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John Paul Knowles
Gender: Male
Born: Wed April 17, 1946
Born in: Orlando, Florida, United States
Country: United States
AKA(s): The Casanova Killer
Alias: Lester Daryl Gates, Daryl Golden
Birth Name: John Paul Knowles

American serial killer Paul John Knowles was born on April 17, 1946, in Orlando, Florida in the United States and died at the age of 28 from a gunshot wound on December 18, 1974, in Georgia. Paul was also known as The Casanova Killer, Lester Daryl Gates, and Daryl Golden. He has killed about 18 - 35 people from July 26, 1974, to November 21, 1974, in the United States and was arrested on November 21, 1974.

Paul"s father was convicted of a petty crime resulting in him leaving Paul to live in foster homes. Paul"s first imprisonment was at the age of 19. He spent more time in jail during the following years then being free. Paul began corresponding in the early part of 1974 with Angela Covic who was a divorcee in San Francisco. Paul proposed to Angela when she visited him in Raiford Prison in Florida (now Florida State Prison), and she accepted his proposal. Angela paid for Paul"s legal counsel and took an active role in trying to get Paul released from jail. Paul flew to California to be with Angela upon his release from prison, but she ended the relationship sometime after when a psychic warned her of a dangerous man entering her life.

Paul claimed that he murdered three people San Francisco streets the same night Angela broke up with him. He then returned to Jacksonville, Florida where he stabbed a bartender during a fight and was arrested. He did not stay in prison for too long because he picked the lock in his detention cell on July 26, 1974, and escaped.


- 1974, July 26: Alice Curtis (65-years-old)
Paul Knowles" killed murdered Alice Curtice in Jacksonville on the same night he escaped from jail. He broke into her home, bound her, gagged her, rummaged through her house looking for money and valuables and later choked Alice to death with her dentures.

Paul stole Alice"s Dodge Dart vehicle and realized that he had to abandon the vehicle after police started to broadcast him as a fugitive because they discovered that he murdered Alice and took her car.

- 1974, August 1: Lillian Anderson (11-years-old) and Mylette Anderson (7-years-old)
He went to the street where he wanted to abandon Alice Curtis vehicle but saw family acquaintances, Lillian and Mylette Anderson on the same street. He kidnapped the siblings, strangled them and buried their bodies in a swamp that was nearby because he was scared of them to identify him.

- 1974, August 1: Ima Jean Sanders (13-years-old) and Warner Robins
Paul claims that he picked up a teenage hitchhiker Warner Robins, Georgia. He murdered her by strangling her after raping her. Ima was not identified until the Georgia Bureau of Investigation identified her on December 21, 2011, as Ima Jean Sanders. Ima had run away in July 1974 Beaumont, Texas to Warner Robins, Georgia. She disappeared on August 1, 1974.

- 1974, August 2: Marjorie Howe (49-years-old)
Paul met Marjorie Howie in Atlantic Beach, Florida and they went to her apartment, but it is unsure if he forced her to take him to her apartment or if she did so willingly. Marjorie lived in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Paul strangled Marjorie with her nylon stocking, and it is believed that he stole TV which he gave to his ex-girlfriend later.

- 1974, August 23: Kathie Sue Pierce
Paul forced his way into Kathie Sue Pierce in Musella, Georgia and strangled her with a cut telephone cord in her bathroom. Kathy"s three-year-old son was home with her, but Paul did not physically hurt the little boy.

- 1974, September 3: William Bates (32-years-old)
Paul met Ohio Power Company account executive William Bates at a roadside pub name Scott"s Inn in Lima, Ohio. The bartender knew William and recall William having several drinks with a young redheaded man whom he left with. William"s wife reported William missing. Police discovered that William"s car was missing also and found an abandoned Dodge Dart that was traced back to Alice Curtis. Williams nude, strangled body was found in October in the woods, but Paul took his car, money and credit cards.

- 1974, September 18: Emmett Johnson and Lois Johnson
Paul drove William Bates care to a campground in Ely, Nevada, where he shot elderly Emmett and Lois Johnson after bounding them. Police did not have any leads until Paul Knowles confessed to murdering Emmett and Lois sometime later on. Paul used Emmett and Lois credit cards to pay his expenses.

- 1974, September 21: Charlynn Hicks
Paul kidnapped stranded motorcyclist Charlynn Hicks in Seguin, Texas after her motorcycle broke down. Paul raped her before strangling her to death with her pantyhose and then dragged her body through a barbed-wire fence. Charlynn"s body was found four days later.

- 1974, September 29: Ann Dawson
Paul Knowles met beautician Ann Dawson in Birmingham, Alabama on September 23, 1974, but it is not certain if Ann went with Paul willingly or not. Ann paid all the bills until he murdered her on September 29, 1974. Paul claims that he discarded of her body in the Mississippi River, but Ann"s body was never recovered.

