Million Dollar Crocodile (2012) Trailer


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Million Dollar Crocodile (2012)

AKA: Bai wan ju e
Year: 2012
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Action, Comedy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M2S
Cast: Suet Lam, Barbie Hsu, Tao Guo, Zhaoqi Shi, Xin Xin Xiong, Ding Jia-Li, Purba Rygal, Fang Qing-Zhuo, Wang Jin, Li Qin, Hou Chuan-Gao, Chen Jin, Hwang Yeong-Gwang, Guo Chao
Director(s): Li Sheng Lin, Lisheng Lin
China\"s first CGI monster movie is Million Dollar Crocodile. This film will be coming to the U.S. courtesy of Scream Media Films. This creature feature horror movies will be released this upcoming first quarter of 2013. Official Synopsis: Xiao Xing, a little boy, lives in the small town of Mei Jia Wu. He\"s in the 4th grade at school and has a best friend named Amao, who is an eight-meter long crocodile. They get along with each other, peacefully. For many years Amao has been living in a local crocodile farm run by tough Bald Liu, who caught Amao in Thailand. But this year Bald Liu has to sell all the crocodiles due to bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the notorious tricky businessman Zhao Da Zui bought them all for developing a series of crocodile meat based meals. When he learns the crocodiles are going to be killed, Amao pulls apart the ropes angrily, which leads all of the crocodiles fighting for their lives to kill the chef and escape. This incident shatters the calm little town and Mei Jia Wu\"s quiet and easy life. Xiao Xing and his father, Da Wei Wang, were all involved and the crocs are on the HUNT.
Million Dollar Crocodile (2012)

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