Breaking Wind (2012) Trailer


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Breaking Wind (2012)

Year: 2012
Genres: Comedy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M52S
Cast: Danny Trejo, Mario Perez, Alice Rietveld, Damien Bray, Taylor M. Graham, Jessica Garvey, Emma Bell, Pancho Moler, Peter Gilroy, Jesse Pruett, Frank Merritt, John Stevenson, Jody Quigley, Jay Boyer, Rebecca Ann Johnson
Director(s): Craig Moss
Fans of spoof films are in for a treat this March as Lionsgate premieres Breaking Wind: Unrated Director"s Cut on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand. From writer-director Craig Moss (The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It) comes a hilarious new film that parodies the Twilight saga. The comedy stars Heather Ann Davis (TV"s "The Lake"), Eric Callero (TV"s "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles"), Frank Pacheco (TV"s "Wizards of Waverly Place"), Nic Novicki (HBO"s "Boardwalk Empire") and Danny Trejo (Machete). The DVD debut includes audio commentary with the writer/director and cast members plus two featurettes. See Bella, Edward and Jacob, as you never have before when Breaking Wind: Unrated Director"s Cut arrives on DVD on March 27th. The love triangle of mortals, vampires and werewolves must be cast aside when the beloved Bella is in danger. Again. This time a gang of bloodsucking newborns threatens her life, and the two loves of her life are forced to put their differences aside to save her. Again.


A comedic spoof based on the worldwide phenomenon, The Twilight Saga.
Breaking Wind (2012)

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