Makua Charley (2013) Trailer

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Makua Charley (2013)

Year: 2013
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M28S
Cast: Jordan Charles, Caro Saulny, Albert J. Cloutier, Debi Siegel, Jayne Cloutier, D. Tafa'i Silipa, Zachary Aaron Field, Tiffany Sims, Dean George, Mike Smark, Jett Hakikawa, Cameron Smythe, Cass Higgins, Fred Staedel, Chenoa Hope
Director(s): Albert J. Cloutier, Jayne Cloutier

Makua Charley is about the Hawaiian shark-man creature in local legends. The trailer looks like a slasher movie with all the blood and gore but it is all movie monster creature. Looks like a really low budget horror movie but as long as the acting and story holds up, why knock the film. Writers and directors Albert J. Cloutier and Jayne Cloutier just finished production and are about to take the creature movie on run in upcoming film festivals. The horror film stars Chenoa Hope, Jordan, Ashley Nohelani, Naoko Yamaguchi, Cass Higgins among many other so give the trailer a chance.

Synopsis: Young and innocent Karen Palmer visits Hawaii and is seduced by a charming local man who sometimes turns into a shark-man and might want to eat her.

Folks are disappearing from the Waikiki Youth Hostel in the heart of Honolulu. When young Karen Palmer visits for a two-week vacation, she meets a handsome and charming local boy named Charley. He promises to show her some sights "off the normal tourist path." Karen finds herself irresistibly drawn to her mysterious tour guide. When her two new friends, Mona and Lester, warn her that there is something fishy about Charley, Karen ignores their advice. She falls deeply under the spell of Charley"s good looks and suave island charm. Unfortunately, Charley is the embodiment of an ancient Polynesian curse, and he"s torn between his basic human nature and his predatory killer instincts. "Makua Charley" is a feeding frenzy of horror set amidst the gently swaying palm trees of idyllic Hawaii. In this paradise turned to hell, the scent of fresh spilled blood is carried on a tropical breeze.


Makua Charley (2013)

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