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Fernando Hernandez Leyva
Gender: Male
Born: Sat November 30, 1963
Birth Name: Fernando Hernandez Leyva

Fernando Hernandez Leyva is a mysterious person with not much detail about his killings and life as a child and as a killer. He was born in 1964, and his childhood is a mystery, so we don"t know what made him into a serial killer of over 1oo people. He is known for kidnapping six people and committing over 100 violent murders. It is not sure how many people Fernando killed because as the investigation goes on, the number of murder victims are increasing from 137 people. Fernando escaped both times from prison when he was arrested during a 13 year period. He was arrested for a third time in 1999 and did not try to escape from his prison cell. He instead tried to killed himself by hanging himself. He is a 300 pound man so hanging himself did not work because the rope broke and he was injured instead. He then had a psychological evaluation done on him by the police, and it was determined that he was a psychopath, and it was believed that he murder his victims for his own personal amusement.(Wetch, 1995-2005).

Fernando Hernandez Leyva serial killer is a male serial killer.

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