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THE MEG (2018) Ending Explained [Video]

Jon Turteltaub‘s The Meg (2018) is the latest shark movie bringing the largest shark (Megalodon) ever back to hunt the open seas. Jason Statham vs. The Meg sounded fun enough but did leave some questions. This video does wonders in explaining The Meg (2018) movie, all in 3-minutes.

SLENDER MAN (2018) Ending Explained + Creature Breakdown

Sony finally released a Slenderman movie and although it was light on what horror fans wanted the most from this film, here is a wonderful video explaining the movie ending for Slenderman (2018). This video also explains the Slenderman creature along with a Slenderman skit; if you want to skip it, then you can fast forward to 0:37. Tell us your thoughts, was Slenderman (2018) judged too harshly in a world where murders were committed in the name of this internet boogieman. Did Sony play it too safe by holding out on the scares?

THE ENDLESS (2017) Ending Explained + Connections to RESOLUTION

Co-directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead brought us The Endless (2017) but just in case you want to see a fully detailed explanation for the ending. The entire film is analyzed along with The Endless explanation in under 22-minutes. Also, watch as FoundFlix makes connections to the previous movie by the co-directors, Resolution (2012).

HOW IT ENDS (2018) Ending Explained + Cause of Apocalypse Explained

Netflix released David M. Rosenthal‘s How It Ends (2018) in their latest movie starring Theo James, Kat Graham, and Forest Whitaker. This video explains the How It Ends (2018) movie ending and recaps the crucial movie scenes. As a bonus, FoundFlix also goes on to describe the cause of the apocalypse in this film. This video is a little under 17-minutes long and very entertaining.

EXTINCTION (2018) Ending + Twist Explained

Director Ben Young‘s Extinction (2018) movie is streaming on Netflix currently and here is the ending explanation for the film. Watch as this video explains every movie scene including the ending and concluding with movie twist explained. This video is only 16-minutes long and very entertaining.

SHUTTER ISLAND (2010) Ending Explained + Analysis [Video]

Director Martin Scorsese brought us a fantastic film in Shutter Island (2010) with its carefully picked cast including Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley. The twist ending in Shutter Island is something that creeps up on the audience nicely and well timed but could get more in-depth explanations like the one in this video. This video is 25-minutes long but plays like a companion set of bonus features for the film while also giving the audience a deeper understanding of the Shutter Island (2010) ending.

THE FIRST PURGE (2018) Ending Explained

Have you seen The First Purge (2018) yet? Here is the movie ending explanation for The First Purge (2018) in a neat little 10-minute runtime. Watch as this video starts the series of explanations and rundown from the very beginning of The First Purge (2018) to the end. If you did see The First Purge (2018), what was your favorite part and is there anything you would like to add to this video if you could? Also, are you excited for The Purge TV series?

SILENT HILL REVELATION (2012) Ending Explained + Game Connections

The Silent Hill game franchise is a must play for horror fans and the first movie adaptation Silent Hill (2006) did not win over many critics we got Silent Hill: Revelation (2012) which erased some of the events from Silent Hill (2006) hoping the horror fans would not notice. These left a lot of discrepancies and inconsistencies between the two films. This video below explains many of the events in Silent Hill: Revelation in a sequential order while also explaining the Silent Hill: Revelation (2012) movie ending. Adding to the movie explanations, we also get detailed explanations of tie-ins to the Silent Hill game franchise too. This video is packed with Silent Hill Easter eggs in the 21-minutes of runtime.

UPGRADE (2018) Ending Explained

Director Leigh Whannell brought us the Saw and Insidious franchises; now he ventures into the sci-fi genre with Upgrade (2018). Grey (Logan Marshall-Green) becomes the upgraded version of himself through an experimental computer chip implant called Stem. Here is a complete movie breakdown of all the crucial scenes in Upgrade and the Upgrade (2018) movie ending explanation. This video explanation is only 10 minutes long and a great watch to understand the film to the fullest.

