baby home. The landlord/officer started to trace Annie which led to Annie and Amelia being caught. It is believed that Annie and Amelia might have been involved in a child being murdered in a restroom, but his mother was convicted of the crime and sentenced to hang.

Annie and Amelia"s corpse was buried within the walls of Holloway Prison in unmarked graves as per customary. The five executed females bodies within the prison"s wall were exhumed in 1971 because the prison was renovating or having extensive rebuilding. Four of the five executed female corpse was reburied in one grave, plot 117 at Brookwood Cemetery where their names were engraved on their gray granite tombstone that was horizontally laid. Ruth Ellis was the only executed female to be reburied in her own grave, and we are not sure why.

Annie Walters serial killer is a female serial killer.

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