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30 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (November 2018)

Now is a great time to have Netflix because the streaming giant has a huge selection of horror movies that I tried to narrow down while still including something for everyone. Here are the 30 best horror movies to stream on Netflix right now. These films include demons, horror anthologies, serial killers, Asian, zombies, vampires, and many more movie types. About half of these films I have in my queue to rewatch again next week. I am going to say it, with this horror movies lineup, horror fans with only Netflix at their fingertips do not need Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Shudder that badly anymore. I also heard that Netflix would be significantly increasing this horror movie list even more in the upcoming future.

10 Nightmarish Horror Movies on Netflix Full of Jump Scares

Netflix is soon becoming a much better platform for horror movie streaming with their acquisitions and Netflix originals ever increasing. Netflix is continuously updating their horror movie releases so keep up to date here. Every one of these films has enormous replay value and most jump scares will still get you the second time around. I personally keep Babadook (2014), The Conjuring (2013), Hush (2016), Demonic (2015), and Last Shift (2014) in my Netflix queue for that late night scare itch.

10 Scary Horror Movies NETFLIX Says Viewers Can't Finish

Are you up for the Scary Horror Movies on Netflix Challenge? Netflix has been keeping tabs on what they think is too scary for viewers and the horror movies listed below are the top of this list. Netflix compiled this movie list by first measuring the number of users who watched the horror films to the 70% mark but then turned off the movie. If they hated the horror movie, then they would have turned off the film long before the 70% mark. I watched the majority of these horror movies and admitted that a few of these movies I also turned off to finish them at another time. You will find some gory films, some Lovecraftian films, and end of the world type films on this list.

Top 10 Best Netflix Original Horror Movies You MUST Watch Today!

Netflix is working hard to enhance their horror movie lineup and is doing a great job by making Netflix original horror movies worth watching. These horror films below combine some great talent from Masters of Horror including but not limited to Stephen King, Mike Flanagan, and Gareth Evans. We could not include the recent Netflix original The Haunting of Hill House because it is a TV series with 10 episodes, sorry. I see the future of Netflix Originals following the major success of The Haunting of Hill House in their future horror film lineups. Check out the full list below, and I hope to update this list in the upcoming year with some new horror films.

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (2018) Post-Credits Scene Explained

Netflix‘s Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (2018) post-credits scene may have left you wondering but here is a slick video revealing what it all means. I am not going to reveal anything here, but this short 3-minute video does just that, it explains the Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (2018) post-credits scene. Tell us what you think about this video and the new Netflix animated Godzilla film.

HOW IT ENDS (2018) Ending Explained + Cause of Apocalypse Explained

Netflix released David M. Rosenthal‘s How It Ends (2018) in their latest movie starring Theo James, Kat Graham, and Forest Whitaker. This video explains the How It Ends (2018) movie ending and recaps the crucial movie scenes. As a bonus, FoundFlix also goes on to describe the cause of the apocalypse in this film. This video is a little under 17-minutes long and very entertaining.

EXTINCTION (2018) Ending + Twist Explained

Director Ben Young‘s Extinction (2018) movie is streaming on Netflix currently and here is the ending explanation for the film. Watch as this video explains every movie scene including the ending and concluding with movie twist explained. This video is only 16-minutes long and very entertaining.

5 SCARY Things to Watch on NETFLIX

Here are a 5 scary movies to watch on Netflix this weekend. I love binging horror movies on Netflix every weekend, and this is my current watchlist films for this weekend that I thought I would share with you all. We have our scary cabin in the woods style movie in The Ritual (2017); demon movies with Veronica (2017), The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005), and The Conjuring (2013). Capping off the list is Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield (2007) based on the serial killer Ed Gein who inspired films such as Psycho (1960) with Norman Bates and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) with Leatherface. Enjoy and happy horror movie streaming!

Top 10 WEIRD Movies on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is my goto place for streaming movies so here is a film list of the top weird movies on Netflix to watch right now. These top 10 weird movies to stream on Netflix will get under your skin but I still suitable for most audiences to see. As far as children’s movies, Coraline (2009) fits that category. Below the video, you will find movie details and trailers for each film listed. Enjoy and happy streaming.

OCULUS (2013) Ending Explained + Lasser Glass Explained [Video]

Mike Flanagan’s horror movie Oculus (2013) about the Lasser Glass which is a mirror simulating evil incarnate and brings great misfortune to whoever is around this cursed item. The movie ending of Oculus left viewers with a semi-vague conclusion that can be interpreted in many ways, but here is the movie ending explanation that I agree with along with the movie breakdown from the beginning to end. Also, you will get an explanation of the Lasser Glass cursed mirror from the folks over at FoundFlix.