UNSANE (2018) Ending Explained + Twists Explained [Video]

Director Steven Soderbergh‘s Unsane (2018) is about a young woman who is admitted into a mental institution where she further spirals into insanity or is she really the victim here? Curious about the multiple movie twists and the Unsane (2018) ending explanation than this video is exactly what you need to clear it all up. After watching this video, it all made sense, and I was able to understand Unsane to a better degree. This video is 17-minutes long and can be considered a companion bonus feature full of commentary to this horror thriller film.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Ending Explained [Video]

Have you seen Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) yet? If you did or did not, here are two videos to watch, each with their take on the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) ending explained. Obviously, there are Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom spoilers but that is the reason why you are here in the first place. Did you agree with these ending explanations or do you have another take on this movie ending?

HEREDITARY (2018) Ending Explained / Details You Missed!

Ari Aster’s Hereditary (2018) is a film you want to watch more than once so that you can soak in all of the hidden details. Here is a video highlighting all of the Hereditary (2018) hidden details and the movie ending. This video is a little under 9-minutes long so sit back and relive the Hereditary (2018) experience.

SILENT HILL (2006) Ending Explained + Game Connections

Konami’s Silent Hill game franchise had many horror movie fans highly anticipating the Silent Hill (2006) movie and even though it did not win over most movie critics, most horror fans appreciated the film. Here is a fun video breaking down everything you need to know about Silent Hill (2013), the Silent Hill movie ending, and the numerous Silent Hill game connections.

HEREDITARY (2018) Ending Explained + Story Explained

Watching director Ari Aster’s Hereditary (2018) is a thrill I will be repeating very soon. Here is a fun video explaining the ending of Hereditary (2018) and the story explanation in an entertaining way. With Hereditary’s slow burn and movie twists to state a few reasons why you should watch this film (again). This video by FoundFlix is under 16-minutes long, and you can look at it as a kind of companion commentary to Hereditary (2018) until the Blu-ray bonus features are released.

OCULUS (2013) Ending Explained + Lasser Glass Explained [Video]

Mike Flanagan’s horror movie Oculus (2013) about the Lasser Glass which is a mirror simulating evil incarnate and brings great misfortune to whoever is around this cursed item. The movie ending of Oculus left viewers with a semi-vague conclusion that can be interpreted in many ways, but here is the movie ending explanation that I agree with along with the movie breakdown from the beginning to end. Also, you will get an explanation of the Lasser Glass cursed mirror from the folks over at FoundFlix.

CARGO (2017) Ending Explained + Virus Theory [Video]

Have you already watched Martin Freeman‘s Cargo (2017) movie on Netflix or are you just curious about this emotional zombie movie? Cargo is an emotional ride as a father has only 48 hours to find a new home for his baby before he turns into a zombie. The video below comes from FoundFlix who does a fantastic job of breaking down a film from beginning to end. FoundFlix goes one step further into explaining his virus theory too.

MAYHEM (2017) Ending Explained Video

Here is the movie ending explanation for horror action movie Mayhem (2017) directed by Joe Lynch and starring Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving. Mayhem is a little under 1 hour, and 30-minutes and this video explains the Mayhem (2017) movie ending in under 14-minutes with all the supporting details also explained.

WINCHESTER (2018) Ending Explained + True Story Explained

The Winchester House is called by many “The Most Haunted House in the World” and the horror film Winchester (2018) is a horror fantasy biography of those events. I cannot say how much of this movie is not exaggerated because most of these films have many exaggerations to please horror fans. Here is a wonderful video detailing all the important events in the film, the movie ending is then explained, and the true story of The Winchester House is explained. All of that in under 18-minutes with footage taken from The Winchester House with the doors that lead nowhere, the windows overlooking other rooms, and the many other oddities of The Winchester House and curiosities.

HAPPY DEATH DAY (2017) Ending Explained Video

Happy Death Day (2017) is one of the good recent horror movies considering that it is a horror film taking place in a time loop, similar to Groundhog Day (1993) minus the horror, on the victim’s birthday. The victim, Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe), repeats her birthday after she dies at the hands of a serial killer but remembers everything. Watch the video below by FoundFlix detailing the crucial events of the movie before giving a complete explanation of the Happy Death Day (2017) movie ending. You will also find the movie details and trailer for Happy Death Day below.

