Sacrament (2014) Trailer

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Sacrament 2014 - Trailer

Sacrament 2014  Trailer
Year: 2014
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M10S
Cast: John Franklin, Marilyn Burns, Cody Daniel, Michael P Gardner, Dakota Buchanan, Cory Buchanan, Ed Guinn, Jay Ellis, Carl Bailey, Kahl Brice, Zach Kepple, Dan Moritz, Grace Auten, John Michael Nored, David Ahrens, Abraham Nahimana, Cyrus Morgan, Cheryl Martini, Sheril Rodgers, James Cowboy Wotzka Jr., Clarissa Celes, Wesley Kimenyi, Hugo J. Matz, Collin Martini, Amanda Rebholz, Carol Holmes, Ella Mikijanis, Sabrina Garza, Jacob Glick, Deonna Heintze
Director(s): Shawn Ewert

Trailer: Sacrament (2014)

Leaving the city behind for a weekend of booze, bud and bonding at the coast, seven friends find themselves...

This is the new trailer for our film, Sacrament. The film follows a group of seven friends who embark on a road trip to the South Texas beach for booze, bud and bonding but are derailed by an approaching tropical storm. They find themselves seeking refuge in the quaint, conservative Texas town of Middle Spring, which is in the process of hosting a huge barbecue and tent revival. Charismatic preacher Isaac Renneker, his enterprising young son Brahm, and his devout congregation are determined to cleanse the world of sin while delivering the Good Lord's message to their flock, and before long the kids realize that there might be more to the town's famous barbecue than just a good spice rub. via RightLeftTurn


Leaving the city behind for a weekend of booze, bud and bonding at the coast, seven friends find themselves stranded en route to the Gulf Coast of Texas when a big storm interferes with their plans. The town of Middle Spring is more than happy to welcome them with open arms, however; located in the rhinestone buckle of the Bible Belt, Middle Spring is smack-dab in the middle of a big barbecue and tent revival and there's always room at their table for a few more warm bodies. Unfortunately, no one in Middle Spring is exactly who they seem to be--- this town takes the 'the body and the blood' quite literally, and the friends have to stick together as time begins to run out and they realize that what's on the menu may be closer to home than they suspected.