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Randy Steven Kraft
Gender: Male
Active for 13 years (1971-1983) in United States
Born: Mon March 19, 1945
Born in: Long Beach, California, United States
State(s): California, Oregon, Michigan
Country: United States
AKA(s): The Freeway Killer, The Scorecard Killer
Birth Name: Randy Steven Kraft

Randy Steven Craft is a serial killer who was once thought to be three individual killers. He is known as "The Score Card Killer" and "The Freeway Killer." He was born on March 19, 1945, in Long Beach, California. Kraft murders may be as high as 100 deaths. Kraft kept a scorecard to tally the total victims he killed.

Early Life

Randy Steven Kraft had an impressive early career where he excelled in many different areas. Randy spent most of his life in Orange County, California although he was born in Long Beach, California in 1945. He moved to Orange County when he was three years old. He had an IQ of 129 later in his school years, and many consider him to be very brilliant and intellectual. Randy joined went to Claremont Men"s College and joined the Reserve Officer Training Corps after graduating high school in 1963. At the age of 19 in 1964, he campaigned for Republican Barry Goldwater in the election. He was still very traditional and admired the Vietnam War. Randy changed a lot the following year, so much that he started to work as a bartender at a gay bar the following year. He became more open about his homosexuality and started to spend most of his free time in the gay bar. His roommate said that Randy would come in a few time a week at different times. He also said that Randy suffered from stomach pains and migraines, and Randy would take Valium to help with the pain. He fell behind with his studies for school because of his new habits. He then had to retake one of the courses to graduate with a bachelor"s degree in economics. Randy first police offense was in 1966 where he was arrested for erotic behavior when he tried to approach an undercover police offer. The police officer released him with a warning since it was his first offense. Randy was ravaged when Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated because he was now a Democrat. He was stationed at the Edwards Air Force Base in 1969 for a short time. He was discharged on "medical" terms because he didn"t hide that he was gay and became a bartender full time. He then became a computer programmer, and he would go to the Marine base in the 1970s during his murder spree.


Randy was named the "Highway Killer" because many dead bodies were found near the highways in California in the 1970s and 1980s. Police thought the killings were done by one serial killer where it was done by three killers. The other two serial killers were William Bonin and Patrick Kearney. Randy most likely started his killing spree in 1971 with assumptions for his victim being Wayne Joseph Dukette. Randy was never convicted of his murder, and all of the victims were sexually abused and tortured before being killed. Randy was arrested for the murder of Keith Crotwell but was released due to the lack of evidence. Keith was seen getting into Randys" car, but Randy claimed to drop Keith off at an all-night cafe and has no clue how Kieth severed was found near the Long Beach Marina.

California Highway Patrol Officers pulled Randy over for driving under the influence of alcohol on May 14, 1983, at 1:00 am. Police found Randys" final victim who was 25-year-old Marine officer, Terry Gamble"s dead body in the back of his car. Randy strangled the Marine officer with his belt. Police obtained a warrant for Randy"s vehicle and found tranquilizers, prescription drugs and 47 photographs of p*rnographic poses of men who are either dead or sleeping. They also found blood on the passenger"s seat, but it did not belong to the Marine Officer. Police found items belonging to Randy"s victims and a "scorecard" which he listed his victims with nicknames that have to do with where they live and their habits. Some of his nicknames for his victims were "New Year"s Eve." Iowa" and "Deodorant."

Randy was found guilty on all counts and also on sodomy and torture. He was sentenced to death for the sentence got upheld in the year 2000. He was charged with 16 murders including "Airplane Hill" which was on his scorecard, and this victim was analyzed to be Kevin Clark Bailey. A crime writer had written a book about Randy"s case which was titled "Angel of Darkness." Randy tried to pursue a $62 million lawsuit against the writer claiming that the writer damaged his "good name" and his "prospects for future employment." The lawsuit was dismissed, and he continued to serve he sentence at San Quentin death row.

Confirmed Victims of Randy for which he was convicted

  • December 26, 1972: Edward Daniel Moore, 20 - strangled, a sock was stuffed in his rectum.

  • April 9, 1973: Kevin Clark Bailey, 18 - sodomized and castrated

  • July 28, 1973: Ronnie Daven Wiebe, 20 - strangled

  • July 30, 1975: Keith Daven Crotwell, 19 - killed and decapitated

  • January 3, 1976: Mark Howard Hall, 22 - mutilated his body with a car cigarette lighter and castrated

  • February 12, 1978: Geoffrey Alan Nelson, 18 - castrated and strangled

  • February 12, 1978: Roger James DeVaul, 20 - sodomized and strangled

  • April 16, 1978: Scott Michael Hughes, 18 - strangled castrated

  • June 19, 1978: Richard Allen Keith, 20 - strangled

  • July 8, 1978: Keith Arthur Klingbeil, 23 - burned with a cigarette lighter, killed by strangulation and drug poisoning

  • November 18, 1978: Michael Joseph Inderbieten, 20 - sodomized, castrated and killed by suffocation

  • June 19, 1979: Donnie Harold Crisel, 20 - burned with a car cigarette lighter, killed by alcohol and drug poisoning

  • September 3, 1980: Robert Wyatt Loggins, 19 - killed by acute intoxication January 27, 1983: Eric Herbert Church, 21

  • May 14, 1983: Terry Lee Gambrel, 25 - strangled with his belt, found in Randy"s car when he was arrested

Randy Steven Kraft serial killer is a male serial killer.

The Freeway Killer, The Scorecard Killer is a male serial killer.

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