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The Alternate Versions of THE JOKER [Video]

DC Comics made gold when they introduced Batman villain The Joker. Throughout the decades, The Joker has been reinvented and redesigned many times over. Here is a video breakdown from Variant Comics highlighting the different versions of The Joker.

Margot Robbie Wants to Give You Harley Quinn FOREVER!

Margot Robbie played a fantastic Harley Quinn in David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad (2016). Margot Robbie spoke on playing the character again, and she responded with the desire to play the role “forever!” The Suicide Squad cast signed multi-picture contract with Warner Bros. so it is very likely going to happen and I would like to think soon too, like in the next Batman film. WB is already developing a spin-off Harley Quinn spinoff film, so there is that too. Bonus, with Harley Quinn, there is always The Joker (Jared Leto) not too far away.

Impressive Zombie Batman / Zombie Catwoman Art

Here is some impressive DC Comics artwork featuring zombie Batman and zombie Catwoman. Ali Jalali is a character and CG sculpture artist who calls this zombie Batman piece The Undead Rising. This Batman piece was created for the Comic-Con 2016 contest where artists were tasked with creating zombie versions of superheroes. Artist Anna Lakisova created the zombie Catwoman that is a little scarier in tone. Both pieces feature an impressive variation in style.

First Footage for JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Animated Movie [Video]

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment just released a sneak peek video for DC Entertainment‘s and director Jay Oliva‘s Justice League Dark (2016). I have been behind this project since Guillermo del Toro was attached, but I think Oliva can more than deliver the goods. DC Comics’ characters featured in this film include John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, Black Orchid, and more. The animated film Justice League Dark releases on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD later this Fall 2016. Voice talents include Camilla Luddington, Nicholas Turturro, Jason O’Mara, Matt Ryan, and Ray Chase.

San Diego Comic-Con 2016: CW's THE FLASH Teaser Trailer

Let’s not forget the small screen for DC Comics / CW with The Flash Season 3‘s teaser trailer featuring the Flashpoint story arc tease. This video was revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 event. Barry Allen is left with the crushing question, “who is the villain now?” Now everyone is different and has new lives and Cisco, specifically, is a multi-millionaire. Don’t be shy to watch this Flash teaser trailer a few times. The Flash Season 3 premieres October 4, 2016, on The CW.

San Diego Comic Con 2016: Watch the WONDER WOMAN Panel

Watch this DC Comics / Warner Bros. Hall H panel from the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 for Patty JenkinsWonder Woman (2017). In attendance were director Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot, Connie Nielsen, and Chris Pine. This video is pretty short at 15-minutes and is easily watched and enjoyable. Thanks to GeekTyrant for posting the panel footage online.

Awesome THE JOKER / IRON MAN Mashup Action Figure

You may never see another Marvel Comics and DC Comics mashup action figure like this again. The Joker and Iron Man mashup action figure from Sam Kwok Workshop breathed so much life into this figure. You feel like it could be something that Marvel Comics and DC Comics created. This custom-made action figure mashed Hot Toys’ Iron Man V armor with the look of The Joker. Imagine this version of The Joker fighting Batman, who would win that battle?

HARDCORE HENRY Blu-ray / DVD / Digital HD / On Demand Release Date Details

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and STX Entertainment revealed that they will release Ilya Naishuller‘s Hardcore Henry (2015) on Digital HD on July 12, 2016, and on Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand on July 26, 2016. The Blu-ray features deleted scenes and commentary with the director and star/executive producer Sharlto Copley. Sharlto Copley, Tim Roth, and Haley Bennett star in Hardcore Henry.

