Top 14 Vampire Villains of All Time

Our Top Vampire Villains List is our tribute to showcase some of the greatest and most memorable vampires in movies/TV. The list does focus on more recent movies and TV shows initially but is an ongoing list. Let us work together to build this list up to somewhere around 50 nominees to vote on. Positions are based on everyones votes so if you do not like the current position, remember, that position is where other horror fans collectively voted to place that villain. Even I am excited to see how this top list plays out!

We tried to list as many vampire villains as posible without getting the initial list too large. If there is a vampire villain that you would like to see here, simply leave a comment requesting that vampire villain be added. Hateful comments will be deleted without hesitiation so let's keep the list fun!

Hatefull comments will be removed immediately, let's keep it mature. We tried not to reveal too much about the movie plots that the vampires come from. Positioning is dependent on your votes so please take time to vote your favorites up and your least favorites down.