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The 5 Scare Pranks That Went Way Too Far!

Here are 5 scare pranks that went too far and terrified the victims of these pranks. Some of the people involved in these pranks were on the brink of tears if not flat out afraid for their lives. Think about what you would do if you were in these people’s situations. I would not blame the prank victims if they retaliated after the filming was over.

Best Two-Way Mirror Scare Prank Featuring THE CONJURING 2 NUN [Video]

James Wan created a terrific horror entity in The Nun featured in The Conjuring 2 (2016). Here is what I think is the best video yet featuring the horror character. Participants were led into a room which they thought was a waiting area for an interview about the film. Little did they know that it was all a horror prank, and the reaction they wanted was to film the fear and scares. Watch the scare prank video below and share.

Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse [Video]

Watch this hilarious video as two brothers take a prank too far when their little sister is under the influence after taking surgery. These brothers convince their little sister that the zombie apocalypse is coming. She is provoked with life-altering questions like who do we save, the cat or the dog. Her answer was funny, but she was shockingly serious. Thanks to Cabot Phillips for creating this video for our twisted amusement.

Original PARANORMAL ACTIVITY House Haunting Prank [Video]

The original Paranormal Activity (2007) house was used to film a series of pranks on unsuspecting people, and they were scared out of their minds. This prank video is hilariously funny, and I felt empathy for some of the girls who looked terrified towards the middle of the video. Enjoy the video and do not forget to like and share. Congratulations to the FX team, you made this all possible and delivered a fantastic scary prank video.

Fan Made Real Life Thor's Hammer - Only the Worthy Can Lift It [Video]

Marvel may want to hire this Marvel fan because he just created an excellent Thor’s Hammer replica that stick to all metal surfaces. The hammer will only release for one person via thumbprint. Watch as many others try their best to lift Thor’s Hammer and fail, to make this one of the best Marvel pranks in recent memory.

[Video] Demon Child Scare Prank

DmPranksProductions created a funny/scary video where they scare unsuspecting people with a terrifying demon child. I seriously feel sorry for the victims in these videos but at the same time I cannot help laughing. Like, share, and comment below. If you want to see more scary prank videos let us know.

[PRANK] Hologram Ghost Girl Prank

I recently came across this hilariously funny prank video where this guy scares his girlfriend with a hologram ghost girl. The hologram ghost girl prank was made with a projector and a screen with some scary sound effects to compliment the scare prank. The dude’s poor girlfriend wakes up to see this scary little girl screaming at her. I might have to try this out myself. PrankvsPrank creates funny prank videos so make sure to like and share.