Top 14 Vampire Villains of All Time

  1. 14). Adam

    Score: 41% Like of 37 Total Votes

    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter starring Rufus Sewell


    Adam is the leading vampire villain in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He pushes America to its breaking in his master plan to create a nation for vampires. Rufus Sewell played the role well.

  2. 13). Danica Talos

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    Blade 3 starring Parker Posey

    Danica Talos

    I threw Danica Talos in here because I loved her character. She was that vampire who you loved to hate but brought a lot to the story. She is bitchy and devious.

  3. 12). Damon Salvatore

    Score: 56% Like of 39 Total Votes

    The Vampire Diaries TV series) starring Ian Somerhalder

    Damon Salvatore

    Damon Salvatore starts off as the first villain in The Vampire Diaries Mystic Falls. Brother Stefan falls for the doppleganger of the vampire who made them into vampires. But Damon wants her as well and there goes our love triangle.

  4. 11). Russell Edgington

    Score: 64% Like of 36 Total Votes

    True Blood TV series starring Denis O'Hare

    Russell Edgington

    Russell Edgington quickly becomes the vampire you love to hate. He starts off as a vary high placed vampire in the vampire hiereichy. We also learn that he has a sinister past that features Eric Northman on the bad end. Russel finds a new blood source that allows him to walk in the daylight. With that much power he must be stopped fast. He also makes a comeback in the next season and does not lose his touch as a major villain.

  5. 10). Nomak

    Score: 65% Like of 34 Total Votes

    Blade 2 starring Luke Goss


    Nomak was the major villain in Blade 2 and the vampires in this installment. He and his minions fed on the blood of vampires thus the hunters became the prey. The vampires turned to Blade for help in which he gladly said yes to join in order to get first hand intel on the latest tricks the vampires were using. Nomak ended up being the son of the great vampire in the movie and the latest evolution of vampires. These vampires were seriously hard to kill. They were intended to improve on the weaknesses of vampires and Nomak was the first of his kind.

  6. 9). Lucien Lacroix

    Score: 68% Like of 40 Total Votes

    Forever Knight TV series starring Nigel Bennett

    Lucien Lacroix

  7. 8). Eric Northman

    Score: 69% Like of 39 Total Votes

    True Blood TV series starring Alexander Skarsgard

    Eric Northman

    Eric the Northman is one of the oldest vampires in True Blood. He is also a big favorite with many because his strength is often unrivaled. Eric develops a huge affection for Sookie and they we have our love triangle. Russell Edgington and Eric have a history together that can only be settled one way.

  8. 7). Drusilla

    Score: 70% Like of 47 Total Votes

    Angel TV series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series starring Juliet Landau


    Drusilla is that vampire that was turned by Angelus. He stalked her until she went crazy. Then he turned her into a vampire. She is totally demented and crazy. This combination makes her a great candidate as a vampire villain. She teams up with Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and together they wreak havoc on the town. Drusilla was not added to the list as a true top 10 member but her posistion is dependant on her votes from the fans of this list.

  9. 6). Deacon Frost

    Score: 73% Like of 45 Total Votes

    Blade starring Stephen Dorff

    Deacon Frost

    Deacon Frost is the little man villain in Blade co-starring along side Wesley Snipes. Deacon Frost was ruthless and in a sense Blades Vampire father. Deacon took down the vampire council and had grand visions of becoming a vampire god.

  10. 5). Angelus

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    Angel TV series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series starring David Boreanaz


    Angelus was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Buffys love interest. He was once one of the cruelist vampires to ever plague the earth. Then he stalked and tormented Drusilla until he finally turned her after she went crazy. Angelus was then cursed with his soul and had to live with all the cruel things that he had done in the past. He meets Buffy and love ensues only to have him lose his soul again for some time and become a major villain again. He later gets his soul back and leaves Buffy to start his own Angel series.

  11. 4). Dracula

    Score: 83% Like of 24 Total Votes

    Dracula starring Bela Lugosi (Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko)


    Bela Lugosi played the first classic Dracula role in which he had the classic bright light reflected onto his eyes only. This look has been burned in my memory whenever I think of Bela Lugosi, the famous Hungarian-American actor.

  12. 3). David

    Score: 86% Like of 59 Total Votes

    The Lost Boys starring Kiefer Sutherland


    David from The Lost Boys is a very iconic character of my generation. He was the very image of the cool vampire. He persauded Michael to become a vampire and join the gang. Michael however would not. Michael and his brother team up with The Frog Brothers and take down the vampires of Santa Carla, California.

  13. 2). Dracula

    Score: 87% Like of 54 Total Votes

    Dracula (1992) starring Gary Oldman


    Bram Stokers Dracula played by Gary Oldman is a old favorite of mine. I simply loved the movie and we get to see a very full aspect of the iconic Dracula. Dracula is ruthless, romantic and a powerful villain.

  14. 1). Dracula (Hammer Films)

    Score: 88% Like of 26 Total Votes

    Dracula Hammer Films starring Christopher Lee (Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee)

    Dracula (Hammer Films)

    The single greatest thing to come out of the classic vampire Hammer Films would have to be every appearance that Christopher Lee appeared as Dracula. Christopher Lee commands the role in such an intensive fiery way that everyone expects some sought of performance like his. Fun little tidbit is that Lee wanted to end his role as Dracula long ago but kept accepting the role out of emotional blackmail.

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