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Harvey Carignan
Gender: Male
Active for 25 years (1949-1973) in United States
Born: Wed May 18, 1927
Born in: Fargo, North Dakota, United States
State(s): Alaska, Minnesota, Washington
Country: United States
AKA(s): The Want-Ad Killer, Harv the Hammer
Birth Name: Harvey Louis Carignan

Harvey Louis Carignan is an American serial killer who is also known as The Want-Ad Killer and Harv the Hammer was on born May 18, 1927, in Fargo, North Dakota. He was convicted of attempted murder, attempted rape, assault, burglary, murder, and sodomy. He has killed over five people from July 31, 1949, to September 20, 1974.

Harvey Carignan was convicted of raping someone in 1949 and murdering two females while in the U.S.Army. He was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska and was sentenced to hang/death but it was reversed in 1951, and he paroled in 1960. Harvey continued his criminal behaviors leading to more arrests. He was sentenced to fifteen years in 1965 in Washington but was released early, in 1969 with time off for good behavior. He was convicted in 1975 and sentenced to serve 40 years at the Minnesota Correctional Facility.

There is no information about Harvey"s childhood except that his mother was an unmarried 20-year-old female that gave birth to him and married when Harvey was about 3 or 4-years-old. She shortly after gave birth to a son who won her heart and put Harvey in the backseat. Harvey was considered to be small for his age (6), had a twitch in his face and was a bedwetter. He did not live with his mother for long after she married and lived from family to family. He was sent to live with his aunt and uncle in North Dakota, then to live with his grandmother in Williams, Minnesota and then with another aunt. He returned to live with his mother when he was ten-years-old, but he was still wetting the bed. He was sent to reform school in Mandan when he was eleven years old and left when he was 18-years-old. Harvey reported being sexually abused by female staff. He enlisted in the Army and was stationed in Alaska where he raped and murdered Laura Showalter on July 31st, 1949. Dorcas Callen escaped from Harvey when he attempted to rape her and report him and identified him in a lineup.

Harvey Carignan Timeline and Victims

1972, April 14 - Harvey Carignan married Alice Johnson, who had a son, Billy, who was 11-years-old and a daughter, Georgia who was 14-years-old. Billy could not take the beatings he was receiving from Harvey and moved out to live with his biological father only two months after Harvey moved in with him and his family.

1972, July 27 - It is believed that Harvey Carignan kidnapped Virginia Piper

1972, October 15 - Witnesses saw Leslie Laura Brock, who was nineteen-years-old from Bellingham, Washington enter Harvey"s silver truck. Leslie"s body was found and indicates that she died from several hits to the head.

1973, May 1 - Harvey Carignan leased a service station and placed an ad for employees wanted. Kathy Sue Miller, who was fifteen-years-old, answered the ad not knowing that she was about to be sexually assaulted and killed by Harvey. Two boys hiking north of Everett, Washington on the Indian reservation a few months later discovered Kathy"s naked body which was wrapped in plastic. Kathy was beaten with a hammer which left holes that were about the size of a nickel in her skull.

1973, June 20 - Harvey received a speeding ticket in Solano County, California which placed him in the vicinity where about half dozen females had been murdered within the past two years. There was no evidence to connect/convict Harvey of the killings/crimes, so he was set free.

1973, June 28 - Harvey Carignan attacked Mary Townsend, who was forty-seven-years-old from behind at a bus stop. He knocked her unconscious, and she awoke in his vehicle only to be demanded of sexual favors but managed to escape.

1973, late June or Early July - Harvey was arrested for assaulting his wife, Alice. Alice left/divorced Harvey.

1973, September 9 - Harvey picked up thirteen-year-old Jerri Billings, who was hitchhiking to her boyfriend"s house. He forced her to perform sexual acts on him and assaulted her with a hammer. He then let her go, but she did not tell anyone about her assault until months later.

1973, May - Harvey Carignan moved to Minnesota and started dating/living with Eileen Hunley, who was hitchhiking when he picked her up.

1974, August - Eileen broke up with Harvey leading to her disappearance on August 10, 1974. Eileen"s body was found in Shelbourne County about five weeks later. Her body showed that she was raped with a tree branch, had several hammers to the head, and her skull imploded with the force of the hammer blows.

1974, September 8 - Harvey Carignan picked up hitchhikers, June Lynch (17-years-old) and Lisa King (16-years-old) in Minneapolis. June was beaten in the head and face with a hammer when they reached the outskirts of town while Lisa managed to escape. Harvey put June"s body on the road and sped off while Lisa ran for help.

1974, September 14 - Harvey"s next victim, Gwen Burton was picked up from a Sears parking lot. Harvey ripped her clothes, choked her until she was almost unconscious and used a hammer to sexually assaulted her. Gwen survived the attack after Harvey decided not to kill her. He left her in a nearby field where she crawled to a road in search of help.

1974, September 18 - Harvey picked up Versoi and Diane Flynn, who he forced to perform oral sexual acts on him and would beat them if they did not do what he told them to. Diane and Versoi made it out alive after they managed to escape when he stopped for gas.

1974, September 20 - Kathy Shultz"s body was found in a cornfield forty miles from Minneapolis by hunters the day after she missed class. Kathy"s death resembled other females murdered by Harvey where her skull was destroyed by hammer blows.

2008, May 18 - Harvey Carignan turned eighty-one-years-old and is still serving time at the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Stillwater in Bayport, Minnesota.

Harvey Carignan Captured

Minneapolis police started to correspond with their counterparts in Washington leading to several survivors picking out Harvey Carignan from lineups. They identified him as the man who abducted and assaulted them. Police found a map amongst his possessions with 181 red circles in isolated areas throughout the United States and Canada. Harvey red circles show places he had applied to jobs, purchased vehicles, and linked him to numerous unsolved female related homicides and crimes. Some of the circles corresponded to events from above.

Harvey Carignan pleaded not guilty because of insanity on February of 1975 while being tried for attempted murder and aggravated sodomy in Gwen Burton"s case. Harvey said that God told him to kill those women but no one was convinced, and he was found guilty and received a sentence to prison with a maximum of forty years. The most a person can serve in Minnesota is forty years in prison regardless of how many years all of his/her crimes added up to.

Harvey was supposed to be released in 2015 but was denied and is rescheduled for a hearing in 2022 when he is 95-years-old. It was said that the most an inmate can serve 40 years in prison in Minnesota, but it is said differently in 2015.

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Harvey Carignan serial killer is a male serial killer.

The Want-Ad Killer, Harv the Hammer is a male serial killer.

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