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Rugaru (2013)

Rugaru (2013)
Year: 2012
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M31S
Cast: Mark Rayner, Ronnie Hooks, Joe Estevez, Amye Gousset, Teresa Alvarez, Chad Graham, Glynn Praesel, Carlos Young, Michael Bienvenu, Kelly Boudreaux robin, Brock Hoffpauir, Joseph McRae, Gizele Merrett, Michael Arnona, Jim Ogilvie
Director(s): Tony Severio

Rugaru looks okay from the trailer and tells the classic tale of the wild man or Wendigo. This creature is born when a man goes canabal and an evil forest spirit takes over the body of the man. The man lives to hunt and kill. The creature itself looks pretty tacky in the trailer but hey, it"s a low budget horror movie so give it a try.

Synopsis: A thug from the bayou releases horror in the deep backwoods after soliciting the services of a nefarious voodoo witch for protection - giving rise to a terrifying creature of Cajun folklore.

After a convict disappears, parole officer Claude Bruneaux investigates - only to discover the curse plaguing the tiny swamp community. An unlikely hero with his own demons, he races to unlock the mystery which has summoned the beast. With nothing to lose, Bruneaux struggles between his own trial of finding peace within and getting out alive beyond what waits for him in the murky bayou.

Written and directed by Tony Severio.

Stars Joe Estevez, Randall Oliver, Christopher Severio, Amye Gousset, Krystal Tomlin, Robert Douthat, and Brittany Merrett.

Rugaru Movie Poster - Wendigo movie

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