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Myra Hindley
Gender: Female
Born: Tue June 23, 1942
Country: England, United Kingdom

Myra Hindley was an English serial killer that raped and murdered small children with her boyfriend, Ian Brady. Myra Hindley was born on July 23, 1942, and died on November 15, 2002, at the age of 60 from Bronchial pneumonia caused by heart disease. She was apprehended on October 11, 1965, and sentenced to life in prison for murdering five victims from July 12, 1963 - October 6, 1965, in England. Myra was convicted of raping and killing five small children. Her 17-year-old brother-in-law David Smith tipped the police about Myra"s crimes, but she pleaded not guilty and was found guilty of three crimes resulting in her sentenced to life in prison.

Myra was born on July 23, 1942, in Manchester, England to parents Nellie and Bob Hindley who beat her regularly. She lived with her parents in their house which was in bad condition and was sent to live with her grandmother at the age of five, a year after her sister Maureen, was born in August 1946. Myra"s father served with the Parachute Regiment and was known as a "hard man" in the army, and he expected his daughters to be tough like him as well. He taught the girls how to fight and defend themselves. A boy scratched Myra"s face, and she ran to her parent"s house in tears but her father told her to go back and punch the boy, or he/the father would beat her. Myra wrote later that "at eight years old I"d scored my first victory" all because her father taught her how to defend herself. Myra saw violence in her home and was rewarded for being involved in violence out of her home.

Myra was close friends with 13-year-old Michael Higgins who invited her to go swimming with him and some friends, but she turned down the offer to go out with another friend. Michael died that day after drowning, and Myra blames herself for his death because she is a strong swimmer and if she was there than she could have probably saved him. Michael was buried at St Francis Monastery in Gorton Lane which is the same church that Myra was baptized a Catholic on August 16, 1942.

Myra held several jobs and was engaged at the age of seventeen to Ronnie Sinclair but called it off a few months later because she said he was too immature and could not give her the life she wants. She began taking judo lessons after her 17th birthday once a week at a local school, but no one wants to train with her because she takes too long to release her grip. She met Ian Brady in January 1961 while working at Millward as a typist and became infatuated with him although she knew he had a criminal record.

She first spoke to Ian on July 27, 1961, and he asked her on a date on December 22 to accompany him to the cinema to watch King of Kings. They began going to the movie theater regularly to watch X-rated films and then went to Myra"s place to drink German wine. Myra confessed to a friend in a letter that Ian drugged her but she is to obsessed with him to leave him and she then told the friend a few months later to destroy the message.

In 1978-1979, Myra wrote "Within months he [Brady] had convinced me that there was no God at all: he could have told me that the earth was flat, the moon was made of green cheese, and the sun rose in the west, I would have believed him, such was his power of persuasion" in her 30,000-word plea for parole to Home Secretary Merlyn Rees.

Myra and Ian became less sociable with their colleagues as Myra changed the way she dressed and began borrowing books from the library about philosophy, crime, and torture. She passed her driving test on the third try in 1963. She rents a van for their bank robberies. Myra befriended George Clitheroe who is the President of the Cheadle Rifle Club and got him to arrange for her to buy a .22 rifle gun although he knew she was short tempered and has a weak shot. He declined her request to join a pistol club but still got her hands on a Webley .45 and a Smith & Wesson .38.

The couple murdered their first victim Pauline Reade in July 1963, and 12-year-old John Kilbride disappeared four months later and had been missing since. 12-year-old Keith Bennett disappeared in June 1964, and 10-year-old Lesley Ann Downey disappeared on Boxing Day, 1964 from a local fairground. Myra Hindley"s 17-year-old brother-in-law, David Smith, alerted police on October 1965 of Myra and Ian deeds because he had witnessed Ian killing 17-year-old Edward Evans. He did not tell anyone because he was scared of being killed with an ax also by Ian but later told police about the murder he saw and where more bodies could be potentially buried which is on Saddleworth Moor.

Myra Hindley and Ian Brady pleaded not guilty to the murders of Edward Evans, Lesley Ann Downey, and John Kilbride while on trial on April 27, 1966. Ian Brady was convicted of murdering Lesley Ann Downey, John Kilbride, and Edward Evans, meanwhile Myra Hindley was found guilty of murdering Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans and for harboring Brady while knowing that Ian killed John Kilbride. Myra and Ian were sentenced to life in prison.

Myra Hindley serial killer is a female serial killer.

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