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Famous Serial Killers: B

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All time recorded serial killers with complete profiles with murders/victims.

  • Belle Gunness

    Belle Gunness - Serial Killer

    Belle Gunness (Brynhild Paulsdatter Størseth) was born near the lake of Selbu, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway on November 11, 1859. Gunness was not your traditional female serial killer, she stood 6 feet tall and weighed over 200 pounds allowing her to dominate most of her victims. Between July 30, 1900-1908, Gunness is speculated…

  • Bertha Gifford

    Bertha Gifford - Serial Killer

    Bertha Gifford was born in October of 1872 in Grubville, Missouri to father William Poindexter Williams and mother, Matilda. Her parents named her Bertha Alice Williams at birth, and she had nine siblings. Bertha married Henry Graham, and they had one daughter named Lila. Bertha married Eugene Gifford after Henry…

  • Beverley Allitt

    AKA(s): Angel of Death

    Alias: Beverley Gail Allitt

    Beverley Allitt - Serial Killer

    English serial killer Beverley Gail Allitt was born on October 4, 1968, to her father, Richard who worked in an off-licence, and mother who was a school cleaner. She had two sisters and a brother. Beverley volunteered for babysitting jobs and decided to leave school so that she can take…

  • Blanche Taylor Moore

    Blanche Taylor Moore - Serial Killer

    American convicted murderer Blanche Taylor Moore was born on February 17, 1933, with the birth name Blanche Kiser in Concord, North Carolina to her mother, Flonnie Blanche, and father, Parker Davis Kiser. Parker was a mill-worker, womanizer, an ordained Baptist minister and an alcoholic who forced Blanche into prostitution at…

  • Bruno Ludke

    Bruno Ludke - Serial Killer

    Bruno Ludke, was a German laundry delivery man who killed at least 80 women between 1928 - 1943. When N*zi officials finally caught up with Bruno, he was sent to a research hospital in Vienna where he was used as a human guinea pig by N*zi doctors. When the experiments…

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