Demon (2012) Trailer

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Demon (2012)

Year: 2012
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M55S
Cast: Joe Hughes, Andrew Cunningham, Tom Hall, Kimberley Wintle, Christopher Ettridge, Christopher Ashman, Jackie Haliday, Ray Brady, Ryan Wichert, James Clay, Jack Govan, Christopher Keegan, João Seiça, James Murtagh, Michal Samir
Director(s): Mark Duffield
British Horror Film Festival 2012 selection Demon comes to us on a low budget. This however does not affect the great potential of the movie, it looks great! Demon is set in Victorian London and has a great gothic tone while pulling off the love story feel. A young man named Lorcan visits the London Hospital for the treatment of a blood disorder. Lorcan meets his love interest Amy, a young nurse and sparks fly. Lorcan soon unravels a mystery that he is cursed from birth. The curse entails that if he loves or becomes loved, he will turn into a living demon. Lorcan soon starts transforming with only Amy to save him.


Demon is the bloodiest love story of all. Set in Victorian London it tells the tale of Lorcan a young handsome man cursed by love that transforms him into a blood thirsty demon.
Demon (2012)

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