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All time recorded serial killers with complete profiles with murders/victims.

  • Waneta Hoyt

    Waneta Hoyt - Serial Killer

    American serial killer Waneta Hoyt was born on May 13, 1946, in Richford, New York and was given birth name, Waneta Ethel (Nixon) Hoyt. She left Newark Valley High School during her second year in school to be with Tim Hoyt. She married Tim Hoyt on January 11, 1964. Waneta…

  • William George Bonin "The Freeway Killer"

    AKA(s): The Freeway Killer

    William George Bonin

    William George Bonin was an American serial killer and was a sex offender that was paroles twice. He is also known as "The Freeway Killer" and he shares that name with two other serial killers, Patrick Kearney and Randy Steven Kraft, who was not affiliated with him. He was known…

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