Fiever (Fever) Teaser Trailer

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Fiever (Fever) - Teaser Trailer

Type: Teasers
Duration: 0M59S
Romain Basset\"s French horror film Fievre (Fever) teaser trailer moves fast and you may need to hit the replay button in order to catch a few scary clips. Cursed with peculiar dreams with no idea as to what they mean, Sean is called in to diagnose what the dreams mean. The death of the grandmother sends her back home where she rests in the adjorning room to the dead grandmother. She meets her grandmother that night in a nightmare. High fevers begin and Sean advises to breath ether in order to sink deeper into the dreams. Jessica sinks deeper into the nightmarish world and soon discovers what evil haunts and eats the family home.
Fiever (Fever) - Teaser Trailer

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