PROMETHEUS (2012) Ending Explained + Everything Explained Video

Director Ridley Scott gave us another chapter in the Alien universe; although many fans were not satisfied. This Alien film touched on many subjects and details in the history of the Alien universe that needed further explanations. It also did not help that so many deleted scenes and concepts were not included in the final movie, further confusing the average moviegoer. In the video below you will get 20-minutes of movie details and a few theories scattered throughout the video for both people who enjoyed this film and those who were disappointed. This video is a wonderful companion video to this sci-fi film that you must see and may change your aspect of the film. Below this Prometheus (2012) movie ending explanation video, you will find all of the movie details and trailer.

BLAIR WITCH (2016) Ending Explained Video

Modern horror icon director Adam Wingard took a stab at the Blair Witch when he released the surprise Blair Witch (2016). If you are looking for a condensed rundown of the film revealing all of the critical moments of the film along with the explanation of the Blair Witch (2016) movie ending, then this video is perfect for you. Also included below the video explanation are the Blair Witch movie details and trailer.

Crypt TV's Sunny Family Cult Ending Explained (Season 1 & 2)

Crypt TV brought us two seasons of Sunny Family Cult, and if you enjoyed them as I did, you would love this video explaining the ending of Sunny Family Cult along with many more explanations. I included the supercut video of Crypt TV’s Sunny Family Cult Season 1 which consists of every episode in one video along with the separate videos for Sunny Family Cult Season 2; six episodes in all. The explanation video is a few seconds under 18-minutes but does a fantastic job of giving you the complete picture of this horror web series.

STEPHEN KING'S 1922 (2017) Ending Explained

The Netflix original film 1922 (2017) is a movie about greed and betrayal. Watch this video explanation of Stephen King’s 1922 (2017) that is a little over 16-minutes long as every aspect of the film is torn apart and dissected for us. I know the ending of 1922 (2017) ended abruptly and with no definitive conclusion so I know many of you would enjoy watching this video for more clarity.

Crypt TV's THE LOOK-SEE Monster + Ending Explained

Crypt TV‘s The Look-See horror film shorts is a two-part episode that gives us one of the creepiest performances in a Crypt TV horror short so far. Below you will find the videos for both horror shorts along with the video describing the explanation of The Look-See monster and The Look-See ending. Both films together is a short 6-minutes and explanation video is 15-minutes long as the creator really dissects this movie monster in different ways, enjoy!

THE BABADOOK (2014) Ending Explained + Analysis

The Jennifer Kent directed/written The Babadook (2014) is a brilliant piece of horror about a widowed mother and her son learning to cope with the loss of her husband. A monster begins lurking in the house with the son naming it The Babadook. The Babadook shows itself in full at the end of the film, but then what? Here is The Babadook (2014) ending explained. Before you are treated to the ending explanation, however, you will also get a rundown of the essential movie scenes leading up to the movie ending.

ANNIHILATION (2018) Ending Explained + Anaylsis

Alex Garland‘s Annihilation (2018) started off the 2018 movie year off on sound footing. Turning what everyone presumes to be real and bending the rules of reality and fiction, Annihilation (2018) delivered for most moviegoers but some may have been a little lost. Here is a wonderful video breaking down the crucial movie scenes and then finally tearing apart the movie ending of Annihilation (2018).

TRUTH OR DARE (2018) Ending Explained

Truth or Dare (2018) is another Blumhouse Productions financial success at the box office. But in case you need a Truth or Dare movie breakdown and ending explanation then you are in the right place. This video comes from YouTuber FoundFlix delivering another awesome video.

A QUIET PLACE (2018) Ending Explained + Monsters Explained

Looking for the movie ending explanation for A Quiet Place (2018) and the monsters explained? Watch this video detailing the crucial movie scenes and the movie ending scene. FoundFlix does a terrific job delivering these fun videos for movie fans. A Quiet Place (2018) is currently sitting with a score of 8.2 on IMDB and director John Krasinski recently admitted on Collider that the creatures are aliens.

Nightcrawler (2014) Ending Explained Video

Dan Gilroy‘s Nightcrawler (2014) brought about a terrific thriller film in Nightcrawler (2014) with Jake Gyllenhaal playing the unnerving and creepy Louis Bloom. This video focuses on the movie ending for Nightcrawler and the thought process of Louis Bloom when we see him at the end of the film coaching new interns and spouting idealistic nonsense to the young impressionable minds. The very same ideals that he told to the last intern who met an untimely end.

