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Amelia Sach
Gender: Female
Born: Wed January 1, 1873
Born in: England, United Kingdom
Country: United Kingdom
AKA(s): The Finchley Baby Farmers
Alias: Frances Amelia Thorne
Birth Name: Frances Amelia Thorne

British serial killers Amelia Sach and Annie Walters was known as "The Finchley Baby Farmers" because they murdered infants and unwed mothers. It is not certain of how many people the Amelia and Annie killed, but it is suggested that it might have been as many as a dozen people from 1900 - 1902. Amelia and Annie were arrested on November 18, 1902, and was sentenced to execution by hanging which took place on February 3, 1903, at the Holloway prison.

Amelia Sach was born in 1873, and Annie Walters was born in 1869 in London, England, United Kingdom. Amelia Sach was baptized on May 5, 1867, in Hampreston, Dorset as Frances Amelia Thorne. Amelia had nine siblings consisting of three sisters and six brothers. She was the fourth child of ten kids. Amelia married a builder, Jeffrey Sach in 1896. Amelia became a mother in 1901, and the proof was in the England and Wales census of 1901 that shows that a baby was born to Amelia in Clapham.

Amelia Sach owned/operated a lying-in/childbearing home in Stanley Road where females would have prolonged periods of bed rest after giving birth to their baby/babies during their postpartum period. Amelia later operated the Claymore House which was a semi-detached, red-brick villa in Hertford Road, London by 1902. Stanley Road and Hertford Road were located in East Finchley. She charged the females a fee for lying-in. Amelia started to run a separate business in the 1900s where she advertises that mothers can leave their babies and her in return put the babies up for adoption where she charged a fee of between ?25 and ?30.

It is said that most of Amelia"s clients were servants from local houses that got pregnant and needed their pregnancies to be as discreet as possible because their employers will not be pleased otherwise.

Amelia Sach recruited Annie Walters long after she started her killing spree. Annie Walters collected the babies after they were born and killed the babies with poison and dispose of them. She used chlorodyne which is a medicine containing morphine to commit her murders.

Annie Walters and Amelia Sach was both executed together on the same day at the Holloway Prison. Annie"s landlord in Islington was a police officer who grew suspicious of Annie leading to Annie and Amelia being caught in their murder spree.

The many baby clothes that were found at the Claymore House was used as evidence to verify the level of their crimes during their trial at the Old Bailey. Amelia and Annie were the first females to be hanged at the Holloway prison. Henry Pierrepoint carried out the execution by hanging for Annie and Amelia on February 3, 1903. Annie and Amelia are the only female double hanging known of in modern times.

It is suggested that Amelia and Annie was/might have been involved in an earlier homicide where another woman was arrested and executed for the crime. Louise Masset was found guilty in 1899 of murdering her young son Manfred. Manfred"s body was found in/at Dalston Junction railway station ladies" lavatory. Evidence pointed to Louise because she wanted to marry Lucas and it is suggested that if she got rid of her son Manfred, then there will be no one in her way.

Louise claimed in court that she had given Manfred two ladies who had an establishment that takes care of older children. Authorities said that they could not find the two women that Louise mentioned. Louise Masset was executed on January 9, 1900, for murdering her son.

Amelia and Annie"s bodies were buried in unmarked graves as per customary and within the walls of Holloway Prison. All of the executed females bodies were exhumed in 1971 because the prison was undergoing an extensive rebuilding. Ruth Ellis was the only female reburied in her own grave whereas the other four exhumed female bodies were all reburied in a single grave which is plot 117 at Brookwood Cemetery. The four executed women names are engraved on the gray horizontally laid granite tombstone.

Amelia Sach serial killer is a female serial killer.

The Finchley Baby Farmers is a female serial killer.

Frances Amelia Thorne is a female serial killer.

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