CARGO (2017) Ending Explained + Virus Theory [Video]

Have you already watched Martin Freeman‘s Cargo (2017) movie on Netflix or are you just curious about this emotional zombie movie? Cargo is an emotional ride as a father has only 48 hours to find a new home for his baby before he turns into a zombie. The video below comes from FoundFlix who does a fantastic job of breaking down a film from beginning to end. FoundFlix goes one step further into explaining his virus theory too.

STEPHEN KING'S 1922 (2017) Ending Explained

The Netflix original film 1922 (2017) is a movie about greed and betrayal. Watch this video explanation of Stephen King’s 1922 (2017) that is a little over 16-minutes long as every aspect of the film is torn apart and dissected for us. I know the ending of 1922 (2017) ended abruptly and with no definitive conclusion so I know many of you would enjoy watching this video for more clarity.

THE RITUAL (2018) Ending Explained + Monster Explained Video

The Ritual (2018) is one of the best horror movie releases of 2018 so far and a horror movie gem on Netflix. Look no further for an explanation on The Ritual (2018) movie ending and an explanation of the Jotunn monster. The creature is an offspring of the Norse God Loki, and so much more details are revealed by FoundFlix. Watch this video as FoundFlix breaks down each movie scene leading up to the movie ending.

Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix (March 2018) | Best Horror Movies on Netflix 2018 Video

Every one of these best horror movies on Netflix is worth rewatching a few times. These are the scariest horror movies on Netflix currently, and I just added them all to my Netflix Queue again. Below the Flick Connection video is trailers and movie details for each horror film. The films below include killer clowns, supernatural possessions and hauntings, a video game adaptation, and a few surreal horror movies.

THE BABYSITTER (2017) Ending Explained Video

The Babysitter (2017) is Netflix‘s horror comedy that provided good scares and laughter. The Babysitter is about a boy who has a crush on his babysitter only to discover that he is her sacrifice to an evil force. There are many hilarious moments and fun times to be had watching this film on Netflix. Watch as FoundFlix breaks down this film and The Babysitter (2017) ending in the video below.

GERALD'S GAME (2017) Ending Explained Video

Director Mike Flanagan and Netflix brought us this Stephen King movie adaptation Gerald’s Game (2017) available for streaming on Netflix right now. Gerald’s Game (2017) is about a troubled woman who is trapped in a house in the middle of nowhere after her husband dies. They went to this secluded area to try to find the spark in their relationship once again. Many scenes may first confuse you, and the ending may be a little fuzzy so here is a very informative video by FoundFlix explaining the ending of Gerald’s Game (2017) and the various essential movie scenes leading up to the conclusion. This video is a little over 16-minutes, but you won’t feel it, and you will have a far better understanding of the film.

THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX (2018) Ending Explained Video

Netlfix’s The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) is streaming right now, and if you have questions about the ending and the strange Cloverfield Universe, these two videos will solve those issues. Watch as The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) ending is explained from two great YouTube channels, Looper and Hybrid Network. Each video is about 5-minutes long and details better than what I can summarize here.

How The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) Explains The Cloverfield Universe Video

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) is a film worth rewatching and will remain on my Netflix watchlist for a little while as I mesh together the various Cloverfield Universe details. Watch as WhatCulture pieces together the bits from The Cloverfield Paradox (2018). This video contains many spoilers from the Universe of Cloverfield and how the Cloverfield expands through time and space, an infinite Cloverfield universe for J.J. Abrams to play with infinite dimensions.

6 Small Details You Missed in The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) Video

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) released after the Super Bowl in a shock to the world on Netflix. In this new film set in the Cloverfield Universe, we are transported to a new dimension among a slew of other strange and weird occurrences. Here is a roundup of a few things you may have missed in The Cloverfield Paradox (2018). Looper did a terrific job finding and highlighting all these slight references sprinkled in The Cloverfield Paradox (2018).

NEW Underrated Horror Movie Gems On NETFLIX You Need To See [Video - Feb 2018]

Like me, you cannot get enough horror films and I try to watch as many horror movies on Netflix as I can. Sometimes you get some bad films and sometimes you get the hidden gems. Here are the hidden horror movie gems on Netflix you need to watch now. This list is comprised of many newer horror films like Stephen King’s 1922 (2017), Gerald’s Game (2017), Holidays (2016), and A Dark Song (2016) spanning back to The Lazarus Effect (2015) and Hard Candy (2005); the full list is below the video.