Veronica (2017) Ending Explained + Veronica (2017) True Story Explained Video

Director Paco Plaza is a talented movie director whose latest horror movie installment comes in the form of a demon possession movie Veronica (2017). Veronica starts off with a small group of teenage girls using an Ouija Board on an eclipse and accidentally releasing a demon from the other side to take possession of young Veronica. Watch as FoundFlix gives us a full movie breakdown and tears apart the Veronica (2017) movie ending and also includes the real-life demon possession story that Veronica is loosely based.

Mama (2013) Ending Explained Video

Before director Andy Muschietti directed the horror hit Stephen King adaptation It (2013), he directed Mama (2013). The movie ending left the two sisters to choose their path leaving one sister to want life and the other to pick Mama played by Javier Botet. This video by FoundFlix does a beautiful job of giving you a quick movie rundown to refresh the viewer with the crucial pieces of the film. Then we get the movie ending which is the focus of this video.

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) Movie Ending Explained

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) did not hit the anticipation of most movie fans who appreciated Guillermo del Toro‘s original Pacific Rim (2013). Giant robots fighting giant monsters or Kaiju is a hard film to get right, and this sequel may have left many viewers looking for a little more details in the movie ending. Here is a short video explaining the Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) movie ending by Looper and Hybrid Network.

The Strangers: Prey At Night Ending Explained Video

Here is The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) ending explained for all of you real fans. Director Johannes Roberts directs this sequel to The Strangers (2008) and this time it all takes place in a secluded mobile home park. Again, three psychos terrorize a family with severely cruel intentions. The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) released in movie theaters on March 9, 2018. Beware of The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) spoilers in this video.

THE STRANGERS (2008) Ending Explained + Real Life Origin Explained Video

Now is the perfect time to rewatch Bryan Bertino‘s The Strangers (2008) just in time for the sequel, Johannes RobertsThe Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)‘s theatrical release date this March 9, 2018. Bittersweet that they decided to wait a full decade before releasing a sequel. Watch as FoundFlix breaks down The Strangers (2008) ending explanation and discusses The Stranger’s real-life origin explanation. In case you needed the warning, there are major spoilers.

Death Wish (2018) Ending Explained Video

Bruce Willis stars as the lead in Death Wish (2018) taking over from the original Charles Bronson lead. Willis stars as Kersey who takes revenge on the criminals in his city. Watch this short video as Looper explains the movie ending to Death Wish (2018).

THE RITUAL (2018) Ending Explained + Monster Explained Video

The Ritual (2018) is one of the best horror movie releases of 2018 so far and a horror movie gem on Netflix. Look no further for an explanation on The Ritual (2018) movie ending and an explanation of the Jotunn monster. The creature is an offspring of the Norse God Loki, and so much more details are revealed by FoundFlix. Watch this video as FoundFlix breaks down each movie scene leading up to the movie ending.

Hellraiser: Judgement (2018) Ending Explained Video

Clive Barker‘s Hellraiser franchise took a dangerous downhill turn, but Hellraiser: Judgment (2018) may be turning the Hellraiser franchise back in the right direction. In Looper‘s video below, they explain the ending of Hellraiser: Judgment (2018) in under 6 minutes. Movie details and trailer is listed below the Hellraiser: Judgment (2018) ending explained video.

ANNABELLE CREATION (2017) Ending Explained + Conjuring Series Connections Video

Annabelle: Creation (2017) explains the origins of the Annabelle doll introduced in The Conjuring (2013) by Ed and Lorraine Warren. The demon that entered that doll deserved some extra explanations but due to the films’ duration and script, that made it difficult to include in the movie. Watch as FoundFlix jumps deep into the Annabelle lore and then details each movie scene along the way. This Annabelle: Creation (2017) ending explanation is like having an Annabelle the Doll guide companion to the Annabelle: Creation connecting The Conjuring plus Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Mother! (2017) Ending Explained Video

Darren Aronofsky‘s Mother! (2017) is a mysterious film that seems simple, but can be found to have so many hidden meanings for each scene and then there is the strange movie ending. Watch as FoundFlix breaks down those scenes into simple and easy to understand points. Then there is the ending, the Mother! (2017) movie ending is a bit cryptic and watching this entire video analysis helped to flesh out this movie.

THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER (2015) Ending Explained Video

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015), formerly known as February (2015), stars Emma Roberts of American Horror Story and has an ambiguous ending. The Blackcoat’s Daughter is about two girls who get left behind during their winter break in their boarding school. The girls discover that an evil force is present with them at the lonely boarding school. FoundFlix breaks down all the scenes leading up to The Blackcoat’s Daughter movie ending explained with clips.

THE BABYSITTER (2017) Ending Explained Video

The Babysitter (2017) is Netflix‘s horror comedy that provided good scares and laughter. The Babysitter is about a boy who has a crush on his babysitter only to discover that he is her sacrifice to an evil force. There are many hilarious moments and fun times to be had watching this film on Netflix. Watch as FoundFlix breaks down this film and The Babysitter (2017) ending in the video below.

PHOENIX FORGOTTEN (2017) Ending Explained Video

Phoenix Forgotten (2017) is a horror/sci-fi mystery film that needs a little explaining due to the bouncing between the future and past. Once you explain those scenes and the ending of Phoenix Forgotten (2017), everything falls into place pretty much from there. FoundFlix made this video at surprisingly under 9-minutes long, watch it and tell us what you think.

Stephen King's IT (2017) Ending Explained Video

Stephen King‘s It (2017) movie adaptation is a far superior film compared to the made for TV mini-series It (1990). This It (2017) ending explained video is a very informative breakdown of all the movie scenes and the appropriate references. FoundFlix brings us these explanations in a little over 10-minutes.

JIGSAW (2017) Ending Explained Video

What a universe the Saw series has created, and with Jigsaw (2017) there were a few questions that needed answers. This video on the Jigsaw (2017) ending explained systematically explains the entire film before revealing the Jigsaw movie ending explanation. Watch as FoundFlix shares all Jigsaw information that he has researched in a short video under 11-minutes long.

BEFORE I WAKE (2016) Ending Explained Video

Mike Flanagan‘s Before I Wake (2016) is about a young couple who adopt a little boy Cody after the passing of their little boy. Cody can bring to life beautiful dreams and horrific nightmares. FoundFlix gives us a better understanding of each movie scene and the Before I Wake (2016) ending.

GET OUT (2017) Ending Explained Video

Jordan Peele‘s horror movie knockout deals in a whole new scary with Get Out (2017). Here is the Get Out (2017) ending explained video for those of you curious about any extra details you may have overlooked. This movie ending was a twist for many because there were a few minor twists that contributed to the overall grand twist ending. The revelation of what the parents are doing along with the daughter’s role was thrilling. Watch as FoundFlix details the important scenes leading up to the ending which he then explains in detail.

OUIJA 2: ORIGIN OF EVIL (2016) Ending Explained Video

Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) is the sequel to Ouija (2014) that is actually a prequel to that story. Explaining the ending of Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) and understanding that movie ending will clarify both films. Taking place in the same house, this video draws references from both films. Ouija: Origin of Evil was a far superior film and glad there were so many references to the first film even though that movie takes place in the future.

GOODNIGHT MOMMY (2015) Ending Explained Video

Goodnight Mommy (2014) is a horror film about twin boys who are now in a new home where they suspect that their mother is another person after she has face changing cosmetic surgery. Watch as FoundFlix breaks down the Goodnight Mommy (2014) ending explanation including the various movie scenes.

GRAVE ENCOUNTERS (2011) Ending Explained Video

Grave Encounters (2011) is a horror film where a ghost-hunting reality show crew locks themselves inside an abandoned mental hospital. The haunted asylum proves that ghosts are haunting the building and all will die. The movie ending was a standard POV style horror ending where the film has a scary final scene then stops. Watch this video as FoundFlix breaks down the movie scenes and the Grave Encounters (2011) movie ending explanation in under 15-minutes.

A CURE FOR WELLNESS (2016) Ending Explained Video

Full ending explanation for A Cure for Wellness (2016) video in under 10 minutes. With being such a strange film, this video by FoundFlix his a handy guide to events from this horror film. Tell us what you thought of this video, made me want to rewatch the movie.