From Hell (2001) Trailer

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From Hell 2001 - Trailer

From Hell 2001  Trailer
Year: 2001
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M50S
Cast: Johnny Depp, Ian Holm, Sophia Myles, Jason Flemyng, Heather Graham, David Schofield, Ralph Ineson, Dominic Cooper, Robbie Coltrane, Nicholas McGaughey, John Owens, Amy Huck, Anthony Parker, Vladimír Kulhavý, Roger Frost, Andy Linden, Vladimír Kulhavý, Ian Richardson, Ian McNeice, Peter Eyre, Paul Rhys, Susan Lynch, Bruce Byron, Rupert Farley, Liz Moscrop, Rupert Holliday-Evans, Simon Harrison, Katrin Cartlidge, James Greene, Paul Moody
Director(s): Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes

Set in the Whitechapel area of London and based on the Jack the Ripper murders that rocked London and gave birth to the term serial killer. Prostitutes were being murdered brutally and then the remains were mutilated in grotesque ways. Body parts were missing at times giving thought to ritualistic reasons for these murders. Even though the murders were so brutal, the procedures for the disembowelment were done with precision that led Detectives to the notion that the murders were done by a surgeon. Johnny Depp gives a great performance as the police Inspector who slowly unravels a greater conspiracy to the murders. Directors: Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes Stars: Johnny Depp, Heather Graham and Ian Holm

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From Hell (2001) Official Trailer # 1 - Johnny Depp HD

In Victorian Era London, a troubled clairvoyant police detective investigates the murders by Jack The Ripper.

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It is 1888 in London, and the unfortunate poor lead horrifying lives in the city's deadliest slum, Whitechapel. Harassed by gangs and forced to walk the streets for a living, Mary Kelly and her small group of companions trudge on through this daily misery, their only consolation being that things can't get any worse. Yet things somehow do when their friend Ann is kidnapped and they are drawn into a conspiracy with links higher up than they could possibly imagine. The kidnapping is soon followed by the gruesome murder of another woman, Polly, and it becomes apparent that they are being hunted down, one by one. Sinister even by Whitechapel standards, the murder grabs the attention of Inspector Fred Abberline, a brilliant yet troubled man whose police work is often aided by his psychic abilities. Abberline becomes deeply involved with the case, which takes on personal meaning to him when he and Mary begin to fall in love. But as he gets closer to the truth Whitechapel becomes more and more dangerous for Abberline, Mary, and the other girls. Whoever is responsible for the grisly acts is not going to give up his secret without a fight....will they be able to survive the avenging force that has been sent after them from hell?

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