MONSTERLAND DVD Release Date Details / Trailer [Video]

Monsterland is a horror anthology of sorts that brings together the collective horror shorts from directors Graham Denman, Jack Fields, Erik Gardner, Andrew Kasch, Patrick Longstreth, Sander Maran, Robert Mclean, The McCoubrey Brothers, Corey Norman, John Skipp, and Frank J. Sudol via RLJ Entertainment and DreadCentral. This video releases on DVD and digital video on June 7, 2016, DVD retails for $27.97. Cover art included below. Monsterland stars Josh LaCasse and Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

DOOM Claymation Tribute [Video]

Lee Hardcastle delivered an incredible DOOM video just in time for Bethesda’s DOOM release this upcoming May 13, 2016. This video is part of Claycat Cinema, and it brings back so many memories. This video must have taken countless hours, and we applaud Hardcastle for making every second count. DOOM releases on XBOX ONE, PS4, and PC this May 13, 2016.

BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Blu-ray / DVD / Digital HD Release Date Details

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Comics announced the release date for the Blu-ray and DVD of Sam Liu‘s Batman: The Killing Joke (2016) coming August 2, 2016, with the Digital HD release coming July 23, 2016. Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy are voicing The Joker and Batman with Tara Strong voicing Barbara Gordon. Batman: The Killing Joke will make its premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

First Trailer for BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Rated R Movie [Video]

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Comics are bringing us the R-rated Batman: The Killing Joke (2016) which is an animated film adaptation of Alan Moore‘s Batman: The Killing Joke. Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy are confirmed to reprise their roles as The Joker and Batman with Sam Liu directing. Batman: The Killing Joke will premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Terrifying Art of Martha Wayne as THE JOKER from Flashpoint Universe

Artist JeeHyung Lee has graced us with another impressive piece of art featuring Martha Wayne as The Joker from the Flashpoint alternate universe. This story is one of the darker and more depressing storylines from DC Comics, and this image features this darkness beautifully.

Amazing POISON IVY Cosplay Will Make You Green!

Kay Pike strikes again with this amazing Poison Ivy cosplay. “Cospainting” takes a lot of time and patience and Pike is definitely one of the best in the world. Classic Batman villain Poison Ivy is one of DC Comic‘s most sultry characters and Pike nails the look as usual.

Deadpool and Harley Quinn in Awesome NATURAL BORN KILLERS Poster

Artist Marco D’Alfonso created this awesome work of art/poster for Deadpool and Harley Quinn. This art piece is called “Natural Born Killers” which is obviously a parody of Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers (1994) movie. Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn make a perfect Marvel and DC Comics mashup.

Tim Miller's Superhero Short Film That Made Him DEADPOOL Director

Before Tim Miller directed Marvel’s Deadpool (2016) movie for 20th Century Fox, he directed a DC Comics superhero short film for DC Universe Online. I remember watching that cinematic trailer thinking “Is there going to be a fantastic new DC game? I wish they made a DC film in this style too!” Take a look down memory lane and watch this stunning DC video again. The entire Justice League shows up to do battle with the DC villains.

First Footage from Solo WONDER WOMAN Film [video]

DC Comics, Warner Bros., and Patty JenkinsWonder Woman (2017) releases in movie theaters June 23, 2017, but we have the first footage video here. Lots of new footage and scenes to see. DC Entertainment and The CW dropped this video last night. Chris Pine can also be seen as Steve Trevor. Also starring in Wonder Woman is Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Ewen Bremner, Said Taghmaoui, Elena Anaya, Lucy Davis, and Connie Nielsen.


Warner Bros., DC Comics, and Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) releases in movie theaters this upcoming March 25, 2016. I bet they could never have dreamed up something as funny as this parody weird trailer. I couldn’t stop laughing and had to watch it twice. Aldo Jones did great with this video.


Brian Rosenthal directed this new short film titled Ash vs Lobo and the DC Dead featuring many characters from the DC Comics and Marvel Comics Universe (MCU). Such characters from DC and Marvel include Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Gwen Stacy. Tell us what you thought of this video in the comments below.

First Concept Art for Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE - Reveals Flash, Cyborg, and More

DC Films (DC Comics) just revealed their first concept art for Zack Snyder‘s The Justice League Part One (2017). The CW will air a special event tonight with footage, images, and more. Featured in this image is Henry Cavill‘s Superman, Ben Affleck‘s Batman, Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa‘s Aquaman, Ray Fisher‘s Cyborg, and Ezra Miller‘s The Flash. Tell us what you think of this news in the comments below.