- 1974, October 16: Karen Wine and her daughter Dawn Wine (16-years-old)
Paul entered Karen Wine"s home on October 16 while her 16-year-old daughter Dawn was home in Marlborough, Connecticut. Paul bound them, raped them and then strangled them to death with a nylon stocking. Karen"s older daughter Cheryl discovered their bodies. The only thing that the Wine family found missing from their home was a tape recorder.

- 1974, October 18: Doris Hovey (53-years-old)
Paul broke into Doris home in Woodford, Virginia and used her husband"s rifle to shoot her to death. He placed the gun beside her body after wiping his fingerprints off of the gun police found no motive in the case as they were no suggestions of robbery.

Paul Knowles was still driving William Bates" car when he picked up two hitchhikers in Key West, Florida. He had initially planned on killing them, but he changed his mind after he was stopped for a traffic violation by a police officer who did not know who he was and let him off with a warning. Paul was scared and decided to drop off his victims in Miami, Florida. He contacted his lawyer not too long after but Paul did not accept his counsel advise to surrender, so he asked his attorney to meet him. He did not spend long with a lawyer, just enough time to give his lawyer a taped confession and disappeared from town before anyone inform officers that he was there.

- 1974, November 6: Carswell Carr and his daughter (15-years-old)
Carswell Carr invited Paul to spend the night at his house after Paul befriended Carswell in Milledgeville, Georgia. Paul stabbed Carr over drinks and then strangled Carr"s daughter to death after Carr had a heart attack. Paul attempted to engage in necrophilia with Carr"s daughter after he killed her but was not successful.

- 1974, November 17: Charles Eugene Campbell
Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Charles Eugene Campbell attempted to make an arrest after he recognized the stolen car near Perry, Florida. Charles pulled over the car, but Paul was prepared for him as Paul wrestle with Charles and manages to take his gun away from him. Paul took Charles as his hostage in Charles patrol car. He used the siren to stop motorist James Meyer so that he can take James car instead of using the Highway Patrol vehicle.

Paul took his two captives into a secluded area in the wooded area in Pulaski County, Georgia. Paul then shot each of them at close range in the head with Charles gun after he handcuffs them to a tree. Paul Knowles tried to crash through a police roadblock in Henry County, Georgia but failed to result in him crashing into a tree after losing control of his vehicle. He managed to escape from the car and started to flee on foot while shooting at officers who pursued him but dogs also begun to pursue him as well as helicopters and several officers from various law enforcement establishments.

An armed civilian who was several miles away from the search area cornered Paul with a shotgun and took him to his home which was nearby. The civilian then called officers. Paul Knowles could have easily escaped if it was not for the civilian capturing him because he was miles away from the search area.

Paul Knowles claims that he committed 35 murders, but only 20 deaths were corroborated. Agent Ronnie Angel from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Sheriff Earl Lee had Paul Knowles handcuffed in their backseat while driving down Interstate 20 on December 18, 1974. They were taking Paul to Henry County, Georgia because Paul told Georgia SBI press that he had to discard Florida State Trooper Charles Eugene Campbell handgun there. Paul had taken State Trooper Eugene"s pistol, killed him with it and then hid the gun in Henry County, Georgia.

SBI mentioned, "Knowles grabbed Lee"s gun, discharging it through the holster in the process and while Lee was struggling with Knowles and attempting to keep control of the vehicle, Angel fired three shots into Knowles" chest, killing him instantly."

Paul Knowles crimes and suspicions of murder.
- 1974, November 2: Edward Hilliard and Debbie Griffin
Paul was a suspect for the killing of hitchhiker Edward Hilliard whose body was discovered in the woods nearby. Edwards companion Debbie Griffin body was never found.

- 1974, November 8: Sandy Fawkes
Paul Knowles met British journalist Sandy Fawkes while he was bar-hopping in Atlanta. Sandy was intrigued with Paul"s good looks, and they spent the night together, but Sandy said that Paul was unable to perform after many attempts. They tried to have sexual intercourse for a few days, but Paul could not perform which might indicate that Paul may suffer from impotence with a willing companion. Sandy and Paul said their byes on November 10 as they went their separate ways.

Paul picked up Susan Mackenzie who is an acquaintance of Sandy and demanded sex from Susan at gunpoint, but Susan managed to escape and inform the police. Patrolmen tried to stop Paul who brandished a shotgun that was sawed-off and escape.

Paul broke into Beverly Mabee home in West Palm Beach, Florida, kidnapped her sister and stole their car. He drove to Fort Pierce, Florida and dropped of Beverly"s unharmed sister the following night when he arrives in Fort Pierce.


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John Paul Knowles serial killer is a male serial killer.

The Casanova Killer is a male serial killer.

Lester Daryl Gates, Daryl Golden is a male serial killer.

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