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Smiley (2012)

Year: 2012
Genres: Horror, Comedy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M14S
Cast: Keith David, Roger Bart, Melanie Papalia, DeStorm Power, Liza Weil, Shanna Malcolm, Andrew James Allen, Craig C. Chen, Spencer John Olson, Jermaine McNeal, BreeLayne Carter, Jason Horton, Vernon Lee Smith, Michael J. Gallagher, Patrick O'Sullivan
Director(s): Michael J. Gallagher
Ashley soon learns of an urban legend in which the demented serial killer "Smiley" can be called on. She summons him to appear and soon he begins terrorizing her as well as everyone she knows. Ashley can no longer tell what is real. Is everything happening to her her or is Smiley really coming after her. Director: Michael J. Gallagher Stars: Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia and Shane Dawson


After discovering an urban legend of a demented serial killer, who has nothing but a carved "smiley" on his face, a mentally fragile teenager must figure out if she is going insane - or if she could be the next victim.
Smiley (2012)

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