Dead Shadows (2012) Trailer


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Dead Shadows (2012)

Year: 2012
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M5S
Cast: Rurik Sallé, Christophe Perez, Baya Rehaz, Johanna Seror, Vanessa Valence, Gilles Barret, Fabian Wolfrom, Laurie Cholewa, Lisette Pires, Margaux Devy, Sylvain Dubois, Julien Dunand, John Fallon, Norbert Ferrer, Blandine Marmigère
Director(s): David Cholewa
Dead Shadows looks to be another great horror movie of 2012. In the Lovecraft style this horror movie really looks like it will make even the most die hard horror fan feel a little scary. David Cholewa has pulled off some great effects on a low budget and is showing what movie magic really means, The movies setting is in a apocalyptic scenario where monsters similar to Lovecraft lore are terrorizing the inhabitants. Chris parents were brutally killed 11 years earlier during Halley"s Comet. Tonight a new comet will be seen on earth and Chris building is throwing a party. As the night progresses Chris starts to notice that everyone is acting weird and violet. People start to mutate into otherworldly creatures of horrific nature. Chris teams up with some other tenants from the building and they must come together to fight for survival. Director: David Cholewa Writer: Vincent Jule Stars: John Fallon, Rurik Salle and Norbert Ferrer


Chris' parents were murdered on the same day the Halley comet was visible from Earth. Eleven years later, a new comet lights up the Parisian sky, but as the night goes on, people begins to transform into horrible creatures.
Dead Shadows (2012)

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