The X Species: Bigfoot Evolution (2015) Trailer

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The X Species: Bigfoot Evolution (2015)

AKA: The X Species
Year: 2017
Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M34S
Cast: Andrew H. Enriquez, Sandra Hinojosa, Eric Young, Jermaine Jackson, Alan Pietruszewski, Serena Lorien, Peter Holt, Lieschen Pogue, Francisca Dennis, Mikel Butler, Clancy McLain, James Porrelli, Whitney Hice, Sam Myerson, Jackamoe Buzzell
Director(s): Neko Sparks
New to the horror web series arena is The X Species: Bigfoot Evolution. This web series will be brought to you via the found footage movie style. Currently you can buy or rent the series on Deep in the mountains of southwestern Colorado, an elite archaeological expedition is on the verge of a historic discovery. Led by Archaeologist Dr. Sarah Parker, the group uncovers a prehistoric hominid burial site. As the expedition moves forward and press generating evidence is discovered, opposing agendas and interpersonal conflicts arise and the delicate core of unity among the group quickly unravels. When the team’s camp is mysteriously ransacked they find themselves with few defenses against the elements and even fewer resources. Casualties escalate and fear becomes an inevitable descent into insanity as they try to find their way out of the woods. Their fight to survive gives way to fear; for in even these most inhumane of circumstances, the real terror has yet to begin. For on these ancient grounds men become prey…


An archaeological expedition uncovers a prehistoric hominid burial site. When their team is unexpectedly attacked they are forced to take refuge in the catacombs of an unmapped cave. One by one they fall to an ancient predator.
The X Species: Bigfoot Evolution (2015)

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