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN Blu-ray / DVD Release Date Details

Paul McGuigan‘s Victor Frankenstein (2015) releases on Digital HD and Digital Rental on February 23, 2016. Followed by the Blu-ray/DVD release on March 8, 2016. The Blu-ray cover art is nice but expected. Special features include the standard deleted scenes, Making of Victor Frankenstein, Galleries, and the theatrical trailer. Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, and Jessica Brown Findlay star in Victor Frankenstein.

THE BOY - 3 New Clips

Here we have three new clips for William Brent Bell‘s The Boy (2016). The clips are titled No Boyfriends, Dress Him Each Morning, and Kiss Him Goodnight respectively. The clips increase the creepy factor of the boy doll. The Boy releases in movie theaters this upcoming January 22, 2016, and stars Lauren Cohan, Jim Norton, Diana Hardcastle, Ben Robson, Rupert Evans, and James Russell.


This is a mashup video that mixes The Simpsons, and You’re Next (2011) into some really violent content. Lee Hardcastle did some amazing work with this video and the claymation. The classic couch gag from The Simpsons is something that could easily top most of the Halloween specials on The Simpsons but never will get the chance to.

CW's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 - 9 New Character Posters

DC Comics and CW‘s upcoming superhero TV series Legends of Tomorrow premieres January 21, 2016. CW’s Legends of Tomorrow now has nine new character posters for the main characters including Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Atom, RIP Hunter, Martin Stein, Firestorm, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and White Canary. Check them out below and tell us who are your favorites.

DC Comic Batman Fan Film - RED HOOD: THE FALLEN

In this new Batman fan film, we get to see Red Hood (Jason Todd). In this short film, Batman is seemingly dead, and Red Hood returns to clean up Gotham and takes on the Joker. Red Hood cleans up crime and is also not afraid to kill in the process. This Red Hood film has some great fight scenes and the production value really shines. Thanks to Toby Bajrovic for releasing this Red Hood: The Fallen - DC Comic Batman Fan Film.


DC Comic‘s The Flash and Marvel‘s Quicksilver are both the fastest men in their worlds, but this awesome fan film has them fight one another, who will win? The outcome is violent but in a PG way. Thanks to ismahawk for another great fan film video. Don’t forget to like and share the video.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer - Easter Eggs [Video]

Fanboys and non-fanboys ate up Zack Snyder‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) second trailer today but now Mr Sunday Movies has released his video pointing out all the Easter eggs that most people missed. This video contains six Easter eggs and references contained in the new movie trailer. Warner Bros. and DC Comics hope this film will finally kick-off the DC movie universe with the beginnings of the Justice League (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) coming together to fight a devastating threat to the world, Doomsday. Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, and Jesse Eisenberg star in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Killer Frost Has Arrived in a New Flash Still!

CW’s The Flash Season 2 will be seeing Killer Frost in upcoming episodes. Danielle Panabaker plays Caitlin Snow but will also star as villain alter ego Killer Frost. We first glimpsed the change in The Flash Season 1’s season finale. Not sure of this version of Killer Frost will be an Earth 1 or Eart 2 alternate Killer Frost but I am dying to see what DC Comics and CW have planned for us. Tell us your thoughts and how excited you are.

BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Animated Film Might be Rated R?

DC Comics has approved the usage of an R rating for Sam Liu‘s Batman: The Killing Joke (2016). Producer James Tucker did however stress that even though they recieved the okay from DC Comics, that does not mean that the film will infact be rated R. Whether we will receive an R rated version of Batman: The Killing Joke (2016) will be determined later on in development. Just knowing that the film can have that rating means that the film can stay very true to the novel by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. Batman: The Killing Joke (2016) will release in 2016 and stars Mark Hamill as The Joker and Kevin Conroy as Batman.