Top 10 Stranger Things 2 Movie References

Check out this fantastic list of the Top 10 Stranger Things Season 2 movie references. We added actors, director, and movie trailers to the brief list below the video. I agree strongly with this list and not only was it entertaining, but it was also very informative. The video does, however, contain many spoilers. Thanks to WatchMojo for creating and posting this list, please like and share.

Top 10 STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Check out this list of the best Stranger Things theories on Reddit. A lot of interesting theories, most of which many of us were thinking with detailed explanations as to why. With so many references to so many hits from the 80’s, there are so many theories you can pull of this popular Netflix TV Series. Thanks to Alltime10s for posting this video.

Top 10 Things to Watch If You Like STRANGER THINGS [WatchMojo]

Check out this list of movies including TV shows that you should like if you enjoyed watching Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 1 via WatchMojo. The films and shows listed here contain children in weird situations, 80s nostalgia, and fun times. Thanks to WatchMojo and hope you enjoy the list.

Top 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix Right Now (October 2017)

Finding zombie movies on Netflix Instant Streaming is fun, especially when you already know what the Top 10 best zombie movies on Netflix are and we already have a list already set to start you off. This Netflix movie list ranked by what is currently streaming on Netflix right now. Hope you enjoy our list, last updated September 26, 2017, for October 2017. We hope to update this list monthly so make sure to bookmark this list. The living dead is a classic horror genre to sit back and have a few laughs or scares.

Netflix Announces SANTA CLARITA DIET Season 2 for 2018!

Netflix recently announced that Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 is premiering in 2018. I binge watched the first season of the living dead horror comedy and felt that the ending was the high point of the show and when things were getting really good. Watch the video below for the fun announcement video for Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 starring Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, and Liv Hewson.

Guillermo del Toro's TROLLHUNTERS Season 2 Confirmed!?

Guillermo del Toro fans will love to know that Netflix has confirmed that they are moving forward with the Trollhunters Season 2 TV series. Netflix’s Trollhunters is a TV series that I enjoy watching with my younger children and am excited to see what happens to Jim in the next season. Kelsey Grammer, Ron Perlman, Steven Yeun, and Anton Yelchin (before his untimely tragic death, he will be missed) voiced the parts in the first season of Trollhunters.

15 Lesser-Known Scary Horror Films to Watch on Netflix Right Now!

Looking to watch horror movies that are great but a little less popular? Awesome, here is our list of the best lesser-known horror movies to watch on Netflix right now. These horror selections are our picks for those who are tired of watching the same horror films all the time and need a fresh set of good modern horror movies to choose from this Halloween 2016.

Best Zombie Movies on Netflix Now!

Looking for the best zombie movies on Netflix right now? Although, George A. Romero‘s Day of the Dead (1985) is no longer streaming nor do they have the public domain original Night of the Living Dead (1968) available on their streaming service but they still do have some zombie films available. Netflix as a few classic zombie flicks but the majority of films ready to stream are modern indie zombie movies. Here are the 10 best undead-featuring films available to view on Netflix this Halloween season 2016.

4 Amazing Indie Horror Movies You Didn't Know Were On Netflix

While Hollywood blockbusters can be fun, they’re often not very original. If you want to broaden your horror horizons, you need to watch indie horror movies. Despite having lower budgets, indie horrors can push the genre forward in ways the mainstream studios can’t. Unfortunately, they’re not always readily available. Luckily, Netflix keeps its stock of horror movies up to date, so these four outstanding indie horrors are all available on Netflix.

Netflix / Mike Flanagan Push Forward with Stephen King's GERALD'S GAME Film Adaptation

Director Mike Flanagan (Before I Wake (2016), Hush (2016), Oculus (2013), Absentia (2011)) was originally pursued to direct the Stephen King film adaptation of Gerald’s Game (2017) since 2014. Netflix then put the film on hold because the story is a little hard to see the potential as the story revolves around a woman who is chained to a bed for the majority of the film. The woman accidently kills her husband leaving her chained to the bed and eventually she gives in to the voices in her head. Not only has Netflix agreed to produce the film, but they have also agreed to give Mike Flanagan complete freedom to make the film how he wants. This news comes after the success that Flanagan’s Hush (2016) film has received on Netflix streaming service even getting a positive tweet from Stephen King. This all sounds great, and I cannot wait to see the first set of promo material.

