Vampirism - Human to Vampire Transformation

Vampires: Vampirism

The transformation from the human state to the Vampire state takes over from anywhere between six to nine months to complete. The virus that causes vampirism resembles a more primitive virus known as a prion. Most viruses act on a host by attacking the hosts' cells and changing the DNA and making the infected cells cause a monopoly effect. The host immune system then sees these cells with a different DNA as infections and attacks them. The virus that causes vampirism works in a more efficient and organized fashion. Instead of changing the DNA of the cells, the cells are modified to a degree in which it doesn't look too alien. This is done by introducing "mini chromosomes" called plasmids which enhance the original genetic code. The hosts' immune system then overlooks these cells. When you really think of it on a basic level, the human is the host organism and the vampirism causing virus is acting on a symbiotic relationship. Thus both organisms continue to thrive with one another.

Vampire Virus Contraction

This virus may be transmitted by bodily fluids such as blood, saliva and sometimes even in semen.

If transmitted by blood to a healthy host with an efficient immune system, large amounts of the virus must be either be injected or ingested.

It is highly unlikely that saliva can be the cause of infection due to the small amounts of the virus in the saliva. The virus within the saliva functions to infect a bitten area and heal the punctured skin, thus leaving no trace of the event.

Special Cases

The strain that causes type Wampyrus Nosferatu is a more aggressive strain. The virus infects the host at an accelerated rate and is less effective in modifying the cells DNA. This causes the immune system to fight against the cells. That is why some Nosferatu never make it to the final stage in their development and often die. If they do survive, they carry the scars of this internal war with them throughout their existence.


Wampyrus Chiroptera can alter their physiological appearance depending on their skill and power. Some may even achieve the ultimate transformation into a giant creature which resembles that of a bat. Increased benefits of being in this state include heightened awareness, sense of smell and hearing. These creatures have their faults as well. They can not actually achieve lift off flight but they can only glide over long distances. Another downside to this change is that the Vampire loses most of its sense of sight along with their ability to determine color.

The change is also accompanied by extreme pain when the Vampire changes into the bat creature and vice-versa. The individual will often remain weak for up to a few weeks after each change. The individual must consume an enormous amount of raw materials in order to re-arrange its body. This is the only time that Vampires may consume anything other then blood. Some materials that they may consume in order to prepare for this incredible metamorphosis may be chalk (extra calcium), fish, nuts (extra protein) and fruit (sugar energy).

The Vampires hormones are another key factor in this transformation. Hormones are released from the endocrine system which triggers the nervous system, within twelve hours, to change both flesh and bone. The bone changes form by redistributing the mineral within the bone until both shape and density have been altered while the flesh just stretches or contracts over this new bone. The Vampires bones become as hollow as bird bones. The fingers stretch and flesh grows between thus becoming the wing membrane. The tree bottom ribs are then fully absorbed and broken down into the body for further distribution else where. The other ribs plus the shoulder blade becomes flatter and broader in order to support enormous muscles that are needed for the Vampire to "glide." The spinal column bends into an inverted "U" shape and the tail bone extends into an actual tail. The upper and bottom jaw stretch forward while pushing the teeth towards the front middle section. The top section of the skull flattens while moving it back; this causes the eye sockets to become disfigured. The ears then stretch and broaden to resemble that of a bat for better hearing but still lacking echo-location like real bats. The nose is disfigured due to the other distortions of the cranium.

Extra melanin is deposited into the skin to bring the skin to that dark brown or black color in order for extra stealth. All hair however remains unchanged throughout the process because hair is non living and is thus not affected by hormones.

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