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Vamp U 2011 - Trailer

Vamp U 2011  Trailer
Year: 2011
Genres: Horror, Action, Comedy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M7S
Cast: Gary Cole, Clare Niederpruem, Alexis Knapp, Kaley Victoria Rose, Saad Al-Enezi, Megan Nicole Rees, Bart Johnson, Kynan Griffin, Alex Denney, Adam Johnson, Gavin Bentley, Megan Rees, Chantel Flanders, Brad Johnson, Lyndsay Magid, Joumana Kidd, Julie Gonzalo, Rocky Myers, Maclain Nelson, Natalie Gourley, Matt Mattson, Shannon Engemann, Frankie Levangie, Kylee Thurman, Jake Van Wagoner, Toi'ya Leatherwood, Renny Grames, Laura Gardiner, Jason Celaya, Katherine Brim
Director(s): Matt Jespersen, Maclain Nelson

Vamp U is that new vampire movie that is turning some heads, but still going to VOD this upcoming February 2013. Wayne Gretzky (Adam Johnson) has a strange problem, he cannot grow his teeth. This is all the result from 300 years back when he accidentally killed the love of his life Mary Lipinsky (Julie Gonzalo). Now Gretzky teaches college history to past time. To help him with his problem, Gretzky turns to a friend of his Dr. Levine (Gary Cole) to help him regain his vampiric powers. Then he finds freshman Chris Keller (Julie Gonzalo) who looks just like Mary. He turns her into a vampire, but she spirals downward and gives into her new bloodlust. Now he must stop her and the vampires that she is creating. Directors: Matt Jespersen, Maclain Nelson. Stars: Alexis Knapp, Julie Gonzalo and Gary Cole.

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VAMP U is an award winning hilarious vampire comedy packed with sexy sorority girls, crazy frat boys, bloodthirsty vampires, and lots of laughs. Written and directed by Maclain Nelson (Osombie, Orc Wars and Dragon Warriors) and Matt Jespersen and features a great cast of rising stars and veteran talent.

VAMP U Synopsis
Wayne Gretzky (Adam Johnson) is a vampire with fangs that won't grow. His "impotence" began when he inadvertently killed Mary, the love of his life, 300 years ago. To take his mind off the pain, he teaches college history -- who better than a guy who's been around for centuries? Attempting to regain his full vampire powers, he enlists help from his friend and colleague, Dr. Levine (Gary Cole). But nothing works...that is until a new semester brings freshman Chris Keller (Julie Gonzalo) -- a dead ringer for his beloved Mary. They begin to have an affair, which quickly goes south when he accidentally turns Chris into a vampire. Now, as she leaves a bloody trail of destruction across campus -- converting a sorority house full of co-eds including the irresistible Samantha (Alexis Knapp) to her vampire legion -- Wayne is faced with the task of stopping her before they kill the entire student body!

Adam Johnson (Orc Wars, Frozen and upcoming Dragon Warriors)
Gary Cole (Pineapple Express, Talladega Nights, Entourage, Office Space and Dodgeball)
Julie Gonzalo (Dodgeball, A Cinderella Story, Must Love Dogs, Eli Stone and currently starring on Dallas)
Alexis Knapp (Pitch Perfect, Project X, Percy Jackson & the Olympians and Couples Retreat)

Winner -- "Best Horror Film" @ Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival
"Grade: A ...a hilarious, charming blast of fun. I guarantee you will have a good time with this original vampire comedy." -- Dead Derrick's Horror Movie Reviews

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Wayne Gretzky (no relation) is a vampire who can't grow his teeth. His impotence began when he inadvertently killed Mary Lipinsky, the love of his life, 300 years ago. To take his mind off the pain, he teaches college history - who better? Attempting to regain his full power, he enlists help from his friend and colleague, Dr. Levine (Gary Cole). Nothing works until a new semester brings freshman Chris Keller. She's a dead ringer for Mary and they have a lurid affair, while rumors fly around the campus. But it all sours when he turns Chris into a vampire and her newfound bloodlust spins out of control in a bloody rampage, making the rumors a little too real.