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San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Vamptress LeeAnna Vamp Cosplay as Dark Helm

Vamptress LeeAnna Vamp cosplayed as sexy Dark Helmet from Spaceballs (1987) at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016. LeeAnna Vamp is a famous cosplayer, and you can see why with her having fun with this campy character. We will keep you posted on any new cosplay from LeeAnna in the future.

San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Watch This Amazing Sneaky Zebra Cosplay Music Video

Sneaky Zebra cosplay videos are something that I cannot help but love because they cover the best cosplay at the events such as the previous San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Famous cosplayers such as Bill Doran, LeeAnna Vamp, and Jessica Nigri among much more are featured in this cosplay music video too. Thanks once again the Sneaky Zebra for covering the event and putting out quality cosplay videos.

San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Cosplay Pictures

Check out these awesome photos from the San Diego Comic-Con 2016. All the credit goes to Pat Loika, John from Austinspace, and David Ngo (dtjaaaam) for these photos they posted via GeeksAreSexy. Each and every photo is an excellent example of both cosplay and photography. Show some love to these beautiful people. I am a big cosplay fan, so you already know I was drooling over every image.

Haunting CORALINE Other Mother Cosplay is Nightmarish

This cosplay of Coraline (2009) other mother is one of the most nightmarish designs out there, and cosplayer MissTrisi nailed it! Simply terrifying, scary, and exciting, I would love to see this in person. Check out the photos and show some love to the horror cosplayer for a job well done!

Photos of Kids Cosplaying THE WALKING DEAD Characters

Here are some of the cutest cosplay you will ever see. These cosplay photos of kids cosplaying The Walking Dead characters is wonderfully fun. The photographer from Mother Hubbard Photography took 24 children under the age of seven and dressed them up like The Walking Dead characters and even recreated some of the TV shows most popular scenes. The characters cosplayed include Rick Grimes, Abraham, Carol, Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, Carl, many zombies, and Negan with Lucille (baseball bat of doom). This series of photos is a fun play on pop culture, and some may disagree, but these pictures were taken with good intentions.

Fantastic Eerie Monster Body Paint Cosplay by 16 Year Old Lara Wirth

Below you will find some amazing and inspiring monster cosplay body paint videos and photos from 16-year-old Lara Wirth. The monsters are unique, eerie, and bizarre. Her imagination is broad, and she is self-taught. There are a lot of her creepy creations below so enjoy.

Fantastic Cosplay from Emerald City Comicon 2016 [Video]

Beat Down Boogie released two videos featuring the cosplay at Emerald City Comicon 2016. If you missed the event altogether or want to recapture the moment, watch these videos below.

Amazing Samus Aran Power Suit Cosplay

Looking for one of the best Samus Aran Power Suit cosplay then here it is. This is a prime example of an amazing Metroid cosplay costume from Cosplayer Elearia. I can only imagine the amount of time this costume took to create, show some love in the comments.

Amazing POISON IVY Cosplay Will Make You Green!

Kay Pike strikes again with this amazing Poison Ivy cosplay. “Cospainting” takes a lot of time and patience and Pike is definitely one of the best in the world. Classic Batman villain Poison Ivy is one of DC Comic‘s most sultry characters and Pike nails the look as usual.

GAME OF THRONES Cosplaying Pugs [Video]

Pupstar Sonoma created another pugs cosplay video, this time featuring the world featured in Game of Thrones in this video titled “The Pugs of Westeros.” The attention to detail with both the costumes and the sets really shine. They feature all of the Game of Thrones characters in a unique perspective. Tell us in the comments below if these pugs nailed it.

LADY DEADPOOL Body Paint Cosplay [Video]

Check out this awesome Lady Deadpool body paint cosplay makeup time-lapse video from artist Kay Pike. You get to see the entire makeup process from start to finish, sped up of course. She is really good at “cospainting” and the video was sped up by 10,000x. Glad to see Kay Pike gave Marvel’s Deadpool some love.

Awesome THE VENTURE BROS. Cosplay

Thought many of you would like to see this cool The Venture Bros. cosplay. The Venture Bros. has returned to Adult Swim, and these fans have given us this sweet treat. Molotov and Brock by JessoLaurus Rex, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is Sarah Cain Cosplay, and Dr. Venture is Jonathan Eberhardt. All photos were taken by Rick Escalante.

Terrific Harley Quinn Cosplay Inspired by Square Enix

Check out this awesome Harley Quinn cosplay inspired by the Square Enix action figure. Cosplayer Yugana Senshi Uon created this cosplay costume that is based on the Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai variant action figure. Forat Shot took the photos, and they look great. Leave your comments below.

Awesome BlizzCon 2015 Cosplay Music Video

We are still seeing more fantastic cosplay videos trickling in from BlizzCon 2015. The level of details and quality that each and every person put into their costumes is phenomenal. Sneaky Zebra posted the video, and we would like to thank them for yet another superb cosplay music video.

Beat Down Boogie NYCC 2015 Cosplay Videos [Video]

Beat Down Boogie released two new music videos for their New York Comic-Con 2015 (NYCC 2015) cosplay. This group always releases some of the very best cosplay coverage so, please share and like their video to show some support. Reminds me of my NYCC experience and how much my entire family enjoyed the experience. Leave a few comments below on your favorite cosplay costumes and thoughts.

Alice Madness Returns - Insane Asylum Child Body Paint Makeup Tutorial

Madeyewlook just keeps releasing these awesome tutorials for great Halloween costumes that are in fact make up body paint cosplay costumes. This time we have an insane asylum child that is great for Halloween. This costume is one of those quirky insanely genius costumes that make people come up to you asking “how did you do that”. Watch the video, like, share and leave your comments below. Do you want to see more videos on cool cosplay costumes?

Harley Quinn Body Paint Makeup Tutorial

This video an excellent Harley Quinn Body Paint Makeup tutorial. Lex, aka Madeyewlook gives some awesome cosplay tips to make the ultimate Harley Quinn costume. It is really easy to mistake this body paint makeup as a costume, but at first glance it still looks like an amazing Harley Quinn costume. Watch the video, like and subscribe to Madeyewlook, she makes some amazing makeup tutorials so let us help support her.