Netflix Buys Streaming Rights to Cannibal Film THE BAD BATCH

Netflix recently bought the streaming rights to the new cannibal film The Bad Batch (2016) directed by Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)). This film has a slew of high-end talent including Keanu Reeves, Jason Momoa, Jim Carrey, Diego Luna, and Giovanni Ribisi. This film is being described as a cannibal horror love story where a girl, played by Suki Waterhouse, is forced to wonder the Texas wasteland where she discovers a band of cannibalistic drifters. The Bad Batch premiered recently at the Venice Film Festival 2016. There is no release date attached to this film, but we will keep you posted once that news is revealed.

Netflix STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Confirmed!

Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 2 is now officially confirmed with the release date set for 2017, most likely August 2017 release date. Stranger Things Season 1 premiered on Netflix with widely positive reviews/ratings, so this was a no-brainer for Netflix to renew this fantastic TV show. The Duffer Brothers revealed in a recent interview with EW that the new season would take place in 1984. Season 2 will have nine total episodes versus Season 1’s eight episodes. Most of the original characters will return and will cross town lines, explore the Upside Down, include at least four new characters with one called “The Lost Brother.” Check out the Stranger Things Season 2 announcement video below.

50 Facts You Didn't Know About STRANGER THINGS [Video]

Most of you should have already seen Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 1 by now and if you still have not, you should. Here is a video by TheWhyGuy who breaks down 50 facts you didn’t know about Stranger Things. This list has some fascinating facts that could be easily included in a Blu-ray release of the series.

BLACK MIRROR Season 3 Premiere Date Announced

Netflix’s Black Mirror Season 3 premiere is set for October 21, 2016, on Netflix. We included some things you can expect to see in this new season of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror below. Chris Martin Hill, Hannah John-Kamen, and Paul Blackwell star in Black Mirror.

STRANGER THINGS Side-by-Side Comparison with 70's - 80's Movie Inspirations [Video]

Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 1 focused on many 70’s and 80’s movie inspirations and miraculously melded it all together. This video compares the TV series to movie inspirations including The Goonies, E.T., Alien, Firestarter, Poltergeist, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Shining, Stand By Me, Carrie, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Commando, and even Explorers. This video posted by Ulysse Thevenon is great for those who grew up in this era watching these movies, and it is also great to show the new generation, our children or smaller siblings. The Duffer Brothers are already planning multiple seasons of Stranger Things for Netflix, and I am so excited for Stranger Things Season 2.

Several Seasons Planned for Netflix's STRANGER THINGS

The Duffer Brothers and producer Shawn Levy recently revealed that they are planning several seasons of Netflix’s Stranger Things TV series. That is wonderful news as the series captures the awesome of the 80’s style while keeping it modern for younger viewers. My children were humming along to the classic songs from the 80’s in the show. It brought back so many wonderful memories from the 80’s and made my children ask, were the 80’s really that fun? The ending from the show marked that the first season was just a wonderful stepping stone into what could develop into an even greater experience.

First 8 Minutes of Netflix's STRANGER THINGS Season 1 / Second Poster

Netflix‘s Stranger Things Season 1 premieres this upcoming July 15, 2016, on Netflix. This video opens up the story by taking us back in time for eight minutes in 1983. Tell us what you think, watched this video with my son and he was not over thrilled nor bored. Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and Finn Wolfhard star in Stranger Things Season 1.

First Seven Minutes from MTV's SCREAM SEASON 2 [Video]

Below we have the first seven minutes from the upcoming MTV’s Scream Season 2 premiere. This episode will air in full on Monday, May 30, 2016. I saw Netflix has added the Scream Season 1 to their Instant service so you already know I will be finishing the first season there.

Marvel / Netflix Developing THE PUNISHER Season 1 Confirmed!

Officially, Marvel and Netflix announced they would be moving forward with The Punisher Season 1. Jon Bernthal played The Punisher aka Frank Castle on Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2 and will return to reprise his role in his own, The Punisher TV series. Writer and executive producer Steve Lightfoot will serve as the showrunner. We also included Netflix’s The Punisher Season 1 teaser trailer video below.

First Look at Guillermo del Toro's Animated Netflix TROLLHUNTERS Series

DreamWorks Animation and Netflix are bringing us Guillermo del Toro‘s Trollhunters series onto Netflix sometime this 2016 year. Netflix’s Trollhunters series has a first look image here that looks great; my children will love this. Guillermo del Toro has been developing this series for over five years now with author Daniel Kraus. Are you thrilled to see the Trollhunters series too?

DAREDEVIL Season 2 - Every Easter Egg / Cameo / Reference [Video]

Have you gotten time to finish Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2 yet? Here is a video detailing every Easter Egg, cameo, and reference in this video breakdown. This video is not spoiler free obviously. Thanks to Mr. Sunday Movies for posting this video.

