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Elizabeth Bathory
Gender: Female
Active for 20 years (1590-1609) in Slovakia
Born: Fri October 7, 1560
Born in: Hungary
Country: Slovakia
AKA(s): The Blood Countess, The Bloody Lady of Csejte, The Cachtice Countess
Alias: Erzsebet Bathory, Countess Erzsebet Bathory, Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed, Bathory Erzsebet
Birth Name: Bathory Erzsebet

Elizabeth Bathory was born 1560 and died in 1614. The Bathory family is a noble family that stems from the much older family clan of Hun Gutkeled which held much power in broad areas of east-central Europe. These places were places like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania.

They abandoned their tribal roots and assumed the name of Bator which means valiant. Their power rose to reach great mass by the mid 16th century then abruptly declined and faded out b 1658. They assumed many roles as great kings, princes, members of judiciary systems among others were all Bathory.

To hold such influence into the Bathory family only, there was much intermarriage and incest. Along with the usual deformities and defects, there was some mental instability. There were several evil geniuses with Erzsebet being the most well known. Bathory truly is one of the evilest figures in history and definitely one of the inspirations for Bram Stoker to write Dracula. She is recognized as one of the original vampires.

Unusual for one of her stature in society, she was very active and fit like a child. Part of the Magyar royalty family she was very beautiful with delicate features, slender and tall. One of her most outstanding features was her creamy complexion. Even though it might not be as exquisite as everyone made her belief, they still swore that it was due to their fear of the vindictive young maiden.

She was married at the tender age of 15 for the sake of political gain. She became the head lady of Castle Csejthe located deep within the Carpathian Mountains which is now central Romania, formally known as Transylvania. The village surrounding the castle was of the simple peasant type.

While her husband was off pursuing his war campaigns, she kept to the confines of the castle in order not to mingle with the lowly peasants outside of the confines of the castle. She became immensely bored very quick. Being the full of energy teenager that she was, she set off to find ways to amuse herself.

She began to keep the company of persons of the very sinister kind. She went out of her way to bring them into her life by providing lodgings for them. These people claimed to be witches, seers, sorcerers, alchemists, wizards and other people with pacts dealing with the Devil. She learned of these crafts but still deemed them insufficient to her desires.

Her husband being in the army and often capturing Turk prisoners acquired a device of immense horror to extract information from the prisoners. This device had claw-like pincers made of hardened silver which were fastened to a stout whip. This device would rip the flesh off its victims. It was so cruel a weapon that it was abandoned by the cruel husband because of even his detest for the device and left at the castle.

Elizabeth learned even more in the arts of torture from her aunt. Equipped with her husbands" claws Elizabeth would often indulge herself in the torture of debtors from the dungeons. The more they screamed, the more blood gushed from their wounds. As more blood gushed from their wounds the more her orgasmic she became. She preferred the whipping of the front naked bodies then the backs because of the joy of watching their faces would make and occasionally she might rip out parts of their breast or genitals.

Records are not concise, but reports show that her husband died 1604 or maybe 1602 due to a stab wound delivered to him by a harlot in Bucharest whom he didn"t pay. Elizabeth immediately replaced him with the desire for another lover. The mirror showed her appearance dropping from her previous years; she was now 43. Due to her aging features, she needed to regain her younger features somehow.

Elizabeth thought that if she was to lose her vanity, vitality and sexual drive that she would henceforth forfeit her chances of attaining more power. Thus being power driven and hungry, she proceeded to attain that goal at any cost.

After contemplating on ways to maintain her youth Elizabeth Bathory struck a servant girl in the face with a devilish raking of the girl"s face in which she drew blood. The girls" blood was sent unto Elizabeth"s face and upon later examination; Elizabeth swore that where the blood had hit appeared to be revitalized. She immediately summoned the alchemists that she was harboring for their opinions and out of fear they agreed that she indeed did seem to look more youthful in the areas where the blood had splattered unto her face. Her "beauty consultant" Katarina also confirmed this and suggested that she might have discovered the fountain of youth in the form of "the Blood is the Life."?

Elizabeth Bathory quickly realized that if this little bit of blood did so much that more blood would be better. This then gave her the notion that if she bathed in the blood of young virgins that she would be able to truly preserve her. It even gave her the devilish thoughts that drinking the beautiful virgins" blood will work from the inside out.

For years Elizabeth indulged herself in these horrid actions with the help of a "witch"? named Dorotta Szentes. Elizabeth would hunt for these girls at night along the countryside in which she would hang them alive and naked upside down by chains wrapped around their ankles. She would bathe in the blood that drained from the victims slit throats while the fluid of life remained warm.

As she continued these horrid acts, she would drink blood from a golden flask, but after as she craved the blood more she would drink directly from the vein of the virgins. However, after years of murder and torture, Elizabeth began to notice that the blood of peasants had little effect on her precious skin. The low-grade blood was no longer showing the effect that was needed. Thus she needed better grade blood.

To attain her new goals, Elizabeth established an academy in the castle offering up to 25 girls at a time from aristocratic descent to finish their schooling with grace and etiquette to achieve the "right"? connections.

Dorotta Szentes, nicknamed Dorka, these girls were fainted to the same ill-treatment. Becoming so easy for Elizabeth to attain these ambitions she became careless, and one day in a bloody frenzy she threw four bodies out of the castle walls.

The carelessness was too outlandish to correct at this state. The local villagers had already born witness to these horrors. The secret was over and could never be rectified.

It didn"t take long to reach the ears of the Hungarian Emperor. Matthias II immediately ordered the Countess to be placed on public trial. However, the aristocratic status that she held did not allow her to be arrested. Parliament passed a new Act to hold her quickly. She was brought before a formal hearing in 1610. Even though her status was demoted, no one wanted to testify against her evil deeds for the last five years.

By the end, 600 girls were reported vanished. Dorka and her witches were burned at the stake as was customary. Katarina was seen as just another victim to be set free. Elizabeth still could not be executed due to her noble birth. Elizabeth was sealed into a closet in her castle and never let out. She never regretted one horrid murder. Elizabeth Bathory died four years later.

Elizabeth Bathory serial killer is a female serial killer.

The Blood Countess, The Bloody Lady of Csejte, The Cachtice Countess is a female serial killer.

Erzsebet Bathory, Countess Erzsebet Bathory, Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed, Bathory Erzsebet is a female serial killer.

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