Fan Art of Mark Hamill as The Joker in BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Movie

BossLogic has created an awesome fan art featuring Mark Hamill as The Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke (2016). Batman: The Killing Joke is a new animated film adaptation from Warner Bros. and DC Comics that tells the tale of The Joker shooting Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) to get back at Commissioner Jim Gordon. This film adaptation is one of the very exciting storylines that Batman fans have been looking forward to watching for some time now, awesome!

First Trailer for Suicide Squad Rocks / Batman and The Joker Cameos!

David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad (2016) finally has a trailer released, and we aren’t even in 2016 yet. Warner Bros. and DC Comics teamed up to bring us this large assembly of DC Villains turned good guys, in a fashion of the word. Suicide Squad doesn’t even release in movie theaters until August 5, 2016. We get a taste of Batman (Ben Affleck) and The Joker (Jared Leto) in the film too. Suicide Squad is going to have so many villains and cameos from the DC Universe that it is insane. Also cast in Suicide Squad (2016) is Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Scott Eastwood, Joel Kinnaman, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Viola Davis, and Will Smith.

Batman: The Killing Joke Film Confirmed for 2016 Plus More Films

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment have just announced three new films. Alan Moore‘s Batman: The Killing Joke, Batman: Bad Blood and Justice League vs Titans. A description of Batman: The Killing Joke is available below. These are some awesome stories and it is exciting that they will be featured as the new films out of DC Comics.

Joker & Harley Quinn Vs. Deadpool & Domino in SUPER POWER BEATDOWN

In another awesome video from Bat in the Sun - Super Power Beatdown we have Joker & Harley Quinn vs Deadpool & Domino. You are in for a brutal fight to the death. Joker and Deadpool take some time out to watch the girls duke it out. I love all the comic references and the acting was really good. This has to be one of Bat in the Sun’s best beatdown video. When DC Comics and Marvel collide, it is beautiful. You need to see this now!

Guillermo del Toro / Warner Bros. No Longer w/ JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK

Guillermo del Toro is no longer attached to Justice League Dark and Warner Bros. just pushed the movie to New Line Cinema; wait… what just happened here? Firstly, del Toro is busy with Pacific Rim 2 (2017) and Crimson Peak (2015) as well as the latest Hellboy 3 coming soon tease. Secondly, Warner Bros. is focusing on their top-tier DC Comics characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League movies that they have moved the lower-tier characters like Constantine, Jason Blood, Zatanna and Deadman to New Line Cinema. At New Line Cinema, these movies will most likely receive a smaller budget. This also includes Vertigo ComicsSandman movie which is to be directed by and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This is bittersweet because the movies will not get the high budgets as before but will still get made at some time so at least there is a win for fans. Sorry we lost del Toro in the process but we can only expect him to do only so much at one time.

George A. Romero's EMPIRE OF THE DEAD TV Series Confirmed!?

George A. Romero‘s new comic book series Empire of the Dead will be the next big thing to turn into a horror TV adaptation. Empire of the Dead is an epic tale taking place in Manhattan, NY with both zombies and vampires. This comic series was a short 15 issues so this can be a mini-series or a great starting point for a longer TV series. In the last few years we have seen great things from Robert Kirkman‘s The Walking Dead TV series and Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan‘s The Strain TV series. Graphic novels tell great stories most of the time and need very little tweaking to be converted to TV or the big screen. Marvel and DC Comics is doing this for the big screen with huge profits in the last few years too. Tell us how excited you are to see this new horror TV series.

THE BLOB Remake Adds Samuel L. Jackson to Cast

Samuel L. Jackson has officially joined The Blob Remake. Goldcrest Films sought out the popular actor and Samuel L. Jackson accepted. Jackson will star as “a biochemistry professor attempting to thwart the other-worldly predator discovered deep within the earth.” Simon West (The Expendables 2, Con Air) is set to direct the film. Jack Harris will executive produce this new Blob film as a returning producer to the franchise after directing The Blob (1958). Also producing are Richard Saperstein (Se7en, The Mist) and Brian Witten (Final Destination, Friday the 13th (2009)). They are also attached to the film adaptation of Stephen King‘s Cell (2015) movie which also stars Jackson. Chris Haney (Avatar, Avengers Assemble) will handle the VFX in post-production. With this many talents on the film, I am expecting something great.

