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Dark Vision

Year: 2015
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M9S
Cast: Suzie Latham, Bernie Hodges, Judith Haley, Oliver Park, Alicia Ancel, Simon Pearce, William Baylock, Luca Schofield
Director(s): Darren Flaxstone

Darren Flaxstone"s Dark Vision comes out of England and shows a promising horror trailer. I am not stoked but this may be a good horror movie to look out for on Netflix if they pick it up. Drop a line in the comments or give the trailer a thumbs up or down so I can see what you guys have to say.

Synopsis: Mind-full host Spencer Knights puts his crew in peril whilst trying to win his own series as part of the paranormal competition Dark Vision.

Find out what manifestations lay in wait for his team inside Baylock’s Folly – a place with a dark history and possibly a darker present. Who is it’s mysterious caretaker Clem and what are the twisted motivations of the producers at the “Dark Vision Hub”?

Directed by Darren Flaxstone.

Stars Bernie Hodges, Suzie Latham, Oliver Park, Alicia Ancel, Simon Pearce, and Judith Haley.

Dark Vision

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