TORN: a SHOCK YOUmentary Teaser (2013) Trailer


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TORN: a SHOCK YOUmentary - Teaser (2013)

AKA: Torn: A Shock Youmentary
Year: 2014
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M54S
Cast: Julian Seager, James Cotter, Sophie Turner, Simon Burbage, Rhys Denton, David Elliot, Damon Foster, Paul Gentle, Jimm Stark, Jon Lane, Stuart Lyddon, Phil Baker, Finn Morley-Welch, Charlotte Bird, Sihona Robbins
Director(s): Justin Carter

Justin Carter"s TORN: a SHOCK YOUmentary is another found footage horror film that looks surprisingly interesting. Two men are accused of killing their friends but they swear that it was a supernatural creature that did it. The story takes place in Devon village which many of you already know is the hometown to the Devil Footprints mystery (hoof-like tracks found all over the town grounds and house tops). This found footage horror movie appears to be tackling this mystery.

Synopsis: Has a supernatural evil come to terrorize the rural Devon village of Orchardlea? Or is the escalating body count and sense of impending doom actually the self-fulfilling prophecy of two hoaxsters accused of a brutal murder? This SHOCK YOUmentary documents an 8-month period, observing a small group of friends and siblings who join forces to protect the population of Orchardlea from a terrifying beast.

Director: Justin Carter

Writer: Justin Carter

Stars: Julian Seager, David Elliot, Simon Burbage


TORN: a SHOCK YOUmentary - Teaser (2013)

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