Zack Snyder Teases Jason Momoa Aquaman

Zack Snyder revealed the first image of what Aquaman played by Jason Momoa will look like. I was really looking forward to the orange and green variant costume. I feel this costume lacks color. We did see the Wonder Woman costume also lacked color. Is this the overall theme that DC Comics is going for… a gritty Justice League? Aquaman will make his appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) on March 25, 2016. Aquaman will get his own feature film in 2018 which is a long time to wait. Starring in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Jason Momoa, Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey, Tao Okamoto, Scoot McNairy and Jeremy Irons off a screenplay by my favorite David S. Goyer. Justice League Part 1 will release in 2017 while Justice League Part 2 will come after the Aquaman feature film in 2019. This is most likely tying into a huge storyline so I cannot wait to get a taste of the massive storyline.

Daniel Radcliffe's Horns Blu-ray / DVD Release Date, Details and Cover Art

Anchor Bay Entertainment has released that they along with RADiUS will release the Horns (2013) Blu-ray / DVD on January 6, 2015. Special feature includes “The Making of Horns,” expected a little more special features honestly. Starring in Horns are Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Max Minghella and directed by Alexandre Aja.

New 'Horns' MTV Trailer from San Diego Comic-Con

MTV released a newer better Horns (2013) trailer that looks really good. This trailer is a must see and looks like director Alexandre Aja with cast Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, James Remor, David Morse, Max Minghella and Joe Anderson. There is a lot of horror to be had here with some laughs. Horns will drop in theaters this October 31, 2014.

New Romantic Themed 'Horns' Movie Poster

Director Alexandre Aja has released another Horns (2013) poster. This new poster suggests a more Beauty and the Beast theme with a tragic end. Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, James Remor, David Morse, Max Minghella and Joe Anderson star in the movie adaptation of the popular novel Horns by Joe Hill. Look for Horns in the US this upcoming October 31, 2014.

NBC's Constantine TV Series Casts Angelica Celaya as DC Comics Zed

NBC’s Constantine TV series lost Lucy Griffiths but they have just cast Angelica Celaya as Zed. Zed is an important character from the comics who will be introduced earlier than originally expected in the TV series. Zed will replace Liv (Griffiths) character completely as the new co-character. David Goyer (Executive Producer) wanted to move away from the teacher/student relationship and jump straight into the meat of the DC Comics Constantine lore.

CW Confirms iZombie TV Series

CW confirms that the iZombie TV Series will be a full series. iZombie is based on the DC Comics of the same name but slightly different than the comics. A med student starts working in the coroner’s office so that she can eat the brains to stay “alive.” The twist is that she helps solve crime cases to “quite” the voices in her head. Starring in iZombie are Robert Buckley, Rose McIver and Alexandra Krosney.

NBC Confirms Constantine TV Series

NBC is officially going to air a Constantine TV Series based on the DC Comics paranormal P.I. There will be Angels and Demons mayhem as you can imagine. Playing John Constantine will be Matt Ryan. There is no exact premiere date but it is assumed that that a Fall premiere is likely. I cannot wait to see Constantine Season 1.

Daniel Radcliffe in Horns

In July 2012; Daniel Radcliffe was cast in Alexandre Aja‘s (The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha 3D) adaptation of Joe Hill‘s Horns but now we have a photo. Daniel is set to play the lead role and looks awesome in character. Take a look for yourself!

Daniel Radcliffe to Star in Horns Adaptation

Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter to most, has topped out Shia LeBeouf to land the role of Ig Perrish in Joe Hill Horns movie adaptation. Ig Perrish awakens one day and finds that he know has horns growing from the top of his head. Funny thing is that anyone who sees the horns will now reveal their inner most evil deeds to Ig.