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Outlast - Game

AKA: Outlast
Year: 2013
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Adventure
Type: Gaming
Duration: 4M7S
Cast: Neil Napier, Matt Holland, Andreas Apergis, Kyle Gatehouse, Alex Ivanovici, Marcel Jeannin, Chimwemwe Miller, Simon Peacock, Harry Standjofski, Graham Cuthbertson, Daniel Brochu, Mike Paterson, Carlo Mestroni, Edward Yankie, Shawn Baichoo
Director(s): David Chateauneuf, Hugo Dallaire, Philippe Morin
Red Barrels is bringing scary back to horror games. Outlast is totally scary and creepy but has action as you run frantically for your life. Outlast will be a Playstation and PC exclusive, no XBox One support here. Red Barrels is doing a fantastic job here. I never thought I would say it but Sony\"s Playstation 4 is looking better every day and XBox One is looking left behind. I probably still won\"t buy a PS4 even though it is cheaper and so far looks like the better console hands down.


As Miles Upshur, you must investigate Mount Massive Asylum and avoid its inmates who are hellbent on killing you and uncover the secret at the heart of the mountain.
Outlast - Game

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