Netflix Teams With ATTACK ON TITAN Studio for Original Anime Series PERFECT BONES

Netflix is ramping up their Netflix original library, and now they are adding Perfect Bones to that list. Perfect Bones is an original anime series with 12-episodes directed by Kazuto Nakazawa and the animation studio who brought us Attack on Titan and Ghost in the Shell, Production I.G. Perfect Bones story is “set in the future where scientists have tried to create the ‘perfect human’ in hopes of keeping peace in the universe. After nearly achieving their goal through several children, the scientists send their ‘new humans’ for further training where they are kidnapped by an evil organization set on using their powers to implement their own concept of a new world order.” Perfect Bones is an exclusive Netflix release without an official release date as of this date, quotes below.

Jon Bernthal Says The Punisher is Hard to Like in Daredevil Season 2

Jon Bernthal revealed some news about his portrayal of The Punisher aka Frank Castle on Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2. I loved Jon Bernthal’s acting on AMC’s The Walking Dead as Shane Walsh, he never pulled his punches and did what had to be done. From this interview, it seems he intensified this quality and may give us the best Punisher in any Marvel movie or TV series. Read the Jon Bernthal’s interview excerpts below.

Netflix LUKE CAGE Coming in November!?

Marvel’s Luke Cage series is going to be seeing a release this upcoming November 2016 according to this official tweet from the Jessica Jones Twitter account. Netflix’s Luke Cage Season 1 is already dropping news, and I am pleased to have a release date finally. What an awesome way to release the news. #JessicaJones

Netflix's JESSICA JONES SEASON 2 Confirmed!

Marvel and Netflix’s Jessica Jones Season 2 is officially confirmed. Jessica Jones Season 1 did exceptionally well for Netflix even though many Marvel fans were worried about the direction of the show. Jessica Jones Season 2 is getting 13 new episodes. Melissa Rosenberg returns as the executive producer and showrunner. Krysten Ritter played Jessica Jones perfectly and will also return. Jessica Jones took the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU) to an all-new deep dark place.

Marvel Releases Netflix DAREDEVIL Season 2 Poster / Trailer [Video]

Marvel dropped the first official teaser trailer and poster for Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2. Be warned, there is no actual footage from the series, but this video does introduce The Punisher. The images used in this trailer are stunning and so artistic. I enjoyed season 1, and I expect that season 2 will be even better with 13 new episodes set to premiere on March 18, 2016. Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Matt Gerald, Jon Bernthal, Rosario Dawson, Elodie Yung, Scott Glen, and Stephen Rider star in Daredevil Season 2.

Guillermo del Toro's TROLLHUNTERS Series Picked Up by Netflix

Guillermo del Toro and Daniel KrausTrollhunters released this past Summer 2015 and Netflix has already picked up the rights for the new TV series. The young adult novel takes place in a dark fantasy world that, thanks to Netflix, will release as an animated series adaptation later this year. That is awesome news, and I cannot wait to hear the official release date. For full details on the press release and a brief description on Trollhunters, read below.

New Netflix Horror Movies Update for December 1, 2015

Netflix released some excellent movies on their VOD service today. We have the full details for each movie listed below along with the cast and directors. Among the list are a lot of horror movies but also some sci-fi films. The list includes Escape from L.A. (1996), The Chosen (2015), AEon Flux (2005), Amnesiac (2015), Darkman (1990), Private Number (2014), Stir of Echoes (1999), Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming (2007), The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (2004).

Every Easter Egg for Marvel's JESSICA JONES [Video]

Marvel and Netflix‘s Jessica Jones team up worked rather well, and I am well into half of the TV series and have to admit it, I like it. Mr. Sunday Movies created this video detailed every easter egg in Netflix’s Jessica Jone Season 1. Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, and Carrie-Anne Moss star in Jessica Jones. Don’t forget to like and share.

Netflix's Jessica Jones Season 1 - He's Out There [Video]

At first I was rolling my eyes while watching the first promos for Netflix’s Jessica Jones TV series but now I am eager to watch it on Netflix starting after midnight tonight, November 20, 2015. Marvel and Netflix have released what appears to be a final promo video for Netflix’s Jessica Jones Season 1. In this promo, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) attempts to save her friend Trish Walkers (Rachael Taylor) from further insulting Killgrave a.k.a. Purple Man (David Tennant) while on air with Jeryn (Carrie-Anne Moss). I cannot wait to see the Purple Man’s revenge.