The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dragonborn (2012) Trailer


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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dragonborn (2012)

AKA: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Year: 2011
Genres: Drama, Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M51S
Cast: Max von Sydow, Roger Jackson, Robin Atkin Downes, Michael Gough, Kirk Thornton, Christopher Plummer, Keith Szarabajka, George Coe, Enn Reitel, Joseph Gatt, Jim c**mings, Harley Graham, Corri English, Kari Wahlgren, Vladimir Kulich
Director(s): Todd Howard
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a new official game add-on titled Dragonborn. Dragonborn has us set on a mission to defeat the first Dragonborn. This journey takes us off the coast of Morrowind to the island of Solstheim. We will get to encounter new towns, dungeons, and quests. We will learn new shouts powerful enough to bend the will of enemies and even tame dragons. I am a huge Elder Scrolls Fan, and I will be downloading this add-on on day one. Check out this add-on for yourself.


After escaping execution, the last living Dragonborn must grow in strength and power to defeat the dragons that have once again begun to plague the land of Skyrim.
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dragonborn (2012)

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