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Dead Rising 3 - Awesome Game Trailer #2

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Duration: 3M49S

Capcom"s Dead Rising 3 has released a trailer that is true to the Dead Rising franchise. I mean WTF, in the first couple seconds we see some insect that looks like a bee eating rotting flesh then the camera pans out to reveal a zombie mother pushing a stroller. She takes her time as she pushes the stroller and just barely reaches a couple feet into the road when she and stroller is slammed by a car speeding rapidly on the road, leaving a huge spray of zombie blood covering the entire front of the car. Both hilariously funny and sad at the same time, great start to an even better Dead Rising 3 trailer. New hero Nick Ramos is the driver and is frantically trying to outrun zombie hordes but he still ends up with zombies covering the car trying to eat him. This new horror game takes place ten years after the events in Dead Rising 2. This Dead Rising 3 trailer is awesome!


Dark, open world.

A bigger open world than ever before in the Dead Rising series–bigger than the worlds of DR 1 and 2 combined. The Xbox One hardware will also allow for a more seamless experience, with fast load times and awesome next-gen visuals.

Also expect lots more zombies on screen at a time, with vastly improved AI. You’ll have to be creative to stay alive here.

Non-stop sandboxin’.
Hundreds of weapons scattered throughout the world and a nearly limitless variety of combo weapons. Combine weapons anywhere at any time!  

Vehicles also play a much bigger role than ever before, but you’ll still be vulnerable to the zombie threat when you’re behind the wheel.

Easy to play, hard to master. 

The accessible pick-up-and-play joy of a DR game, with a new save system and ability to explore the world without time constraints.

BUT! At the same time, you longtime DR folks will enjoy Nightmare Mode, which will bring us a return to classic DR rules, complete with countdown clock and other restrictions. More on Nightmare Mode to come, guys.

Coop Campaign!
Play with a buddy over Xbox Live, with drop-in, drop-out play.

SmartGlass and Kinect integration.

Use SmartGlass integration to turn your smartphone or tablet into a “Zombie Defense and Control PDA.” Overwhelmed by the zombie masses? Use the device to call an airstrike and even the odds. The PDA will also give you live missing briefings and in-game calls, and keep track of your mission progress. It even has a map to help you find hidden items and locations of interest, plus a real-time news ticker to keep you aware of conditions around Los Perdidos.The Kinect, meanwhile, will let you use noise to distract zombies and use motion controls to fight your way out of close encounters.”

Dead Rising 3 - Awesome Game Trailer #2

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