Vampires: Vampire Folklore/Lore and Legends

  • The Vampire of Croglin Grange, England

    This without a question of doubt can be one of the most sought after cases in which may prove without question that Vampires exist. This case takes place at Croglin Grange, which is an old family estate in Cumberland, England. According to the accounts documented by Augustus Hare written between the years of 1896 to 1900, The Fisher family owned the estate and decided to rent the ground level floor to the Cranswells. The Cranswells were three siblings comprised of one sister and two brothers.

    Deciding to go to bed early one summer day, Amelia (the sister Cranswell), laid in her bed while looking out of her window. Then, all of a sudden, she noticed two flickering lights in the distance between their front lawn and a far away church yard. The lights were somehow gliding towards the front lawn. As the lights came into clearer view, Amelia noticed that these lights were really eyes of some horrible creature, a Vampire. Stricken by fear, Amelia remained there, unable to speak or move. The vampire then appeared to realize that someone was watching it from afar. It came in the direction of her bedroom window. Upon realizing that the vampire had found out about Amelias watching, Amelia jumped up and sped away in the direction of the door in order to get out. Just then, something started scratching at the window. On instinct she turned around to see an unspeakable brown face with fierce deadly eyes drilling right into hears. Amelia, becoming stupid with fear jumped right back into bed and watched as the creature clawed at the window and then reached inside to unlock the window. Upon letting itself in, the creature proceeding with uncanny speed to Amelias throat and with a ravish bite, sank its teeth into her throat.

    Finally feeling pain and becoming aware, she then let out a scream for anyone to help. Upon hearing this plea for help, Amelias brothers busted into the room. They saw no vampire but Amelia of course. One brother stayed with Amelia while the other went through the open window to see what might have been the cause. The tracks however ended by the churchyard wall. A doctor was called and suggested a long vacation after treating Amelias wounds. The three siblings decided to take a vacation to Switzerland but soon returned. It was later thought that it might have been an escaped lunatic.

    After a couple of months of ease, the vampire reappeared in March. One night, Amelia awoke to the window scratching. Being that the window was then blocked off after the last incident, Amelia approached the window to get a better view. After looking through the top pane of the window, she saw the very same vampire glaring at her. She screamed, her brothers who were prepared this time, ran through the front door and opened fire on the vampire. The brothers were sure they wounded it and gave chase. The creature fled to a nearby cemetery. The brothers returned home after this bizarre occurrence. They returned however with some of the townspeople. The brothers went into the coffins to find that all of the coffins were destroyed... save one. The corpse within this one coffin was then described as a brown mummified monster. Further analysis revealed a fresh wound on the creatures leg. The bullet was then removed and the vampire corpse was taken to be burned immediately.

  • The "Hundeprest" Vampire of Melrose Abbey

    Author William of Newburgh (William of Newburg) published between the years of 1196 to 1198 the Historia Rerum Anglicarum. This was to be believed as one of the most genuine "Legends".

    This legend starts with a priest whom is not all that priestly and often participated in unceremonious activities. He was then nicknamed "Hundeprest" meaning "Dog Priest." This was given to him because he often hunted with his horse and dog.

    Sometime after his death, it was said that he tried to enter Melrose Abbey. After being denied access to Melrose Abbey, he then roamed into the chambers of a woman who employed his services while he was alive. It was reported that he moaned and screeched at her and causing her much alarm, she summoned an elder from the Abbey.

    The elder monk whom was summoned brought along an acquaintance along with two other men and began their investigation. They decided to watch the former priest grave. During the monks watch, the priest appeared to levitate out of the grave and began to approach the monk at an alarming rate. The monk finally recovered from the shock and smote the priest with his axe. The priest retreated back to the grave. Then the grave somehow opened up as if to swallow the priest, later to be called a genuine vampire, back into sanctuary. After the grave took back in the priest, it had then returned to normal as if nothing had ever happened.

    The monk then told the three other men of what had occurred. They then agreed to open the grave at first light. After opening the grave, the vampire priest was found almost floating in a pool of blood. The blood was coming from the wound that the monk had reported giving the priest from the night before. They then removed the body, burned it and then scattered the ashes into the wind.