When The Lights Went Out (2012) Trailer

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When The Lights Went Out 2012 - Trailer

When The Lights Went Out 2012  Trailer
Year: 2012
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M26S
Cast: Kate Ashfield, Emma Hewitt, Steven Waddington, Gary Lewis, Graham Hornsby, Ross Mullan, Jacob Clarke, Sean Corey, Cajun Sanderson, Peter Egan, Kelsey Louise Stephenson, Martin Compston, Hester Evans, Andy Wilby, Wayne Ewart, Molly Windsor, Jo Hartley, Tracy Goodwin, Samantha Blakely, Karl Hayes, Karl Haynes, Katie Lockwood, Darren Lynch, Andrea Lowe, Tasha Connor, Martina McClements, Nicky Bell, Jim Millea, Alan Brent, Nathan Morrisroe
Director(s): Pat Holden

Pat Holden"s When The Lights Went Out looks fantastic. It looks from the trailer to be turning into a good supernatural/exorcism film. The horror film is being promoted as a film based on a true story. The Maynard family moves into their dream home in Yorkshire (1974) but unknowing to them at the time, the house is haunted by the most violent poltergeist ever documented. The poltergeist is documented in the history books as an evil spirit that will drag from your bed at night and carry you into the darkness. Two exorcisms were attempted and this is the story in full, it is said to be disastrous. When The Lights Went Out stars Steve Waddington, Kate Ashfield and Tasha Connor.


A MESSAGE FROM THE MAKER of When the Lights Went Out. "Bootleggers are seriously damaging the film making industry by stealing our work. Making a movie is arguably the hardest creative challenge there is but we battle through because we know you enjoy watching them - so PLEASE do a small thing and support independent filmmakers by only buying a legitimate copy of the movie you want to watch, or by CLICKING ON THE LINK ABOVE to watch the amazing true story that is 'When the Lights Went Out’ safely and legally for the price of a Starbucks Coffee. Who would you rather encourage? Talentless, thieving pirates or the people that give you something to think about? Thank you for your kind support, sleep well.”

One of the MOST VIOLENT POLTERGEIST HAUNTINGS IN HISTORY has been turned into a brilliant all British Indie movie. It is a terrifying true event that happened in Yorkshire in the Seventies and is now available to stream here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/whenthelightswentout

The styling, performances, location and script are as true to the original event as possible, including the facts about the Black Monk of Pontefract himself – and why do we know that? Because there have been literally hundreds of recent eye witness accounts of paranormal activity at 30 East Drive, Pontefract - the house featured in this movie; it seems that the poltergeist is still very much in residence! Visit http://www.30eastdrive.com for the latest news on the Black Monk of Pontefract. I am proud to be able to bring you this the official and original trailer. Enjoy! via Lucas BB


Yorkshire, 1974. Britain is in recession, the oil crisis and black outs loom large. The Maynard family move into their dream house, only to find a "presence" already living there. Len, Jenny and their daughter Sally must struggle to keep their already-fragile family together as they are attacked by poltergeists. Soon it becomes apparent that Sally is their main focus of attention. The house becomes a living nightmare. They must exorcise the evil spirits for them to survive.